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Watchmen (2009)
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Being a fan of the graphic novel I've had my doubts but you know, I loved it. Of course it isn't nearly as good as reading the graphic novel. "I had my problems though: Of course what fan wouldn't be mad that The Tales Of The Black Freighter wasn't in the movie. The side stories is another, I missed Bernie and Bernard, the lesbian couple, the therapist and his wife, the people of the streets, their stories are important to the entire story. (Spoiler alert) Hollis Mason's death is another thing they should have left in. The sex scene in the owl ship was just silly and made me laugh. Rorschachs back story was too rushed, they just cut right to the part with the kidnapped child. Oh and that part, that was just unnecessary, the killing, it was much more brutal and better in the graphic novel where as in the movie he just hacks the guy with a meat clever, we've seen that time and time before. I loved the new ending but it isn't as good as the graphic novel ending, it's much more mind blowing. My biggest problem was the scene between Laurie and Dan at the end by the pool. That part is incredible, they are so thankful to be alive and they find comfort in each other, they're no longer alone, they have each other. Laurie says she needs him and tells him to love her because they are not dead and they passionately make love, I wanted that in the movie and Dr. Manhattens conversation with Veidt when Veidt says he dreamed about swimming toward a hideous... then says never mind it isn't irrevalant which is a referance to the main character of Tales Of Th Black Frieghter, the characters actions represent those of Adrians. But over all I loved it, Snyder is god, he pulled off(sort of) what most thought couldn't be done, I can't wait to see it in it's entirety, all 3 hrs!