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8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight(2008)

[i]I am going to do a magic trick. *shunk* I am going to make this pencil dissapear...*get him!* *WHAM!* Haha! You see? The pencil has MAGICALLY dissapeared![/i]

Just like a bat, you'll go flying right through the usually long 2 and a half hours mostly for the amazing story and Heath Ledgers astonishing performance.
The Dark Knight is an amazingly intense movie. It's style of darkness, the gripping story and Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker are what enhance the movie. One of the best parts is that even without the action it could still hold up strong. And forget Christian Bale, forget The Batman himself, the true story is with The Joker. He's where the story is really at because he is the one that makes pretty much the entire movie happen, and Batman is simply one of the many trying to stop him. In every scene you will simply love him in it, and you will completely forget that Ledger has sadly passed away. That's because in this movie, he is still alive and well.