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Bob's Review of Daybreakers

7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


This movie reminds me a lot of I Am Legend.
It takes place in a world in the future where almost everyone is a vampire and there are very few humans left, the key difference being the type of vampirism (the type in I Am Legend is more like a zombie infection than the type in the book it's loosely based off of and this film.) It comes as no surprise to me that they both have around the same RT score. Both are movies that have a very good concept, good central characters (will smith is as good in that movie as all 5 or so central characters in this film put together) a very good First act and a pretty good middle act, but then turn to utter crap in the 3rd.
I Think the reason both movies have a really bad third act is because they wanted to keep the film under an hour, not necessarily the film makers themselves, I'm guessing it's the studios. It is my belief that studio businessmen are stuck in the olden days of the past, in the days after the glut of around 4 hour movies in the 50s and early 60s, when 1 hour and 30 minute movies were common. They underestimate people's attention spans and assume that because everyone can watch videos on youtube under 15 minutes they don't want to see 2 hour plus movies, when this has been disproved time and time again with some of the longest movies being at the top of the box office (in fact I can't think of one movie under 2 hours in the top 10 for box office, even adjusted for ticket price).
I honestly think this movie could have been much better if they had made the first and second acts a bit longer, and the 3rd act way longer than it was. But instead they chose to use a cop out near the end that didn't work very well and didn't even wrap up the loose ends, just simply cut them with characters' deaths.
Here, like I Am Legend, is a film that could have been a great film if the ending hadn't been rushed with bad plot decisions to keep the movie under 2 hours. The same goes for other movies like Last Airbender, except that entire movie was rushed. Studios need to realize that the public doesn't care about length as long as their interest in the movie is kept.