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Manchester by the Sea
50 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Manchester by the Sea, written and directed by Kenneth Lonergan, is a gripping realistic story of the life crushing, sad soul of Lee Chandler. it would be easy to present this sad tale like so many over the top melodramatic tear jerkers. Instead Lonergan allows the story to bring us into the shell of Lee Chandler and the loss that has crushed his spirit.

I was very hesitant to see this movie, but was intrigued by the cast of two of my favorites, Kyle Chandler (Joe), Lee's brother, and Michelle Williams (Randi) his wife (ex). They both seem to capture the spirit of how real world people act with a realism that is easy to believe. In a year of less than stellar acting and movie selections This cast nails it and should be in contention for some post season awards for acting and not Hollywood's politics.

It is rare that you can sense like you are in the same room as the actors. This movie isn't a documentary, no one lives happily ever after, everything doesn't get fixed. Instead we learn, like in real life, it is how you withstand the real pressures, and learn to have people in your life, to help you get through sometimes horrific events.

Lee plays a handy man, often folks that you see walking down any street, the emptiness in his eyes and anger in his heart only seem to get released when he's had one too many and picks out someone to vent his rage in a bar. We've all know someone like this, where life just beats up and gives that unfair amount of grief. It can't be fixed, sometimes there are life events that are so traumatic you never recover. The brilliance is not only in the spot on New England accents, or expressions, It's the relationships, confusion and imperfections of the characters that makes this so real.

Life is awkward when there is loss, discontent, cruelty toward one another It has never been so well captured without the fill in the blanks so many other dramas provide. It is sad, but there are moments of that Boston humor that helps us understand the light that was in these people at one time.

I don't want to spoiler alert, but the one scene toward the end of the movie, when Lee is talking to Randi, who has remarried was one of the best most moving acting scenes I've ever seen.

I would not recommend this for kids, it's a heavy topic, but I have to say this is my pick for Picture of the Year. Go see it, maybe it may help fill some gaps, or provide an insight of how to cope with the unthinkable. It made me realize that life does go on and to appreciate the great moments because that is what you remember most, along with the sad ones. Thumbs way up on this is a great movie.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
3 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Rogue One shows like a majestic visual speed boat mired in the mud by some of the worst action filled acting since Jurassic Park. Luckily the band aids and bubble gum hides the bad dialogue and poor writing and electrifies the audience with amazing battle scenes.

Imagination adds to the good versus evil theme and the sacrifices the Rebel forces make to get the Death Star plans from the Empire.

It seems that the movie folks are interested in making the cast more like United Nations without any hint of chemistry or any type of any believable leaders. Like Jurassic Park with the dinosaurs, this movie misses the mark with special effects over shadowing a weak script.

This is a good popcorn thriller with lots of explosions, battle scenes, special effects and great action sequences but horrible acting. I only would recommend this as a rental.

Allied (2016)
4 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Allied combines a spy thriller with intrigue, espionage, cloak and dagger and the art of deception. It truly is a suspense thriller in parts surrounded by the game of shadows in the world of secrets that mask the drive to find truth.
Marion Cotillard is amazing as Marianne Beausejour. She has a grace and presence that is subtle, but she occupies the room and screen with brilliance as a spy. Adept at cunning deception to survive the empty cruel world of spying for your cause.
The costumes are amazing and the sets are equally time specific. The chemistry at first is what you expect with spies who don't trust one another but it took a deeper meaning as the movie moves through the maze of detours the characters take.
Brad Pitt shows some depth as a Canadian Wing Commander who paratroops into French Morocco to carry out his mission to take out, who else, the Germans who are over running Europe with one last barrier Great Britain. Brad Pitt as Max Vatan is a cool assassin who changes with his collaboration with Marianne to find a completeness of dual identities that bind them but yet keeps them cautious to their intentions.
Frankly, I wasn't sure what to expect but was a good movie that has suspense, thrills and provided the impact war secrets can have on winning or losing a war. Information like this movie is go see it and pay attention it takes some surprising turns.

Hacksaw Ridge
Hacksaw Ridge (2016)
4 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Hacksaw Ridge is the most outstanding, realistic, inspirational film regarding the conviction of one man and the moral compass that leads his beliefs. This is a film for adults, the images are graphic with realism that will not be for the faint of heart.

Courage takes many shapes like fire fighters who rush into burning buildings or moms and dads making ultimate sacrifices for their kids. This goes well beyond any war movie I've ever seen.

Throughout the film it showed the paradox Private Desmond Doss felt about being patriotic to his country and his religious conviction to not murder his fellow man. Intertwined is the real life tragedy that war had on his father whose own mental break down from WWI causes the worst type of mind and physical pain no one can imagine.

Doss' ultimate sacrifice is his own conviction, versus the toughness required to kill your fellow man, which as a pacifist he struggled with.

The love story is genuine with Dorothy Schutte. They had real chemistry, which was refreshing in an age where great acting suffers with poor scripts and action is defined by special effects.

This is a real life hero who saved 75 men in the most horrific hand to hand combat in WWII. A regular person who changed the most vicious battle in Okinawa into a victory for the US forces in the Pacific. The hand to hand combat scenes kept me glued to my seat. The movie does not allow any shortcuts to greatness.

This movie made me uncomfortable to watch the gruesome scenes, which is a good thing. It reminded me of the toll war takes on the body, mind and soul. It carefully takes the time to venture into the lives impacted and the courage to face the unthinkable. This freedom allow me to write this humble audience review. I was inspired by this movie. Its easy to be biter, apathetic and question the world. Sometimes you understand a little clearer when you see courage in its greatest form. Courage is around you it is not easy to recognize those humble folks who will sacrifice for many.

Go see this movie it is terrific but please no kids this is as realistic as you will ever see.

Well done on this movie.

Highly recommended.

The BFG (2016)
6 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

It's difficult to be objective with this movie since I walked out mid way through. Maybe I should have waited and given it more time. The animation and CGI are outstanding, the acting especially the girl was bland and not engaging. The BFG seemed to be more of a struggle to understand the gibberish and translation was a mystery in parts.

The one area of imagination is captured in spots like the dreamworld beneath the water to catch dreams. The bigger giants were ugly and more like trolls you would imagine under a bridge or at some cheesy Renaissance Festival.

My hope is that children will find this more interesting than adults, didn't seem to have much energy or vision but alas, I'm not a Harry Potter Fan either. Sorry I can't recommend this other than a rental. Not worth it.