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Watchmen (2009)
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This. Is. Not. An. Action. Movie! I cannot stress that enough. All of the complaints I've heard about this masterful dissection of the super-human condition are jabs about it not being a good action movie. If you want a mindless explosion-fest with some hackneyed actor spewing one-liners and scoring with chicks played by actresses you'll never see again, Fast and Furious comes out soon. But if you want to see a substantial piece of cinematic brilliance that's every bit as compelling and stirring as anything you'd expect to see at cannes, go see Watchmen.
This is not a superhero movie, it is THE superhero movie. The mother of all superhero movies. You won't see epic battles atop national monuments or villains getting their master plots foiled. What you will see is a glimpse inside the mind of the sort of person who considers wearing a mask and fighting crime a good idea. What you will see is an honest depiction of the series of events that would transpired if your average joe was gifted with omniscience. What you will see is spectacular and if these things are too big for you, you won't like it. And if you think that a film based on a comic book could never provoke thought or measure up to your idea of what good dramatic art is, then you're a closed-minded coward.
Watchmen is really good. It proves that good comic books, hell, good BOOKS can be taken seriously and adapted seriously and that filmmakers do not have to compromise when it comes to adapting them to film. Watchmen raises the bar for comic book films. It should anyway. If future superhero movie makers don't see it that way then I believe that they will be committing a great injustice on the part of the fans and themselves.
Go watch the Watchmen. Go see a great film.