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Mars Attacks!
Mars Attacks! (1996)
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

You can't have a comedy without somebody to be the butt of the joke, right? Mars Attacks' shortcoming is that it makes fun of everybody except for the awkward, lonely kid who ends up saving the day. Anybody who can't laugh at themselves runs the risk of hating this movie for what it says about them. I find it really interesting that people continue to point to Mars Attacks as the worst movie they've ever seen. A user on Yahoo recently pointed to The Happening as the only worse movie.

This is incredible to me as I found Mars Attacks to be one of the best lampoons of humanity's many characters, the gullible (politicians meeting with the aliens), the ignorant (rednecks), the greedy (Colin Powell, Jack Nicholson's entrepreneur character), and so on. All the characters in the movie were so ridiculous and self-absorbed. It convinces me that people who hate this movie are the same as the characters in the movie and either they can somehow see that the movie is making fun of them or they don't see the joke because they themselves fumble through their lives of comical failure and they don't appreciate somedoy making light of it.

Mars Attacks was an outstanding movie. If you don't like it you're a dullard, a simpleton, a doorknob, or are perhaps a little too sensitive about your faults. We might be at the top of the food chain, but we are far from perfect. Get used to it and learn to laugh at yourself, you'll find that you'll enjoy your life a lot more.

Lucky Number Slevin
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This was a fun flick with enough twists to surprise. I didn't recognize the title (not that I pay much attention to the movies). The characters were rich, Hartnett was likeable and interesting (with his "anorexia" and everything) and the movie never felt forced or ridiculous. I'm really surprised I never heard of it.

The only thing I thought was goofy was how the thugs of the opposing sides [i]and[/i] the cops were both "watching" Slevin and never had a confrontation with anyone but Slevin himself, at least on-camera.