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Avatar (2009)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Their are many words that could describe Avatar. Imaginative, beautiful, and most importantly, overrated. James Cameron directs this film in typical Cameron form with impressive visuals and story telling. In this film however the acting is a big flop. The only thing that kept my mind off the bad acting was how beautiful and creative James Cameron made every scene. Avatar is for almost everyone(besides kids) it keeps people who like a good storyline interested and people who love action interested so now nobody suffers from boredum. I do however believe this film shouldn't have gotten a nod for best picture at the Academy Awards, the only one it should have been nominated for was James Cameron for best Director seeing how he led what should have been a terrible film into a pretty entertaining film.

The Hangover
The Hangover (2009)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The hangover in my books is a win. Going into the theater I was skeptical as to whether it was going to be funny or another average Hollywood Cliche comedy movie. The first few moments of the film had me believing it was going to be average. After a few more minutes I thought to myself as I watched a grown man in underwear "Great a raunchy, disgusting average Hollywood comedy.". Then as I watched for another 20 minutes or so this movie took a complete left turn and made me laugh un-controllably. Every other line was a laugh and I realized then that the people who controlled the script had decided to not take the slap stick comedy route. The movie was named "best comedy" for so many reasons such as the great realtionships these actors portrayed during the movie or just how everything was so suprising for this new modern age comedy. I would give this film a big thumbs up and I highly reccomend you see this or rent this.

The Dark Knight
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[i][size=1]i saw the dark knight three times it was probably one of the best pictures of all time[/size][/i]
[i][size=1]acting was incredible you were kept at suspence and the camera were fantastic heath ledger actually made you scare because know if i had ran into him i would have pissed myself and you know that cave wasnt but i was happy because it doesnt take one little year to build house and let alone build the cave privetaly so i definintly recommend you go see it the film should be nominated for picture of the year as well as heath ledger for best supporting actor and gary oldman stuck in his charchter as usaul and aaron eckhart also played the role well i dont see anyone else playing the joker two-face after this i hope we will see johnny depp as the riddler next he has nominated twice for an oscer even for one as JACK SPARROW???? that shows you he can get lost in a role, but anyway i recommend you go see this oscar worthy picture.[/size][/i]