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A Million Ways to Die in the West

Short Review: MacFarlane does what he does best, brings to light comedy that many will not. Even if he does beat you over the head with the same six jokes and principles for nearly two hours. He is charming and witty and Theron is fun in this role. Its too bad the supporting cast were all one note performances that got lost in the shuffle. In the end it is a comedy, I laughed quite a bit but did feel the length.

Killing Them Softly

This documentary starts following a billionaire couple who is trying to build the largest home in the United States that is structured after Versailles. We see how these people live with their children and look on in envy and in pity on how rich people are the way they are. When the recession hit is what really makes this documentary stand out as we see these billionaires turn to millionaires and complain about how hard it is to cut back on their budget. They now struggle to finish building their 400,000,000 dollar home, but this film is really hard for me to watch. I think it is very noble that these people had this documentary crew follow them during these couple of years but I do not know what emotion I was suppose to feel. I was upset many times by their ignorance and greed which I feel many who watch this film would be. So in the end I never knew how I was suppose to feel, I was frustrated but I dont think for the right reason and I believe many out there will agree.


Whip Whitaker is a airline pilot who is quickly turned into a hero after landing a plane in a field and saving 96 lives after the plane malfunctioned. What the general public does not know at the time is the Whip is a struggling alcoholic that was drunk while flying the plane. So the question is, is being a hero enough to get off of the deaths of 6 people that were on board? That is the story that is being told here. Will Whip lie his way into innocence and will people know the true story of what went on that day? The struggles of Whip are almost laughable but true in how they plague many Americans everyday. Denzel Washington is top notch as always with a strong supporting cast that includes Carter Cabassa and John Goodman. There are some religious overtones and an anti drinking monologue that can be heavy handed. I was sucked into this film the whole way through until about the last 5 minutes. Its a constroversial ending that is what most will want, but it left the film feeling too "happy" and preachy which was a little off to the rest of the movie. The crash sequence is excellent, even though you know what is going to happen I still felt my heart pounding with suspense. This will be a top contender in the Oscar race this year and I see why.



James Bond is back and more beautifully and bad ass as ever in "Skyfall". This is the third in the Daniel Craig installments of the Bond franchise and this Bond film is the best I have seen since "Goldeneye". Bond is growing older and his loyalty to M is becoming strained but Bond must go out on another mission. For the first time Bond is seen as a broken down man, filling his life with alcohol and sex after a near death experience. Now M16 is under attack by a technologically savvy villain, Silva (Javier Bardem), now Bond must go bare bones in getting this trecherous man. It is a race against time as Silva is announcing undercover agents throughout the world, getting them killed once their cover is blown. "Skyfall" starts out with a bang, a huge and interesting chase sequence that is as good as you will see in any action movie. This movie can be compared the "Dark Knight Rises" as there is a heavy narrative and is a little different than many others in the franchise. The cinemetography is beautiful with gorgeous images from Istanbul, China, and the forested lands of Bonds childhood. Craig never has truly sold me on being Bond, which is about the only knock I have on this movie. Its entertaining, gripping, great to look at, and interesting all the way through. Bardem is terrific as the villain, who may have a hint of homosexuality to him. Judi Dench is as good as ever and Craig is solid. It is a huge step from "Quantom of Solace" that shouldn't be passed up this winter.

End of Watch
End of Watch(2012)

If you have a best friend that makes you laugh, makes you open up to them, and is a person that will love you forever...than you know how Brian and Mike feel in "End of Watch". Brian (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Mike (Michael Pena) are two cops open to the rough parts of a job. Armed with camera's and guns we get a first person shaky cam point of view in their lives both personally and professionally. We see their banter in their squad car, without realizing how much affection you as an audience member are gaining for them. They soon come across a small cache of guns and drugs that leads them into an underground world they were not expecting to invade. It slowly becomes more tense even with the jokes and every day routines these men go through. It truly is a buddy cop movie, everything they do just bring you closer with them. Amazing performances by both along with the other officers and significant others in the film. The bad guys are your stereotypical Mexican gangsters out for the blood of these two cops. We get a roller coaster ride that had me clenched to my seat the entire time. The ending can be somewhat controversial even when feeling predictable but that is only a minor mishap with this thriller. I love every minute of it, more than the cop influence you get a best friend relationship better than I have seen in a movie in years.


I would have hated to grow up in Europe in the laste 1800s as there was a major case of "hysteria" playing about among most middle aged married woman. What was it that made this madness and how could we stop it? Mortimer Granville (Hugh Dancy) has devised a plan to control these urges by woman, with that comes the invention of the first vibrator. We get the story of how this came about in a very light hearted way, Granville is a former doctor who found a job satisfying women with his fingers to control their hysteria. Soon he injures his arm due to his work and now must find a way to do this, while debunking that the term hysteria is all fallacy. Through the story their intertwines a love story between Granville and Charlotte (Maggie Gyllenhaal) which takes a back seat to the overall hilarity and ludicrousy of this film. Its not only funny but entertaining as we watch how such an invention became so popular among the ladies. The performances are great and the content of the film is used just right.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

This documentary follows an 85-year old master sushi chef, Jiro, who runs a small sushi restaurant in the basement of a building in downtown Tokyo. Everything he does is artistic and percise. Only serving sushi and only seating 10 people at a time, Jiro is a renowned sushi chef in all of the world. He lives and breaths for what he does, his apprentices must take 5 years of their lives to learning how to prepare the perfect sushi in order to become a full time worker. Besides this we get the relationship between he and his son who is the heir to his restaurant and has been waiting years for Jiro to finally retire. The way this documentary is shot is simple, yet elegant which makes the content almost meaningless as we see sushi being prepared and served. Everything is so perfect which makes such a simple thing so diverse. This could be one of the best documentaries I have ever seen, which I am shocked to say. It still sits in my head after watching it a month ago.

The Lucky One

After marine Logan (Zach Effron) returns home from his third tour in Iraq where he finds a picture of a beautiful Beth (Taylor Schilling) and must go and find her. Instead of coming right out and saying why he is looking for her we get the love story where everything goes right, as he gets a job at her animal farm which is ran by her and her mother. Soon the feelings begin to arise between Logan and Beth's 8-year old son. Which leads into Beth's ex getting invloved which spirals into your typical romantic love story that we have seen before. Another movie based of Nicholas' Sparks best selling novels like "Dear John" we get good looking people falling in love after some tragic events that bring them together. Effron is a tough sell in a leading role, while the rest of the cast seems to pick up the slack. The real relationship comes of the relationship between Beth and her mom Ellie (played by the great Blythe Danner) and the relationship between Logan and her son. I never felt the relationship between the leading character bloom as it should have. With this I give it the same grade I gave "Dear John" a couple years ago.

Taken 2
Taken 2(2012)

Liam Neeson is back in a sequal that was unnecessary, but still made a splash at the box office. Only this time it is not the daughter who is taken, but he and his ex-wife. We open the movie with Bryan Mills teaching his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) how to drive, this is an important part of the movie since later his daughter is forced to drive during a car chase and is as good of a driver as Jeff Gordon when people are shooting at her. While Mills and his ex are taken he must confide in his daughter to find them. She slowly turns into a CIA agent herself, in her young 19 years of age, we must try and believe that any of this is actually possible. The first film's popularity was solely built on Neeson being a bad ass while he seems feeble in this. Taking away from the testosterone filled action that was expressed in the first film. The camera work during the car chases and action sequences are fast enough to make you dizzy making it almost impossible to understand what is going on. The acting is sub par and the stereotypical bad guys do nothing to help heighten the thrill of this "thriller". This is one of the worst films of the year and all signs point to a third one that I will debate on whether I will watch or not due to this poor outing.


"Argo" is the 3rd directorial feature from Ben Affleck (Gone Baby Gone and The Town) and it is his best yet. Set during the 1980 Iranian Hostage Crisis a man comes up with a solution to get six American fugitives out of the country. Based on a true story, Tony Mendez, a CIA agent comes up with an idea to get these people out from a country desperately trying to find them. He teams with a couple movie producers (played by John Goodman and Alan Arkin) to create a fake movie that they will use to dress these people as a fake film crew on a scouting mission in Iran. It is a crazy idea, many feel it will never work, but Affleck and these two producers have made convincing case. Mendez must go deep into enemy land to teach these people how to act in order to save their lives. The slow suspense in the final act is the only part that truly feels untrue while the rest of the film feels authentic, real, and powerful. Add in some comedic scenes from Arkin, Goodman, and Brian Cranston and you have a really good movie. This has started all Academy Award buzz and could bring one to Affleck for director. Learning the true story as the credits role really helps put in perspective what you just spent and hour watching. Never was there a dull moment and the old saying "its just so crazy it might work" sure did, not only in the event itself but in this movie as well.

Seven Psychopaths

Marty (Colin Farrell) is a screen writer struggling with how to write his new screen play, The Seven Psychopaths. He soon gets inspired on who these psycopaths can be through real life situations that he soon finds himself in. His best friend Billy (Sam Rockwell) steals dogs for a living with Hans (Christopher Walken) to make money off rich people who give large rewards for their found animals. Billy steal the wrong Shi Tzu that is owned by a crime enthused rich man, Charlie (Woody Harrelson), who will kill anyone in his path to getting his dog back. Sounds like a very simplistic story, but it soon turns bloody, violent, and funny when this small story spirals out of control. Rockwell and Walken are excellent as these dog snatchers who will do anything to kill the men that are following them. It feels like a buddy comedy that is intertwined in a world of crime as we really feel the brotherly relationship that Billy and Marty have. This film is a bloody good time, I mean that violently as there is more blood involved than most horror movies. Often times the deaths being a part of a running joke, truly the whole movie is a running joke that follows the screenplay that Marty is writing. It is a different spin on a Tarantino like style of filming from new director Martin McDonagh and it was a successful venture.


"In 2074, when the mob wants to get rid of someone, the target is sent 30 years into the past, where a hired gun awaits. Someone like Joe, who one day learns the mob wants to 'close the loop' by transporting back Joe's future self." (courtesy of IMDB.com) Since it has been awhile since I watched this film I was unsure of exactly how to describe it, which shows that this film is mentally draining in a good way. People from the future can be killed from their past self from thirty years ago. Now Joe is in a struggle to close his loop with his old self. The current Joe is played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt sporting very odd looking facial make up to make himself look like his old self, played by Bruce Willis. That was truly the only distracting part of this film as I could not help but stare at Levitt's face as it looked so unnatural. The movies first half is very science fiction while the second have focuses on the two men, a woman, and a child, while at their farm house. Who is the man able to close these loops and how can they destroy him in order to save their lives. This sounds very confusing, which at times it is, but is explained thoroughly so you do not finish this film wondering what you had just watched. It falls into the "Adjustment Buereau" style of science fiction which works well in 2012, the real life drama filled with futuristic types of technology. Willis is making a comeback while Levitt is becoming a star and this movie emphasises both of them well.

Magic Mike
Magic Mike(2012)

Channing Tatum is Magic Mike, based loosely off the story of his life, he is a male stripper at a high priced male strip club in Florida. His boss is Dallas (Matthew McConaughey) who wants to expand his business throughout the state. This film is full of "Step-Up" style dance moves just involving male strippers that are actually more interesting than anything in any type of dance movie. Mike shows this life as a time to party, make fast money, and meet all the women he desires. He soon takes up an apprentice Adam who falls right into the lifestyle, even more than Mike ever did. Mike soon becomes interested in Adam's sister who does not approve of anything that is going on. I was actually very excited to see this movie, it just didnt live up to what I felt it could have been. It was overall entertaining with Tatum and McConaughey being terrific, really both men becoming terrific actors. This film dived a little into drugs but not deep enough. "Magic Mike" is too "PG" without the sex, there is little talk of the negatives of this job, the drugs, or the intensity of homosexuality in the business. This could have been much darker and deeper but it really only scratched the surface in order to throw in a go nowhere love story in. I wanted to like this film but in the end felt indifferent.


Daniel Day-Lewis will be nominated for another worthy performance playing a broken down awkward presidential character who can be seen on the penny, Abraham Lincoln. "Lincoln" primarily focuses on a month in 1865 where Lincoln is trying to pass the 13th amendment to free the slaves and try to end the Civil War. Day-Lewis brings Lincoln across as a soft spoken, story telling, old man whos infinite wisdom was able to drive twenty democrats into changing their minds on the bondage of an entire race of people. It may not have truly been all wisdon as we follow characters played terrifically by James Spader and John Hawkes as men going under the radar to change these democrats minds. Tommy Lee Jones is also terrific as Thaddeus Stevens the PN congressman pushing for the freedom of slavery with great heart and vigor, he is a man willing to say and do anything to get this change. We see the process Lincoln had to go through involving his wife, son (Joseph Gordon Levitt), the Civil War, and his cabinet on how to go about doing this. The story is creative and intense even when you know how it is all going to go. The true importance of this film is Lincoln himself, it really is like a biography picture just to show how the president was really like. Its comical with a terrific cast that does not dissappoint and with a large budget from director Steven Spielberg helps bring the film to life with a gorgeous presence that overtakes the screen. The only negative was the final conclusion to this movie that was unnecassary to the overall point and seemed to be a filler for the general movie going audience. Other than that you can assume multiple Oscar nominations for this film, a best actor nod for Day-Lewis, and a huge reccomendation from me.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Here is a reboot of a trilogy that made millions at box office and since half of this movie is just redoing the first one because they need to create a new story this review will be short. It follows Peter Parker after his spider bite and love interest, but now he finds what lead to his parents death which pits him against his fathers former partner Dr. Curt Conner's who is the villain known as the Lizard. From there we get the typical super hero movie with great performances from Martin Sheen, Dennis Leary, and Emma Stone. The best part about this reboot is not only did it blow the previous trilogy away in story-telling but also by Andrew Garfield as the new Spider-Man who will do a great job carrying this franchise forward. I look forward to the next installment and suggest everyone to see this one.


On to another style of gangster movie this time set in the 1920s prohibition era, based on a true story of the Bondurant brothers who make moonshine in Virginia but are now faced with a new lawman that is threatening to shut down their operations. Shia Lebouf, Tom Hardy, and Jason Clarke play the three brothers one small (Lebouf), one big (Hardy), and one that has a small role in the film (Clarke) who must move their moonshine while being watched at all times by a fancy Chicago lawman Charlie Rakes (Guy Pearce). Pearce is terrific as the villain who is dead set on taking these brothers out and whomever comes between them. We get the typical romance stories of the boys and their bond as a family that leads to inevitable trials and tragedies throughout the story that culminates in a large shoot out that will kind of keep you guessing, or maybe not. The film is helped in the acting department by not only Pearce by also Jessica Chastain as Hardy's love interest. These roles really bring life to the overall dull main lead roles. The movie is also nothing special or different and is very predictable. Lebouf is trying to break the glass ceiling into becoming truly important but just hasn't yet and this movie does not help. It was not all bad though as I was entertained with the bloody action lead by a story that did not make me think much. It is a good rent for a calm sunday night at home with nothing else to do in the winter.

The Queen of Versailles

This documentary starts following a billionaire couple who is trying to build the largest home in the United States that is structured after Versailles. We see how these people live with their children and look on in envy and in pity on how rich people are the way they are. When the recession hit is what really makes this documentary stand out as we see these billionaires turn to millionaires and complain about how hard it is to cut back on their budget. They now struggle to finish building their 400,000,000 dollar home, but this film is really hard for me to watch. I think it is very noble that these people had this documentary crew follow them during these couple of years but I do not know what emotion I was suppose to feel. I was upset many times by their ignorance and greed which I feel many who watch this film would be. So in the end I never knew how I was suppose to feel, I was frustrated but I dont think for the right reason and I believe many out there will agree.

Men in Black III

Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and Agent J (Will Smith) are back killing aliens on earth and to be honest I strictly watched this movie to feel some nastalgia. It was great for a little bit but then I realized that I was re-watching the same movie from over ten years ago. This film really struggles with who it is aimed for, adults or children. As its troubling to see many of these gags in a PG-13 movie while some of the jokes hit right on with someone of my age. Josh Brolin is great as a younger version of Tommy Lee Jones but again there is not much I can truly say. There is nothing new here but again there doesnt try to be. It looks a lot better and the performances are fun but there isnt anything to ride home about.

Holy Motors
Holy Motors(2012)

This film from France may just be one of the most head scratching movies I have seen in awhile. It follows M. Oscar around in his limo where you seen the different personas he portrary throughout a day. The only real connection to him is his driver Celine, who sees the actual man rather than all these different characters he plays. During this day he is an assassin, family man, an old woman, video game actor, a monster among others. I have never seen an actor be forced into so many different roles and be able to make each one of them stand out. Truly the third most important character in this movie is the limo itself as it seems it is his sanctuary away from the outside world. This movie is very bizarre and is easily one of the best foreign films of the year. I suggest anyone interested in a movie that you will not understand but still enjoy to check this out.


This is a story of two men, Chon and Ben, who are pot growers that get involved with the Mexican Cartel. Chon is the ex military man who is very intense while Ben is the more sensative one, these attributes are important to their friendship. Their friendship is so strong that they share the same girl, named O (Blake Lively). Once they get too deep into their drug business they become targets to many of the major crimes bosses in the area. O eventually is kidnapped now these two men must come up with 13 million dollars to get her back while running from a mad man who will kill anyone he is hired to, played by Benicio Del Toro. Del Toro is at his all-time worst here as this stereotypical Mexican hitman. The three lead characters have a relationship that you are suppose to buy into which is down right impossible because there is zero emotional connection. We even get John Travolta hamming it up as the police informant who plays both sides for a nice payout. There is very little violence and the ending is actually worse than the flase ending that they try to get you with. The movie is very stylized as it looks gorgeous but there is no real suspense in any of the scenes, even the mindless killing falls flat.

10 Years
10 Years(2012)

Jake and Jess (Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan-Tatum) are on a trip to Jake's ten year reunion where he is nervous to see his high school fling, Mary (Rosario Dawson). There is now a tension but still a fun atmosphere at the reunion due to the amount of characters that are involved in this story. This movie follows about 5 different stories from a group of old friends that are out to have a really fun night. Some of these side stories work extremely well while some fall a little short. This movie is always uplifitng, fun, and entertaining. Filled with a great cast which includes Justin Long, Chris Pratt, Oscar Isaac, and Sara Emami. This reunion is full of the prettiest people that walk the earth which reveals a disconnect with the audience but much of what is here works. Days after watching this simplistic movie I found myself still thinking about how it was just a nice movie to watch and better than most of the romantic comedies that most will see. I strongly suggest for everyone to check "10 Years" out.

Killer Joe
Killer Joe(2012)

Chris Smith is in debt to some bad men and in order to pay it off he hires Joe Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) to kill his evil mother so he can collect her life insurance policy. Nothing about this plan could have went anymore wrong. Chris, a trailer park boy soon gets his entire family endanger. His alcoholic dimwit father, his cheating mother in law, and his underage pure younger sister. Soon Killer Joe doesnt see the money he was promised for the hit so he took some collateral for himself, the young sister/daughter Dottie. Joe, a Texas lawman, soon moves into the family as a member in order to take Dottie's pure nature and instill fear on the family. The culmination to this movie is some of the most tense and suspensful moments of a movie I had seen all year. The story is very unorthodox and McConaughey is as good as I have ever seen him. Many will find this film too "weird" especially with McConaughey as the lead star playing such a dark character. At times this film is uncompfortable but keeps a pace that really holds the viewers attention.

This is 40
This is 40(2012)

Pete and Debbie (Leslie Mann & Paul Rudd) are the married couple most notably from the comedy "Knocked Up" who are now both turning forty and must cope with life during this time period. Debbie owns her own clothings store while Pete is a struggling record label owner who only signs bands that he truly feels has talent. They have two daughters, 13 & 8, who have the typical kid/girl problems that many do at that age. Pete and Debbie also have problems with their parents, Debbie's is estranged and Pete's is a mooch. To add to their problems their marriage is barly being held together and they are having money troubles. All of these different difficulties bring many laughs, many coming at the expense of the children and their relationship with their parents. It is hard to sympathise with these people as they could easily get out of their economic crisis by either selling their really expensive house or one of their businesses. I guess if that happened there would be not true story. Some of the other laughs come from the very funny Jason Segal, Melissa McCarthy, and Megan Fox who openly makes fun of herself for being pure eye candy. The main story is all this comedy needs but as the movie prolongs it becomes weird, especially when both of the couples parents get more involved. By the end of the movie, "This is 40" had lost its steam and with a two hour and fifteen minute fun time its easy to see why. There is much to like about this film (performances and laughts) but there is also enough to make this movie not as good as it should have been.

Django Unchained

Jamie Foxx is Django, a black man caught up in the slave trade in 1858 who crosses paths with his future partner, a bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz). Schultz needs Django's help for a bounty that he holds because Django knows the Brittel Brothers faces that he must kill. Once the deed is done the men build a type of relationship. Schultz takes Django, now a free slave, teams with Schutlz to carry out more bounties over a long winter. This eventually leads to Schultz learning of Django's back story, the men go on a long journey to rescue Djano's wife who is a slave for a large plantation owner by the name of Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio). This may be a suicide mission but there is nothing Django will not do to get his wife back and Schultz will do anything to help his new partner. DiCaprio is great here as a witty, flamboyant, rich slave owner right before the dawning of the Civil War. Much of his information comes from his most trusted slave advisor, Stephan, who is played by the terrific Samuel L. Jackson. Much like "Inglorious Basterds" we get long drawn out dialogue that at its best is extremely witty and suspensful. Sometimes at its worst it can feel like it will never end. This is the first Quentin Tarantino movie where I felt he was doing things just to show he could. It often times felt to long, clocking in at two hours and forty minutes. Waltz and DiCaprio steal every scene they are in, Waltz quickly becomming one of the best character actors around. "Django Unchained" is extremely bloody, to the point of being over the top but it works. This movie is also funnier than most comedies that come out nowadays. The feeling of greatness isnt there but it is still a very solid movie.

The Good Doctor

A young doctor Martin Blake (Orlando Bloom) strives to be the best at what he does until he crosses paths with a younger patient. Diane Nixon (Riley Keough) is in the hospital for a simple UTI. Soon Martin Blake becomes obsessed with this high school girl to the point where he will do anything to keep her in the hospital with him. He has no real friends, just his job that he can now share with this patient as long as she stays in the hospital. We follow his journey to go to great extremes to keep this girl to himself. This could be one of the more uncomfortable and dark films of the year, watching this man which people have all of their trust in do this to someone is very scary. There are times towards the third act of this movie where it feels the plot had already run its course. At times "The Good Doctor" also feels like a late night made for TV Lifetime movie which is not a good thing. The story is intriguing enough to give this film a rent. Bloom is terrific, as is Michael Pena but many of the other supporting characters are often overdoing their performances.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Bilbo Baggins is reluctant to start this unexpected journey to Lonely Mountain where he teams with a group of dwarves to kill a dragon so these dwarves can reclaim their homes. Bilbo does not want to go with these dwarves and Gandalf on this journey, which leads to a long drawn out process of Gandalf trying to persuade Bilbo into going to kill this dragon. Once they are finally off for their journey we get a very similar journey as in the Lord of the Rings, only this time it is with the man who first gets the ring from Gollum. Along the way there are many action sequences that are very entertaining, over the top, and gorgeous to look at. The cinematography is breath taking and many of the monsters and orcs are imaginitive which helps grab the audiences eye. The journey of Bilbo is very entertaining as he has much more personality that Frodo from the LOTR series ever did. With over a two and a half hour run time and a long cartoonish ending we see that there should have been a half hour completely cut out of this film. To split this movie into 3 parts I feel will be overdrawn to the max. For one movie that ends with no real conclusion, keeps me wanting more. I truly do not know of how many other people will get this same feeling. The next installment needs to be even more imaginative and more entertaining in order to keep this franchise on a high.

Repo Men
Repo Men(2010)

You know when you do not have the money to pay your car payments and after awhile a repoman will come and reposes your car? Well what if that would happen to futuristic body implants such as a heart or lung? Apparently in the futuristic world of Repo Men you figure out that exact question. If you are ninety six days pass due a repoman will come, knock you out, and steal whatever part you owe payments on. The two friend Remy (Jude Law) and Jake (Forest Whitaker) are some of the best repomen you can find. They find stong holds of people hiding out because they are so overdue on their body part payments. One day Remy has a unfortunate accident that puts him in a coma and his heart is now replaced with one he must make payments on. His buddy Jake is there to help him but because of his epiphany through his near death experience he does not want to be a repoman anymore because it has ruined his marriage. He has troubles making payments so he leaves to the slums with all the other poor people that know their organs can be repossessed at any moment. He meets a girl, Beth (Alice Braga), that has numerous parts on her body replaced such as eyes and ears. Of course Remy is expired and his old pale Jake is the one assigned to take his organs. The premise actually sounds fun reading this, but in all actuality it's not. What time period does this take place and where does this take place? I have no clue so someone should really tell me. The slums are a massive city, but where is this city? Right next door to the immaculate New York like city the rich people live in? These are all questions I asked my self numerous times. Along with this I had troubles wrapping my head around the concept of Forest Whitaker playing a forty year old bachelor still acting as if he was in college. Along with the poor storyline with Remy and his family. Also the repossession building is stories tall yet in the final chase scene they stumble into a white room that is football fields long with at least a thousand workers in it. Have I mentioned the blood? There is enough of it to go around. Some unnecessary as Jude Law someone how turns in a mean fighting killing machine with all kids of hand held weaponry. The more I dissect this movie the more I am disappointed by how badly I wanted to see it, but I have to say skip it if you can.

Shutter Island

Set in 1954 detective Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his new partner Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo) are going to investigate a missing persons case in a mental hospital. That mental hospital is located on the rainy Shutter Island. As they start their investigation with members on the island they start to become suspicious as no one seems to talk about anything. The head of the island Dr. Crawley (Ben Kingsley) does nothing to try to help the two detectives with their case. Daniels starts seeing things, hallucinations, of little girls, his ex wife, and flashbacks to the war. Slowly the plot seems to unwind at a good pace. Eventually a hurricane hits letting out many more murderous patients, along with the doctors not giving Teddy Daniels the records he wants, is sent on a chase with multiple twists and turns to try to figure out what exactly is the mystery of Shutter Island. A lot of which I cannot talk to much about because their would be a lot of major spoilers. DiCaprio is always great when paired with director Martin Scorsese (latest The Departed) even with his broken down Boston accent. Even though DiCaprio is the star of the show I see such great things happening here with Mark Ruffalo. He is a terrific performer, as well as a great sidekick. He does well as the new guy on the case. The rest of the cast does very well and many of the performances are stellar. The story is quite good to a point, the explanation at the end is very satisfying and truly lets you know fully what all went on and how it was all possible. The very last part of the film with DiCaprio and Ruffalo on the steps is what truly brought the ending to life for me. Is this one of Scorsese's best? Not even close. There are many choppy scenes and the music is just down right horrible. The scenery was great but just sometimes it did not feel like it clicked with the story the whole way through. The flashbacks to the war were very controversial if you will, somewhat a little carried away. There were just some parts that did not fit well with the overall pace of the movie. Overall it was pretty good. This movie will sure stir up the mixed reviews pot but for me I will just say see it.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice Kingsleigh (Mia Wasikowska) is the daughter of a wealthy man who tell her of a place called wonderland in bed time stories when she is a little girl. He eventually dies and her exploratory attitude has went away. Her life as a young adult has not become stagnant with her future being planned out for her by her mother. She finds herself at an exclusive party where the man who wants to marry her proposes to her, but she is distracted by a little rabbit in a coat. She runs off and follows it to the trunk of an old tree, where she falls into an unknown world. This of course is wonderland that her dad had explained to her when she was just a young lady. Here she comes across our favorite cast of characters such as the Chesire Cat, the White Rabbit, March Hare, Dormouse, and of course the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp). Alice and her cast of characters must band together to take down the Red Queen (Helena Carter) and help out the White Queen. Helena Carter is terrific as the queen with the oversized head that has had trouble fitting in her entire life. The supporting characters are terrific even though I feel a little short changed by some of the small roles that they had. Depp has put on one of his greatest performances in many years as the wacko Mad Hatter. Not since Sweeney Todd has Depp truly taken a roles and ran with it. Of course the magical world of wonderland could only be brought to life in this way by director Tim Burton. The visuals were gripping and dark. Almost a little too dark at times since there were many times that I wanted more color but did not get them. This is a minor issue with the film and the only major issue I do have is the final act. You truly fall our of love with the movie that climax's into your typical battle sequence that just doesn't quite fit right with the rest of the film. People also must remember that the newcomer Wasikowska is the lead character and not Depp. She is terrific and I thought her prortrayal of the older Alice was terrific. I really do not know the exact age that would be appropriate to see Alice in Wonderland so some parents may need to be aware. I had a great experience at the movies when I seen this so you should too and see Alice in Wonderland

Extraordinary Measures

Well if your a avid watcher of the Lifetime channel you will have already seen this movie before just with less known actors. It follows a man named John Crowley (Brenden Frasier) who is married and has three children, two of which have a very serious illness. Pompey's disease. Many kids who have this do no live past infancy, if they do on average most die by the age of 8. John is determined to find a cure that will save both of his kids lives. He read up on a doctor, Robert Stonehill (Harrison Ford), who has a way of taking out enzymes to create to enzymes to slow down the disease and take away the deterioration of tissues in the human body. So of course they band together with John's money and Robert's brain to figure out a cure. With Robert's eccentric personality and the corporate suits who are not willing to put up with it there are many bumps in the road that they must overcome. Going back to what I said in the beginning is that this is a glorified made for T.V. movie. It tries to play on every emotion you have but the giant downfall it has is that it just doesn't work. You are made to want to feel bad for the kids when I you truly cannot. The daughter comes across as a little smart ass while the other son barely has a part. The one I feel bad for is the normal living son as he is pushed completely off to the side, neither he nor anyone else seems to care. Brenden Frasier works well as the business suit type of guy, but every scene of him whimpering and crying is just not believable. The mom is also pushed to the back seat with her seemingly non emotional self as her husband is off all the time leaving her to take care of the kids. Doctor Stonehill is played very well by Ford but it is not a real stretch from his usual self. I mean I love getting into the heart and soul of movies, usually it is pretty hard not to when they are jammed down your throat like Extraordinary Measures did, but I just could not. It was just too much and by the end I was just blah with it. So turn on the lifetime channel for free and skip this

Edge of Darkness

One thing that I have to start off saying about this movie is that it is great to finally see Mel Gibson back on the big screen again. Too bad it was not in a better film than this one. Gibson plays Thomas Craven a detective from Boston who watches his own daughter get shot on their doorstep He finds himself in the midst of a puzzle filled with conspiracy and corruption and it becomes his duty to figure out the missing pieces to the puzzle. Figuring he was the intended target he soon learns he wasn't and his daughter led a secret life that he did not know about. In the process of his chase to figure out the murder he is confronted by a secret government operative, played by Darius Jedburgh, who jobs is to find and hide the remaining evidence. Craven singleness about finding the reasons behind his daughters death will ultimately bring changes to his life. Gibson has a screen presence about him that just gets you into any thriller or action movie that you are watching. Is it enough to make this one worth seeing? I really do not know. His acting us superb but his accent needs a little tweeking. It comes and goes randomly throughout the film. Sometimes it is extremely strong to the point of sounding rediculous and other times it just dissappears completly. the surprise of the movie for me was the outstanding performance by Darius Jedburgh who is most famous for his role in The Departed playing Jack Nicholson's most trusted henchman. Jedburgh is great and honestly every time he is on screen with Gibson, he steals the show. His laid back approach in this whole situtation like he has seen it before, is just intriguing to the viewer. Still the movies twist and turn and twists and turns...and did a mention twists and turns? All really start to drag on. It makes you think harder than you really need to. With most films that do that there are a ton of plot points missed and holes that are open. It is great to see Gibson acting again it has been quite a few years, but I hope people wait until he comes out with another movie. You can really just skip this typical cop thriller.

Valentine's Day

How could a movie that stars about every big name Hollywood has to offer be all that bad? Valentine's Day sure proved that you can do no good with tons of great actors and actresses. Even though Valentine's Day is not a real holiday, men are put under the spotlight to do something extraordinary for their significant other while women are to be made feel loved and wanted. In the movie it follows many couples' lives as they intertwine around one another during this day of love. The main story is based around Ashton Kutcher and his long treacherous Valentine's Day. His engagement came in went on the day of love only to leave him feel empty, the only way making it right is from stopping his best girlfriend from marrying a man who is cheating on her with someone else in the movie. Then there is the couple that meets on the plane, the ex football player, the teenagers, the sports caster, the broken down single chocoholic, and even the phone sex worker. Confusing right? You must be asking yourself how could all of this be jammed into one movie and work? Well I am sorry to say it doesn't. Even with the likes of Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Bradley Cooper, Anne Hathaway, Kathy Bates, Patrick Dempsey, and many others there is no way to save this film. The lack of depth with any of the characters makes you care about nothing but the cute little kid that just wants to get some flowers to his valentine. All the twists, turns, and bumps in the story give to the feeling that Crash gave you, just with no emotion. You sit there and do not feel bad or good for any of the relationships that come out of watching this movie for two hours. How their lives intertwine over the one day span is not only overly ridiculous, but almost to the point of completely implausible. You also have every stereotype in the book from the black sportscaster, to the dumb teenagers, to the mean boss, to the Mexican worker, and even the tough army woman. This part also seems to have rubbed me the wrong way. I look back and think what possibly could have come from this movie in a positive light? Well the closest thing I have is Taylor Swift. Her role was ditsy and funny. Am i saying she is the next big thing? No. But her role did bring a little fresh air to this dull script. Other than that I could not say too much in a positive light. If you have not seen it already, take my word and skip Valentine's Day

The Wolfman
The Wolfman(2010)

Adapted from the 1941 film of the same name The Wolfman is what I would like to call a good "popcorn" movie. It stars Benicio Del Toro as Lawrence Talbot who has came back to his families estate after finding out his brother has been attacked by some beast. He is reunited by his estranged father (Anthony Hopkins) and is sent on a wild goose chase to hunt down this beast that is terrorizing the town. He stumbles across a gypsy village to find out what spells they could have cast on the townspeople. The village is also attacked and Talbot is bitten by the beast. He soon finds out that at the next full moon he himself will also turn into a wolf man. The towns folk are in a rage trying to get Talbot at all costs, but his father, who may no more about what is going on than anyone else, and his brothers widow (Emly Blunt) are trying to keep him out of the eye of the public. The story itself is very limited and actually seems to go a little all over the place. Del Toro is miscast as the beast and Hopkins is not at his best. The only character you truly feel and believe is the main townsman sent to find and kill the beast (Huge Weaving). Weaving's performance outshines the rest of the stars in the film. I truly enjoy watching Del Toro on the big screen but not in such a mediocre movie as this is. The main plot is jammed in about the first half hour while the rest is one long drawn out chase scene of everyone trying to get their hands on the wolfman for good or bad. I must say the movie is not all bad, the setting and visuals are great. You truly get the feel for the world around you. All the scenes in the village, woods, and gypsy camps just look terrific. Also this movie is extremely bloody and violent. It seems almost a little too bloody, I guess thats just what has to happen when you bring a movie such as this to the main stream. The other thing that really stands out in my mind, not in a good way, is the ending battle scene where the two wolves collide. It almost comes across much like a super hero as they defy gravity and claw there way to each other all over the screen. Even with all that, I still go back to what I said in the beginning is that this is a "popcorn" flick because with all the blood, gore, and dim witted plot points its still worth a rent when your bored.

The Book of Eli

Eli (Denzel Washington) has been on a journey west for over thirty years after a nuclear war had broke out which made a hole in the ozone layer that let the sun shine bright and turn the earth into a retched wasteland. The barron roads belong to gangs, who use items that were once normal in the past world (shampoo, shoes, ipods) to buy and barter for things such as water and food. Eli who is a peaceful man and will only become a harsh warrior when provoked and acting in self defense. After the "big flash" Eli is guided by a higher power through a book, given the task to take the book west and protect it with his life. Along the way an evil man named Carnagie (Gary Oldman) finds out Eli has the last Bible on earth and wants it so he can use the teachings of God to become the all mighty ruler of earth. Eli is on the run with a girl Solara (Mila Kuniz) to get the holy book west before Carnagie and his men can track him down and catch him. The story is fresh when it comes to falling into the whole post war destruction genre. Denzel and Kuniz are both putting up top notch performances. Kuniz herself is really blossoming into a fine young actress. The feel to the movie is there, you truly get the sense that this is what the world would be like after nuclear warfare happened. The visuals are great which really set up the mood of the movie. Just the environments themselves are a character in the film with the dust, broken down houses, crude towns, and the feeling is like the earth had been pushed back a couple hundred years in time. Of course i must mention the terrific twist at the end that all comes together and make sense, even though it is a little over the top. The action scenes were done quite well for Denzel not being known for hand to hand combat. The extremly loud high pitched sound effects got old but the rest of the movie did not. I say see The Book of Eli

Dear John
Dear John(2010)

It has taken awhile to be able to have the time to watch a movie from this year but at last I have. Special Forces Army Sergeant John Tyree (Channing Tatum) is home on a two-week leave from Germany. He meets Savannah Curtis (Amanda Seyfried) after he dives into the ocean to retrieve Savannah's purse that had fallen off the pier. They immediately start to get a spark of romance while Savannah is on a two week spring break to help repair a house that has been destroyed. Throughout the two weeks they begin to start falling deeper and deeper in love with one another. Eventually at the end of the two weeks Savannah must return back to school in North Carolina and John must return back to Germany since he is in the army. They only must be apart for a year so they promise to write each other as much as possible to make it seem like they will never be apart in the whole time they are gone. Right as the twelve month mark approaches we are side swiped with the notion that the film takes place in 2001 as the 9/11 attacks occur. This means John has to decide to reenlist in the army or stay with Savannah, he choose the army and eventually the letters stop coming from her. For what sounds like a pretty good premise actually turns out to be just that. The only problem is that much like every other romantic comedy to come out the first thirty minutes are the same as every other movie of this genre. It from the writer of The Notebook which shows quite a bit even to the point of the big kiss in the rain. The real story comes with John's father who is autistic (played by Richard Jenkins). Richard Jenkins puts on a grand performance as the coin collector who has throughout his life had troubles really connecting with his son due to his disabilities. Once the letters stop coming to John and the story with his father really pans out you truly stop caring about what is going to happen with his and Savannah's romance. The third act is quite dragged and a little over the top. Of course another thing that I have failed to mention is that Tatum himself is still trying to find his place as an actor. He shows signs in Dear John that he may actually have the talent to pull off multiple leading roles in the future, but more often times he is stuck in his more robotic and emotionless approach to the big screen. I truly did not find too much new or interesting that Dear John added to this genre of movies. Skip Dear John

Big Fan
Big Fan(2009)

I have been waiting months to finally get the opportunity to watch this movie and with only two weeks before I have to combine my list of 30 movies of the year for my college paper I was able to watch it. I went in with high expectations with all the great things I read and all of them were met. Patton Oswalt is great at his first serious/lead role. You can truly feel his love for the Giants through the way he leads his life along with his pal they go and tailgate by themselves even though they dont have a ticket. Thats how die hard of fans they are. Oswalt eventually gets beat up by his favorite player and because of his love for the Giants and how bad he wants them to win he goes against everyone and does not press any charges against the all star quaterback to whoops his ass. From him calling into the radio to showing his red and blue colors when he goes to Philly to meet his arch rival from the radio, you truly get a feel for this character that is not depressing nor happiness but something in between. I am truly satisfied with this movie.

The Messenger

I went into this movie not really knowing what to expect out of it, while coming out still indifferent of my feeling of this movie. I got really into the two lead roles, Harrelson does a terrific job showing his demons slowly come out as his bond with his dysfunctional bond with Foster. The thought of having this job in the army is truly troubling and it shows when they go to peoples houses and break them the news that a loved one has died. As the movie went on I slowly became a little uninterested as the story strayed away from the original content into the characters trying to develop as better men. It was not a bad way to turn the movie but just a way I personally did not enjoy. I still say it was a solid flick but maybe just was wanting something a little more or different

Up in the Air

Coming off a great movie two years ago (Michael Clayton...which I loved) George Clooney is back with another great performance in a new original comedy/drama. I really found myself sitting in the theatre enthralled with this film. Just seeing all the good performances and the connection Clooney and is trainy slowly form with one another. With the very subtle comedy, that isnt just thrown in your face like a lot of movies nowadays, I found myself laughing quite a bit. I felt for these characters which is the one thing I want when coming out of a movie. I love the connection you get with the people that you are watching up on the screen. I felt that for Clooney. The scene that really got me was the remorse you could see Clooney had when he asked his sister who was walking her down the aisle and it was not him. Just the impact his emotions had on me were spectacular. The movie itself was just great. I loved the whole feel and the flow of the movie. I felt a tiny bit of bordom for about 15 minutes but who cares. haha. Great movie

Sherlock Holmes

When it come to watching movies the one thing I try not to do with all my heart is be biased towards any one thing or any particular actor. But like all of us I have came to realize that there are a few that no matter what movie they make its just great to watch. I love Robert Downy Jr. and always have. Shirlock Holmes was funny, quick witted, and a new type of drama that we dont often see anymore (thank you Guy Richie). I enjoyed the cast of characters along with the original dialouge and the rediculous clues Holmes finds to solve cases. It wasnt so much the movie itself that brought this film down but the quick cutting of scenes (too many), the overbearing sound effects (too loud), and the aura of the movie just did not feel right. Either way I had some laughs and it fulfilled my needs for another great night at the movies


James Camerons latest piece did one thing I never thought would ever happen to me and that is make me love a movie purely on how it looks. The look and feel of this movie is nothing short of spectaculer. I loved almost every scene and only a very limited few moments looked just not right. This is insane for how much was packed into this film. Okay, this film is short from perfect due to the out of date story line (since the story was written in 1995)...or shall I say almost no storyline at all. For almost 3 hours of my time I almost demand a great story and I must have character development which I did NOT get. Either way it was pretty spectacular to watch and was worth my time

Public Enemies

I guess I have decided to start writing little tid bits to my ratings, I am not going to write a huge long review of a movie on a website because that does not make me feel anymore of a professional movie reviewer like some people on here, I already write for my college newspaper to do that. I am just going to speak with ease and more down to earth. With that said..

I really enjoyed Public Enemies, Johnny Depp is still a terrific entity in the world of cinema. I love the feel to this movie when it comes to the setting, time period, clothes, and speech. Most of the gun fights are terrific but all who feel this is a very "accurate" story it is not there are many hole in it. Also this does not measure up in the genre that it is sitting in. Usually I would really not enjoy a movie like this, but for some odd reason I just happen to get into it.

Paper Heart
Paper Heart(2009)

Charlene Yi is just cute, this whole movie is just cute. What else is there to even say? The heart of this movie is really there and you feel everything the two leads feel in this movie. The struggle of having to film your love was an interesting aspect that I got into in this film. It does feel long, when it shouldnt because of the fact its only an hour and half but sat with a smile on my face almost the whole time