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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Wolfman

The Wolfman(2010)

sigh....such a disappointment, i'm generally against remakes no matter how long ago the original was made but The Wolfman seemed like a good idea for some strange reason, maybe they could expand on the character and give it a more ominous and dark scary tone (never actually achieving better then the original but more as a tribute to it) but instead we get this slow (with very little compensation to counter-act its pacing) film with excellent acting and beautiful cinematography.

Visual this film is a treat but just like Alice in Wonderland thats bareilly enough to save it from its unnecessary gore factor (which i was hoping they wouldnt try since this is a remake of Wolfman not American Werewolf in london) & the stupidest ending fight scene which i called about an hour and a half before it happened (Almost UFC Styel brawl between two Woflmen which i thought was the lowest point of the film)....and honestly i have no problem when a movie is predictable as long as i still can get sucked into its atmosphere but wolfman fell a bit short there.

Anthony Hopkins was way above this role, sure he lent his star power to this film and brought it up just into a recommendation from myself because hes my favorite actor. and if anyone was going to play Wolfman in a remake its Benicio Del Toro who did extremely well, whenever i was sucked into the story he was one of the few reasons i was able to.

I need to level here because after reading over this it doesnt sound like a recommendation review, i said before visually its fantastic the stylist setting the film presents is a dark delight and since there are way worse remakes of original films out there i feel this one needs to be on a separate podium....

so in the end it was a pretty big disappointment but it still wasnt so terrible i didnt enjoy its dark glimpses of intrigue and the ominous spectacle or its semi-decent character development.