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Thor (2011)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

ME to the DE to the O-C-R-E! That's the only way I can explain this film. Everything from the action and special effects to Anthony Hopkins' acting. Yeah, even he can be mediocre, and he's the best actor in the hole film. I of course enjoyed parts of the movie, but most of it was just small things. Like Thor interacting in a world that is totally different from his own. Even though it could've been ever better it at least gave me a chuckle or two. As for the love story... it's the most forced thing I've ever seen. If this was the real Thor he would just smack her in the head and lay her on the bad. Too bad he's not.

Best thing: I'm Scandinavian, and as you might know so is Thor. So that's cool.

Worst thing: Kat Dennings. We get it! You're young. You have a facebook account and an you have an iPod. Who the fuck cares? I'm seriously getting tired of these old screenwriters trying to appeal to a younger audience by making bad and out-of-date jokes.

Verdict: Worst Marvel Studios movie to date. It still has some ok action sequences and cool lore, but that's not enough! It's just a damn mess. I wasn't too bored though. 5/10.