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Avatar (2009)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

If it were not basically an action flick, Avatar would be a shoo in for Best Picture. It is a shoo in for at least five Oscars: cinematography, special effects, original story, makeup and costume. It is an instant classic. 15 out of a possible 10; 6 stars out of a possible 5. This is not a movie to wait for appearance on DVD: in 3D it is stunning and awesome, awesome, awesome. Yes, it has the mandatory over-the-cliff scenes but they are not quite gut-wrenching. If I didn't lose my popcorn, you won't either. Do not wimp out and settle for the 2D version. The story is absolutely wonderful. It's got everything: supervillainy, explosions, good guys dying gloriously, bad guys armed with the latest in technology slain ignominiously by primitive weapons, divine vengeance and a major romantic subplot. The hero is a disabled marine; his legs do not work. With the magic of technology he is able to possess an alien male body with working legs. The heroine is the daughter of the alien chief. When the two meet, there is no doubt at all they are going to end up lovers. But it is a frustratingly long hour before the pair get around to the business of mating--for life no less. And the very next morning, because of actions of the supervillain, she thinks he has betrayed her and her people. I repeat: it's an absolutely wonderful story.

Changeling (2008)
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[i]Changeling[/i] is a deeply disturbing tragedy; it?s also about 30 minutes too long.

More interestingly, the only lead role in [i]Changeling[/i]?a role with Oscar written all over it in bold fonts?the role of Christine Collins?was played by Angelina Jolie and she was beyond riveting and she absolutely nailed the role; it was the biggest role of her career and she nailed it with a jackhammer?a jackhammer named Clint Eastwood. How good was she? The only dramatic role bigger than the Christine Collins role that I can think of was Scarlett O?Hara in [i]Gone with the Wind [/i](which mercifully had an intermission) and IMHO, Angelina Jolie was better than Vivien Leigh. Disney used to use unknown actors so people would watch the story and not the actors. Clint Eastwood did something similar; he deliberately used makeup and costume to downplay his actress. I kept waiting and waiting for Angelina Jolie to appear; I had been thoroughly engrossed in the story for over twenty minutes when it finally dawned on me that that utterly convincing natural woman on screen was her?somehow the trademark plump upper lip was gone?perfect acting and great makeup. Angelina Jolie is unlikely to actually win Best Actress, but she?s a shoo-in for a nomination.

While searchng reviews from professional critics I discovered that they crib from one another. In fact I wonder if some of them actually bothered to watch the movie. A large minority of big-name critics agree with me?Oscar-caliber performance by Angelina Jolie. A majority vilified Angelina Jolie with almost identical language (which is how I know they crib from one another)?they complain her acting mainly consisted of uttering ?I want my boy back? at various decibel levels. Isn?t that complaint is about the [i]dialogue[/i]?that is, the screenplay?not the acting? One critic complained that Angelina Jolie faded into the background in a few scenes. Hey! Maybe she was supposed to.

Disaster Movie
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This movie is worse than ancient grade B movies. Those at least have plots. This movie simply hammers you with disconnected humorous sketches, some moderately gross.

From the description, the movie sounded interesting But it's last showing at my theater conflicted with the second feature of a grade B movie double header. I inquired of theater personnel about Disaster Movie. They admitted it was bad; they described the humor as like [i]Airport[/i] rather than something featuring Larry the Cable Guy. I decided to buy a ticket anyway.

So about thirty minutes into [i]The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues[/i], after it had been established that the professor's paranoia is justified--his assistant is up to no good, his secretary is spying on him and the hero is a professional rival using an alias--and the professor knows more than he's telling about something dangerously radioactive in the ocean--things you're discovering because the movie had a plot--I snuck out to catch the beginning of [i]Disaster Movie[/i].

I was amused for a few minutes; then I was confronted with a belching scene almost as bad as Larry the Cable Guy puking ([i]Witless Protection[/i], which however gross at least had a plot). Twenty or so minutes later, we may have learned that today is the day the world ends. Otherwise, it has been unrelenting humor and I am simply confused. In the words of another era, they'd been doing it too brown.

I had already been hoping for about ten minutes that the movie would get better when I realized I had an alternative. I got back to [i]Phantom from 10,000 Leagues [/i]just in time to discover that the secretary is spying for the government and the assisstant plans to kill her.