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Where the Wild Things Are

By the halftime mark of this movie i was feeling uneasy and restless. There was no emotional connection with any of the characters and nothing really interesting happening.
It did capture what it was like to be a kid and I think harry Knowles said it best when modern day would automatically prescribe Ritalin in a heartbeat to any kid that acts like Max for 2 seconds.
It's A beautiful film with no soul. So this movies is basically a supermodel.
Though I would have liked to seen a lot more conflicts and how max and the monsters would have handled it It overall left me unsatisfied.

The Day the Earth Stood Still

[font=Book Antiqua] Before I went to see this film I felt it was going to be a let-down and that I should not have gone seen it. Just another reason why I should have trusted my instincts. This is one of the worst scripts I have ever seen in my life.[/font] [font=Book Antiqua]It was as if the the actors just followed the scripts as they were told and not have tried to improvise. The special effects look so false, especially the helicopters. [/font]
[font=Century Gothic] A huge prob[/font]lem [font=Century Gothic]I had with this film is that every other scene was a product placement object. Not to mention McDonald's, Windows, and The cars. It had tat feel of the horrible movie "mac And Me'' which I hate very much.[/font]
But the thing I hated more than anything in this movie is that stupid little kid, Hayden Smith (who played Jacob), was so annoying, half of the film I wanted to reach out into the screen and choke him. All he does is create problems, disrespect his mother that wants to help him, and give some attitude. Someone should have smacked that kid upside his head. if you got rid of him I might have given this movie 2 more points.


[color=White] [/color][font=Century Gothic][color=White]It seems the number one problem people seem to have with this movie is that there are to many plot lines involved. If the movie had kept its simple premise of mother trying to find her son, everyone would be complaining that the plot was way to simple; which in some cases [/color][/font][color=White]is good like [i]No Country For Old Men. [/i]
Eastwood had a lot to work in the 114-mins, including a drama, police corruption drama, horror movie, and ends with a nice very well written Courtroom drama. The only problem with all of those things is that they had a conclusion to all of those, which were not needed in all of them. The only one that was left hanging was the possibility that Collin might have been a survivor.
Beautifully shot (something Eastwood excels at), and very well written, though I think some of the actors might have been able t improvise with the material. All the actors had their characters spot on and never overacted. The Murderer kinda reminded me of [i]Buffalo Bill [/i]from[i] Silence of the Lambs[/i]
I was a little restless, and I guess it might have been overlong but when i think about it, if he had cut any of the scenes involved the rest of the story might have fallen apart, except for one scene which involves the Murderer of the 20 kids requests to talk to Jolie's character in an interrogation-like room, which was kinda pointless and should have been cut.
Overall what I would have loved to see was a more connection with the main character and the son of her. Then maybe we would have seen more sympathy towards the mother and the son. Connecting with the character and caring for the main character is something Steven Spielberg(my fav. director) Does great with. [/color]