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9 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Disaster Movie

Disaster Movie(2008)

This movie is worse than ancient grade B movies. Those at least have plots. This movie simply hammers you with disconnected humorous sketches, some moderately gross.

From the description, the movie sounded interesting But it's last showing at my theater conflicted with the second feature of a grade B movie double header. I inquired of theater personnel about Disaster Movie. They admitted it was bad; they described the humor as like [i]Airport[/i] rather than something featuring Larry the Cable Guy. I decided to buy a ticket anyway.

So about thirty minutes into [i]The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues[/i], after it had been established that the professor's paranoia is justified--his assistant is up to no good, his secretary is spying on him and the hero is a professional rival using an alias--and the professor knows more than he's telling about something dangerously radioactive in the ocean--things you're discovering because the movie had a plot--I snuck out to catch the beginning of [i]Disaster Movie[/i].

I was amused for a few minutes; then I was confronted with a belching scene almost as bad as Larry the Cable Guy puking ([i]Witless Protection[/i], which however gross at least had a plot). Twenty or so minutes later, we may have learned that today is the day the world ends. Otherwise, it has been unrelenting humor and I am simply confused. In the words of another era, they'd been doing it too brown.

I had already been hoping for about ten minutes that the movie would get better when I realized I had an alternative. I got back to [i]Phantom from 10,000 Leagues [/i]just in time to discover that the secretary is spying for the government and the assisstant plans to kill her.