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Henry's Review of Changeling

9 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


[i]Changeling[/i] is a deeply disturbing tragedy; it?s also about 30 minutes too long.

More interestingly, the only lead role in [i]Changeling[/i]?a role with Oscar written all over it in bold fonts?the role of Christine Collins?was played by Angelina Jolie and she was beyond riveting and she absolutely nailed the role; it was the biggest role of her career and she nailed it with a jackhammer?a jackhammer named Clint Eastwood. How good was she? The only dramatic role bigger than the Christine Collins role that I can think of was Scarlett O?Hara in [i]Gone with the Wind [/i](which mercifully had an intermission) and IMHO, Angelina Jolie was better than Vivien Leigh. Disney used to use unknown actors so people would watch the story and not the actors. Clint Eastwood did something similar; he deliberately used makeup and costume to downplay his actress. I kept waiting and waiting for Angelina Jolie to appear; I had been thoroughly engrossed in the story for over twenty minutes when it finally dawned on me that that utterly convincing natural woman on screen was her?somehow the trademark plump upper lip was gone?perfect acting and great makeup. Angelina Jolie is unlikely to actually win Best Actress, but she?s a shoo-in for a nomination.

While searchng reviews from professional critics I discovered that they crib from one another. In fact I wonder if some of them actually bothered to watch the movie. A large minority of big-name critics agree with me?Oscar-caliber performance by Angelina Jolie. A majority vilified Angelina Jolie with almost identical language (which is how I know they crib from one another)?they complain her acting mainly consisted of uttering ?I want my boy back? at various decibel levels. Isn?t that complaint is about the [i]dialogue[/i]?that is, the screenplay?not the acting? One critic complained that Angelina Jolie faded into the background in a few scenes. Hey! Maybe she was supposed to.