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Henry's Review of Avatar

8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


If it were not basically an action flick, Avatar would be a shoo in for Best Picture. It is a shoo in for at least five Oscars: cinematography, special effects, original story, makeup and costume. It is an instant classic. 15 out of a possible 10; 6 stars out of a possible 5. This is not a movie to wait for appearance on DVD: in 3D it is stunning and awesome, awesome, awesome. Yes, it has the mandatory over-the-cliff scenes but they are not quite gut-wrenching. If I didn't lose my popcorn, you won't either. Do not wimp out and settle for the 2D version. The story is absolutely wonderful. It's got everything: supervillainy, explosions, good guys dying gloriously, bad guys armed with the latest in technology slain ignominiously by primitive weapons, divine vengeance and a major romantic subplot. The hero is a disabled marine; his legs do not work. With the magic of technology he is able to possess an alien male body with working legs. The heroine is the daughter of the alien chief. When the two meet, there is no doubt at all they are going to end up lovers. But it is a frustratingly long hour before the pair get around to the business of mating--for life no less. And the very next morning, because of actions of the supervillain, she thinks he has betrayed her and her people. I repeat: it's an absolutely wonderful story.