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Curse of Chucky
17 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

9 Years have gone by since Seed of Chucky ruined the franchise and Don Mancini, the man responsible for Chucky and unfortunately the man behind the camera for Seed returns to bring Chucky back to his roots. What's amazing is he did it true to form, this film is amazing, so much so that Universal regrets not giving it a theatrical release.
The story goes that Nica and her mom receive a package, a Good Guy doll, named Chucky, than when her mom dies mysteriously her relatives come by to share in her grief and die one by one.
The story is simple, but what manages to surprise me is how great the cinematography is with this film, they found a great looking house to film in and it really adds to the suspense. We get a few deaths, each showcased with a great pun that doesn't feel like a Seed joke. We even get some returns in this film that you may smile big for. This has definitely tied with CP2 as the best sequel in the franchise and really hope we get to see a new film in the next few years. THANK YOU DON FOR BRINGING THE REAL CHUCKY BACK

Seed of Chucky
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Okay, well this'll be a short review. Seed of Chucky managed to do something that no other, not even part 3 managed to do, kill the series. So much so that now they just want to start from scratch and do a remake, instead of the original idea for a Revenge of Chucky(which would have brought back the horror element). Brad Dourif and Jennifer return as the voices and are joined by LOTR's Billy Boyd as Glen or Glenda(yes, a cheap shot at the infamous Ed Wood film).
Man does this film suck, its saturated with jokes and comedy that the horror is pretty much dead in this flick. The only other horror film sequel that went all comedy was Evil Dead 3: The Army of Darkness, but that actually did it right. Here its just garbage. You will feel the need to put part 3 in, trust me.

Bride of Chucky
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

After the end of the dismal Child's Play 3, you had to wonder if Hollywood and especially Universal had anymore juice left inside them to continue the Chucky franchise. Several years later on the 10th Anniversary of the originals release we got that answer...
Director Ronny Yu had established himself over in Hong Kong and was determined to make the crossover into American films. This was his first shot and while it isn't the best sequel(Child's Play 2 is)it certainly breathed new life in the series, adding a comedy element that was only hinted at in the previous film and introducing a new character, Tiffany, played by the gorgeous Jennifer Tily.
What sadley was gone was Andy Barkley and any other elements from the first and second films. Brad Dourif does return as the voice of Chucky and like always does a wonderful performance.
Actors Katherine Heigl and Nick Stabile round out the main cast as a couple thrust into the crazy relationship that Chucky and Tiffany have. They also provide the bodies for them to enter. The characters here are performed believable, but annoying at times. The constant whining and wondering whose the killer(until they learn the truth)gets a bit old. Alexis Arquette and John Ritter have short cameos and steal the scene when their in it(except when Jennifer Tily comes in all sexy like).
The one gripe I have is a series continuity flaw. In the original film, Chucky isn't wearing a pendant when he dies, so why is his body suddenly have it. And two if all he had to do was get this pendant, why spend so many years going after one boy? Anyway, I guess they needed a story to tell. This help continue the series, but what did it continue it too, UGH Seed of Chucky?

Rob Zombie-Living Dead Girl{Video available on Rob Zombie DVD}
Blondie-Call Me
White Zombie-Thunderkiss '65
Coal Chamber-Blisters

Child's Play 3
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Child's Play 2 was released in 1990 and had a moderately good success at the box office. What else can Universal do but want an immediate sequel. Even before Child's Play 2 was out of the theaters, the studio was contemplating and writing a sequel. After Alex Vincent made the unfortunate decision to not continue acting they went a route that almost destroyed the Child's Play series completely(and has yet to really recover from).

Set about 6 years after Child's Play 2, we see a 16 year old Andy Barkley(Justin Whalin)now heading off to military school(having been jumped from foster home to foster home). Meanwhile, Play Pals, the manufacturers of the Good Guy Dolls have decided to start production on their Good Guy Dolls(believing the incident had been forgotten)again. Of course, with Chucky's melted body still there a drop of his blood is mixed into the machines, causing him to be resurrected again. Now having been officially made a doll at the end of part 2, Chucky can now pursue new blood to transfer his soul into, but first he must kill off Andy so he can't be defeated again.

Well there's the plot...while the plot sounds good, the film is a major mess. The script was rushed and we feel it throughout. The inconsistency of the story, the stupidy of Chucky(I mean why even let Andy know your alive? Just get your new body).

Brad Dourif returns as the voice of Chucky and is basically the only good thing worth watching in this film.

Justin Whalin(Serial Mom, Lois & Clark Seasons 2-4)takes over the role of Andy Barkley from Alex Vincent and seems very much overwhelmed in the role.

We do get an interesting finale that still falls a bit flat. Set in a carnival and does help set up the angle in Bride of Chucky on the look of Chucky.

Released not even 12 months after part 2 in 1991, this film bombed critically and in the box office and still remains the worse of the series(with Seed of Chucky be a close tie).

Only way anyone will add this to their DVD Collection is part of a box set(which has been made for Child's Play 2-4). Maybe I'll get a box set that includes those films in Special Editions.

Child's Play 2
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Child's Play 2 is a great sequel, not as good as part 1 or better, but it holds up well, even by today's standards.
Alex Vincent and the voice of Brad Dourif are the only returning characters here, which is a bit of a disappointment, considering the trailer has Chucky saying "Sorry Jack, Chucky's back."
It's been two years and the events of part 1 has landed his mother in the mental institution and Andy in foster care. The cops(mainly Chris Sarandon's character)have dismissed the incident, causing the courts to see Andy's mom as a crazy person. Andy soon lands himself with a foster family, who have experiences with troubled kids, mainly one named Kyle(played by Gabrielle Elise), who would become Andy's ally by the end of the film.
The immediate thing to notice is how colorful everything appears and how long and big everything feels. I'm not sure if that is supposed to make us see everything through Andy's or/and Chucky's POV, but its a nifty technique.
The scare tactics are sadley no longer effective and littered with a little more laughs, than the original. The dolls also appear more animatronic than before, which is sad. But by the end we get the evil look of Chucky back, which is a nice redeeming factor.
Basically my final vertic is that this is a fair enough sequel to continue the series, but the rest of the films, eh aren't.
I am happy to note that I got to see this and Rocky V, during the same month or so in 1990.