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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

It's odd that people don't understand that Indiana Jones is really just all about fun and adventure, and since that's intact perfectly, this is a mighty fine sequel in my opinion.

The latest installment in the Indiana Jones franchise, The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, was made 20 years after the Last Crusade, which was believed to be the last one in the series, (they hint at that in the title, although that's not really what it means.) but fate has proved that Indy cannot die (at least for now) even without his invincibility. George Lucas and Steven Spielberg have paired together once again, and they do a fine job at reviving Indiana Jones. The acting is acceptable for the film, and the look of the movie is fine too. The action is definetely still there, but I would have enjoyed seeing Indy kick the crud out of a few more baddies. Many fans complained about the story being about aliens, but I thought it was fine for a change.

The humor is where this movie is really good at. There are a lot more jokes in this one, and it helps liven up the movie alot. It's a completely enjoyable movie, but there are parts that are more highlighted than others.


How this is one of the greatest sci-fi flicks ever I'll never know. [i]Alien [/i]was quite a bore from start to end. The plot was entirely unfollowable, the Alien didnt scare me at all. The special effects were very decent though. The thing with this movie was, it felt like the monster was very 'immobile'...because he always seemed to move so slow. He just isn't as frightening as Jaws. So if you want to see a good 70's movie, watch Jaws.

The Dark Knight

[i]I am going to do a magic trick. *shunk* I am going to make this pencil dissapear...*get him!* *WHAM!* Haha! You see? The pencil has MAGICALLY dissapeared![/i]

Just like a bat, you'll go flying right through the usually long 2 and a half hours mostly for the amazing story and Heath Ledgers astonishing performance.
The Dark Knight is an amazingly intense movie. It's style of darkness, the gripping story and Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker are what enhance the movie. One of the best parts is that even without the action it could still hold up strong. And forget Christian Bale, forget The Batman himself, the true story is with The Joker. He's where the story is really at because he is the one that makes pretty much the entire movie happen, and Batman is simply one of the many trying to stop him. In every scene you will simply love him in it, and you will completely forget that Ledger has sadly passed away. That's because in this movie, he is still alive and well.


What is WALL-E? A Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class robot, who was made for the human's dirty work. He's spent 700 years cleaning up the filthy planet and he's the only one left of his kind. One day, he meets a robot named EVE and falls in love. EVE discovers a plant left on Earth and immediately calls for her ship. WALL-E follows, and soon ends up helping humanity return to Earth. The film's story was much like my reaction. This film is one-of-a-kind. I immediately fell in love with the entire thing. Already, I'm calling out for a sequel. I didn't go anywhere near the verge of sleep. I followed the entire thing. But unlike the humans in the story, I didnt want to return to Earth. It was just such an amazing movie! The animation was great, the story was told really well and there was really something to the beginning. Overall an excellent movie. Definetely going to my favorite list.