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Rocky II
Rocky II (1979)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Although it is considered a shadow of the original, Rocky II is still presentable as a sequel. Stallone tries to show us how a lack of education can close off a lot of doors to business opportunities, but those scenes had me laughing inadvertently. For instance, when Gazzo asked Rocky whether he ever thought about investing in condominiums Balboa replied, "But me and Adrian never used them." Obviously, Rocky confused condos with condoms. Or in the scene when he was doing the cologne commercial and he couldn't read the cue cards. It read, "Smell Manly," but Rock said, "Smeal Mainly."

Movie critics and audiences rarely mention this about the Rocky series but credit should be given where credit is due: Carl Weathers showed some pretty impressive boxing skills for an actor. The fight scene in Rocky II between Rocky and Apollo was better choreographed than the first. Don't like to give out spoilers here but in the final round where Rocky Balboa knocks Creed down and he himself goes down there is a small problem: technically speaking, Rocky didn't actually get knocked down. Under boxing rules, Balboa suffered a slip. So when the referee is making the count for both men to get up the onus is on Apollo Creed to get up at the count of ten, not The Italian Stallion.

Another problem with Rocky II is the aftermath of a prizefighter suffering career threatening injuries. While it very plausible for a fighter to suffer from a detached retina from a fight, it is implausible for him to overcome a detached retina, ignore doctor's warnings about possible blindness, and against all odds, get back into the ring and fight the Heavyweight Champion of the World once again. What boxing commission would approve of him getting back into the ring to fight again? Or what doctors, after giving Balboa an eye examination, would give The Stallion the green light to fight Creed? There wasn't any explanation given.

Heartbreakers (2001)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Heartbreakers was a funny movie and one of the very few good movies Jennifer Love Hewitt was in. This is because she was surrounded by a strong cast of actors such as Ray Liotta, Sigourney Weaver, Jason Lee and Gene Hackman. And the story of a mother-daughter team conning rich men out of their money was an original plot. The mother Max has a low opinion of men because of her one bad experience when she dated a guy in high school who got her pregnant and then left her to raise her daugther Page all by herself. Later on in life, she took to being a con artist who married weak rich men, used her daughter as bait a day after the wedding ceremony (they did not know this was her daughter), caught them in the act and then divorced them for a big settlement.

John Tucker Must Die
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The entire plotline of John Tucker Must Die was derived from Mean Girls. Replace a couple of angry ex-friends who want revenge on the most popular girl in school Regina George with a couple of ex-lovers who want revenge on the most popular jock in school John Tucker and you pretty much have John Tucker Must Die. These girls hatch a plot to get revenge on Tucker by using the naive and innocent Kate to date John and then break his heart. Janis plots to get revenge on Regina George by having the innocent and naive Cadie Haren infiltrate The Plastics and then find ways to ruin Regina's life by turning her best friend against her; making her gain weight by eating protein bars and breaking up her relationship with Aaron Samuels. It is all pretty much a carbon copy of Mean Girls.