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Vijay's Review of True Grit

5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
True Grit

True Grit(2010)

The Coen Brother's usually are frighteningly amazing at creating a masterpiece. But True Grit lacked that certain Coen greatness to make it stand out among the best. Starting with the performances; Matt Damon delivers a humor filled performance that breaks its way to the top. Bridges does good for what the character was, and nothing more. Hailee Steinfeld is right there on the top of the list with Damon, giving a shockingly adult feeling to a child. Brolin's character and role in the movie was lame. He was portrayed as this ruthless killer, and when shown on screen, he didn't even make you feel uneasy. It was hard giving it a 70%.

The story, for what it could have been, didn't deliver the punch to make you say, "Now that's how you make a movie." The end battle sequence was once again, lame. It was built up to be this final showdown, but instead turned into a fail attempt of a good closing.

While it contains a clean, smooth flow for the story, it really fools you and leads you to nothingness. It contains many scenes that try to be a hidden philosophical meaning, but really just add to the already boring tale. Scenes like the Bear Guy and the snake scene were highly unnecessary. Overall, this doesn't do much as a movie, and it overrated.