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The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games(2012)

A few years back while i was looking for books to read during downtime at work i came across the hunger games. The synopsis of the story seemed pretty interesting for a read. I then saw it was for young adults so i thought it was just like another twilight so i passed on reading the books.

When the movie came out I also initially passed thinking again it was another twilight. A girl friend of mine actually convinced me to go see it. She has a good taste in movies so i decided to see it.

Personally i was extremly impressed by the caliber of acting and the overall message of the movie. I was so impressed that i decided to read the books afterwords to get me some reference

The Bad:

Ill start off with the bad since this will be pretty short. My only real complaint was that i felt there wasnt enough desperation in district 12 and that well there wasnt "hunger" in hunger games which took away from the lottery scene.

The Good:

Having been dragged to twilight movies (against my will) the biggest difference is the quality of the acting. Jennifer Lawrence is extremely convincing and she delivers a great performance in what has almost become common place for her as of late. The supporting cast is solid as well.

There are some slight deviations from the book but nothing that really changes anything significant. Part of the problem from going to book to movie is you always end up having to cut things,usually characters, because it becomes bloated.

The violence. At its core the first installment from collins is about kids being forced to kill other kids. The book is alot more brutal than the movies are and the books that follow are even more so. This is what concerned me the most going in. If they watered down the violence too much then the horrific moments dont carry any weight to them. I feel they went right to the edge of pg-13 that they could go. The opening arena scene is pretty intense to watch and i thought was well filmed.

Story: I felt the story did the book justice although the arena part had some pacing issues. I feel that this is an element of the book. The style of the books are done stylistically for teenagers and young adults so pretty much the whole book is done in the first person and there isnt a tremendous amount of dialogue in the book. So they had to add some scenes away from jennifer Lawrence's point of view. The runnning time was at 2:20 i belive so the movie was already quite long. I also feel that you dont really get to know the characters but i feel like that will be for book two anyways as a lot of the book goes more into the individual characters at least the first half or so.


The trilogy is about dominance, a simple act of defiance, brutality, pushing people to their breaking points, war, love and sacrifice, and ultimately repeating mistakes of the past.

Moving forward:

The one thing im most encouraged about is Collins has a writing credit in the movie which at least means she has some input. I think if they really stick to the books as much as possible lawrence could end up with a oscar nod before its all said and done.

I look forward to the next installment.