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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows(2012)

I liked this movie. I was a fan of the TV series. Yes, I am old enough to remember the show. From time to time I watch it on youtube. The critics have given it luke warm reviews. It is a different type movie. They are not trying to make a great horror movie. This isn't horror. It's a soap opera. It has humor from the Burton/Depp collaboration with the style of the old series. It has moments where it's slow, but so did the show. I think it is a wonderful look back at the craziness of the 70's. The music, clothes, set design, actors, are great. Could it have been better? yes. The writer could have made better choices as he made the script, but the directing and producing was top notch. The actors do the best they can with what they are given. Was the original campy and funny like this movie? Yes. The difference was they were not trying to be funny. They would mess up their lines,.They would be caught on film looking at the script. You would see mics in the mirrors, cameras. set design people walking around. What would I change? I would tone down the white make up. It made Johnny looked a little too pale. The dark circles, did bring out Johnny's eyes tho. Better script. I would give this movie between 80-85.