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Taken (2009)
9 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Considering that these days the cost of movie tickets is everythig but cheap, you have to be very cautious about in what movie you're going to expend your hard earned 7,50?. It becomes more clear when you're going to watch a movie that has not been yet reviewed.

So, the fact is that I'm not willing to risk my money watching a crappy film like, let's say The Mummy: Tomb of...

But this time you're not risking anything. The combination of Liam Neeson, Pierre Morel and the pen of Luc Besson is simply fantastic.

The story is very simple, leaving no place for direction or character development mistakes. The narration is also incredibly well done, starting with an overview of the main character's present life and, from there, taking the audience in [i]crescendo to the exciting climax[/i].

This movie is a must for everyone who loves action movies in the line of Ronin, Kiss of the Dragon, The Bourne Identity or even The Transporter.

This time my 7,5? were well invested.