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7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2(2010)

If this were really an Iron Man sequel I would have given it a much higher rating, instead it was Iron Man 2: The Avengers: Origins. The movie gave way too much time to a subplot that contributed nothing to the final of the movie, as I saw the overly long scene of that hot chick (forgot her name because she has no personality) beating people up, and the really big letdown of a very short final fight with the main villain, I could almost imagine some editor or writer saying to themselves "yeah a good final fight where the villain almost gets the best of iron man and shows some human side of him... makes him bleed if you will, maybe brings down some of his ego would be great especially since that is what the villain wanted to do all along, but I think we need even MOAR AVENGER MOVIE REFERENCES SO PEOPLE GET SUPR HYPD UP 4 THAT! Lets add in a hot chick beating up a bunch of guys, maybe give her half the screen time iron man actually has fighting people cause everyone likes watching hot chicks!" The scenes of the hot chick beating up people lasted longer than the final fight, literally. But overall this movie had great potential to be an even better movie than the original in my opinion, they just wanted to make it 2 hours instead of 2 and a half hours and add in a bunch of avengers stuff which brought the rest of the movie down a bit. Still a mostly solid film.