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The Book of Eli

The Book of Eli(2010)

There are so many post apocalyptic movies that fail in the 3rd act. I Am Legend failed, Daybreakers failed (Though it's not really much of a post apocalyptic movie) and this movie failed, though this movie's failure is much less of a failure and therefor much less damaging than the other two.

Like both movies mentioned above this movie has a very well made set up that takes something that has been used many times before and adds a little something new to it along with many details (Chap stick and cleaning wipes being valuable and shampoo too). It's main story is very different from most post apocalyptic movies in that it's story revolves around a certain book, namely a King James Bible. When they first started mentioning the book I thought I was in for an overly preachy movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. The villain of the movie says some interesting things about the book, like how it can be used to influence the weak to do the bidding of men like himself, yet the hero knows that when put in evil hands the book can be used for no good.

The acting in the movie is decent and some of the characters couldn't get any more generic but the best part of the movie is the cinematography, showing the blasted landscape nearly devoid of life.

The violence in this movie is a heavy contrast to the aura the movie gives to the word of the book and very realistic for the setting, though I dislike how the hero claims to be a man who follows the word of the book yet still kills anyone who gets their hand on him. I mean he could have injured them or incapacitated them so they weren't a threat to him. This is mentioned briefly later on in the film and the character is a little sorry for what he has done though it is still a glaring flaw in the character and the tone of the movie.

Once the movie is fully set up and we know why certain things happen (shaking hands) the movie starts to wander around for a bit longer and almost doesn't know where to go even though it knows exactly what direction it's going in. The ending twists were decent but somewhat unbelievable. At the very end when he reaches his destination the movie picks up during the revelation of these twists but it slowly becomes what I feared it would be in the first place, preachy.

If it weren't for the preachy ending I would say this is a solid B movie, but because the writers didn't show restraint and turned what could have been an interesting twist into an unbelievable one, maybe because they didn't know where to go, this movie gets lowered a little. If this movie didn't pay as much attention to detail and didn't set up a very believable and desolate world I would give this a D but it's little things save it.

An uneven C movie, half D, almost half B, and A+ setup.