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All Saints
All Saints (2017)
24 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

ALL SAINTS plants the seeds of an inspiration true story of pastor Michael Spurlock played by John Corbett. It worked with many non actors and just enough faith to make into more than a Hallmark special, which John is well known for. Also, he nailed the part as the fiance in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

We see the inner workings of the Episcopalian hierarchy, forced into the reality of closing the church in Smyrna, Tennessee. They send their somewhat rebellious new minister to basically quell the backlash from the few remaining parishioners to close and demolish the church for a big box store.

He meets up with Forrester, played brilliantly by Barry Corbin, as the cantankerous elderly gent we all seem to know. Forrester is devout but takes the Minister to task and mentors him old school. Frankly he stole the show for me. Sometimes conflict in many forms helps us get to the right answer and is inspirational and subtle in the destination.

The foundation of the story is how a group of refugees from Karen come to the pastor for help and shelter from their war torn country. These are not, "im here give me everything", people who are not willing to work and use the foundation of faith to help one another.

The premise of saving the church, with limited resources, is overwhelming but is inspired by the possibility of building a farm to supplement the people who desperately need to eat, and have a place to live.

Adversity coupled with faith and strong character makes this a must see movie for all no matter who you are. Thank you for a terrific movie.

Dunkirk (2017)
56 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Dunkirk, "When 400,000 men couldn't get home -Home came for them, has inspiration and courage written all over this sweeping saga from World War II. History and the magnitude of this event could only be captured by Christopher Nolan and a few other talented directors. Nolan who captured the complexity of the Batman character and made dark images light up the screen. I highly respect Christopher Nolan for his brilliant work in The Dark Night. What a masterpiece of directing, story telling, acting and suspense.

It had so many opportunities for me to pull for the good guys during the evacuation of Allied troops from Europe away from the west coast of France. The swath of terror of the Nazi's from a place called Dunkirk drove the Allies to the brink of defeat.

This was one of those great films that both of us wanted to see. It had action and the scale of sequences that only can be properly watched on the big screen.

The soldiers that were the main characters, showed that fear expected of kids barely out of high school, with some basic training were now wondering if tomorrow will ever come.

I could never get over the fact that why were there lines on the beach with no boats for days at a time. Why was the Commander Bolton, played by Kenneth Branagh, always standing on the dock. He showed the strength under adversity so many people in leadership had to have that stiff upper lip.

The major issue I had from the start was the character development. I wanted someone to know better, who were they, what was their personality?

The two characters I enjoyed were the very talented Tom Hardy who played Farrier, a fighter pilot on one of the Spitfires finest when adversity and lack of support caused so many to lose hope. He carried on with his heroic actions.

The armada of boats I was expecting didn't seem to fit the magnitude of boats on screen. Mark Rylance is one of those boat captains who risks all to save the troops on Dunkirk. Bravery by Farrier the pilot and Mr. Dawson, both have that rare courage to go against all odds to save their countrymen and provide the character development that got me through this movie.

Overall I give it 3 out of 5 stars because of the lack of character development, the ending left me wanting to know more of what happened next to these unknowns. People need hope that inspires all of us to do the right thing even when it puts one in peril.

Spider-Man: Homecoming
2 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Spider-Man: Homecoming spins a new adventure that had the anticipation of a Homecoming dance only to go home with an expensive tuxedo and only a few good memories. The positives: Tom Holland takes this character to a new level of enthusiasm as the awkward Peter Parker and fun Spider-Man. Spidey stood out in their initial roles in Captain America: Civil War. He owned the scenes he was in and most importantly fun to watch.

The other actor who nailed it was his best friend, Ned Leeds, played by newcomer Jacob Natalon. Their conversations, adventure and friendship were interesting to follow. In contrast this offset the lack of chemistry between Peter and Michelle. First off, I really enjoy nerds in movies, but this feeble attempt by the director seemed more like let's throw a bunch of not so interesting people in the blender and hope something good comes out of it. This curve ball didn't work and the audience was bored it seemed. Most will accept the web of disaster or strike out as your friendly neighborhood popcorn thriller. Probably the later..

I never got the sense that any of the students were that likeable, especially MJ, who has the personality of a 2x4 and a bad attitude. Kind of like the Goth kid in school wearing black and the woe is me attitude. Characters should have traits that people can identify with, or have a point to why they are the way the are so that we pull for them.

The nerd bunch especially Flash was awful and their characters were distracting and boring.

Michael Keaton plays Vulture, and somehow makes money by re-inventing alien equipment with Construction workers (huh) and one guy who seems to be an engineer. Ironic that he had such acclaim in the movie Birdman and in this he plays a villain. He was mediocre as Batman and not believable even with an all star cast.

The movie is great the last 40 minutes when the true action and all the parts tie together. Spider Man has a good combination of technical wizardry, but there were too many bad acting scenes for me to ever really get engaged.

The action sequences saved this movie hope everyone enjoys more than I did. The Star power of Marisa Tomei (wow isn't she awesome) and Robert Downey Jr. infused some viability into the so so script. I got a sense that Matt Stark is kind of like Wolverine he's about had it and the thrill is gone. Hope you enjoyed another viewpoint. Can't wait for the next installment.

Cars 3
Cars 3 (2017)
2 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Cars 3 doesn't take that next great straightaway a trilogy takes to provide closure to life's journey along Route 66. The creative juices of Pixar seem to be get watered down by Disney. I want the real Orange Juice not the concentrate, and there is a period of about 30 minutes in the middle of the film I found myself drifting off to the greats that Pixar once were must see.

I got to the theater early to see the Pixar short and see the brilliance that sets them apart and brings us that momentary happy moment where imagination is left up to your minds and not constant marketing of a brand or painfully paying for a movie only to watch commercials.

Walt Disney would have done well with Pixar. He had the right stuff and always took it to the next level of film making and animation.

There are some parallels to Lightning McQueen and the skills he has that are instinctual as he battles the automated computerized abilities of his newest rival Jackson Storm. Storm and his team has mechanized and streamlined winning to engineering and maximum use of velocity and aerodynamics. Armie Hammer, plays Storm, who likely can't get many roles since the awful Lone Ranger debacle.

There didn't seem to be any chemistry in this one like the 1st Cars movie. There are flashes of brilliance when they bring the fun Radiator Springs crew back and Paul Newmann as more of a memorial to the Hudson Hornet mentor.

It has just lost its spark and was running on fumes by the end. The Pixar Short is worth the trip, but put the cell phones down in the theater let the synapsis in your brains light the imagination of the future.

Overall just ok more like a spreadsheet deliverable than a fun movie. Pixar should have never sold to Disney, it's starting to show the cracks in the dam.