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Marvel's The Avengers

Marvel's The Avengers(2012)

Okay guys, The Avengers has been out for a week now. As I'm sure most people know (though I'm sure some don't), The Avengers has been brewing for at least 5 years, and the wave of excitement first hit after audiences experienced the scene after the ending credits of Iron Man in 2008. That scene confirmed that an Avengers movie was in the works, and comic book fans everywhere nearly peed their pants. SInce Iron Man, we've gotten The Incredible Hulk (which I haven't seen), Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America. All of these movies tie into The Avengers, which is finally here.

The Avengers had obviously been immensely hyped up leading into its release. Also, fans who got to see the movies during early screenings (as well as most prof. critics and audiences who saw it opening weekend) raved about the movie and said it completely lived up to the hype. The first time I saw the film (last Monday, with a good but not extremely energetic crowd), I definitely was not disappointed in the film, but I was wanting to have a more "blown away" reaction to it. I think the reason I wasn't as blown away was because the movie had been hyped so much than when I saw the movie, I almost felt like I had already seen it based on the buzz.

Bring on the second time. I realized beforehand that there was nothing I disliked about the film, and I was able to go into free of worrying about how it lived up to hype, and I was COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY. This movie is probably the closest thing to what it felt like experiencing the original Star Wars on the big screen in terms of spectacle and even with memorable characters. Also, I saw the film in 3D the second time, and while I'm normally not a fan, I HIGHLY recommend seeing this film in 3D. It completely immersed me into the film, like I was looking through a portal.

All of the actors are fantastic here. Not a single person feels out of place, not even Scarlett Johanssen, who is fantastic in this film. All of the actors perfectly embody their roles and truly become their characters. Most notable are Evans, Ruffalo, RDJ, Hemsworth, and Hiddleston. Tom Hiddlelston as Loki is one of the better comic book villains I've seen; he plays the character in an almosot childish but deliciously evil way.

The action scenes (there are MANY) are INCREDIBLE, and they actually serve the story. They're well shot and feel completely believable within the context. The visual effects might be the best I've ever seen. The action is never boring and rarely lets up.

The true star of this movie is Joss Whedon. Among his many TV credentials, Whedon helped write the original Toy Story, and judging from this script, the contribution he made to Toy Story was HUGE. The characters are incredibly well-balanced, all have great depth, and they ALL have their moments to shine. Not a single one feels shortchanged. The script is also HILARIOUS. So many clever, witty, laugh-out-loud moments of genuinely funny stuff.

Alan Silvestri's score is perfect in every way; it's big, grand, and epic in every since, and dramatic when it needs to be. There are moments where the score (combined with what is going on in the movie) will give you CHILLS. The score is reminiscent to the likes of Star Wars or Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The Avengers is easily my favorite superhero/comic book movie of all time. It is a masterpiece and an instant classic, one that will definitely go down in history. It is pure movie magic, and I have a hard time seeing myself loving any 2012 movie more (though I'm looking forward to many more). See it!