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The Sickhouse
The Sickhouse (2007)
19 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[size=7][b]DON'T EVER SEE THIS MOVIE![/b][/size]

Pontypool (2009)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Choose your words wisely because they may be your last. Pontypool is a 2008 low budget Canadian psychological/horror film. Directed by Bruce McDonald and based on the novel 'Pontypool Changes Everything' written by Tony Burgess.

It's Valentines Day in the sleepy Canadian town of Pontypool and for local unapreciated veteran radio host Grant Mazzy(Stephen McHattie) a seemingly ordinary work day takes a startling turn for the unusual. A deadly and highly contagious virus is circulating through the rural town and the inhabitants are transforming into disoriented psychopaths with a taste for human flesh. Progressively unraveling the truth about what's really happening, Mazzy and his crew of two make the startling discovery that the sickness is spread through infected words within the English language. Finding himself in the center of it all confined in a small studio of a church basement, the underrated DJ realizes that he may be the worlds last hope for salvation.

Oh Canada thank you for producing one of the most mind stimulating and intelligent horror films I have yet to see. The perfectly executed over laid crossing of dialog, the constant metaphoric undertone and with the increasing claustrophobic sensation you really feel as though you're along for the ride. The director uses subtle cinematic techniques to expand the material along with some brilliant sound design to generate flawless suspense. Over all unique, refreshing and insanely thought provoking. I advice everyone to give this movie a chance and let it blow your mind.