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The Fate of the Furious
54 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Outstanding cars catch your eye like diamonds and gold to the trained expert. When you see it you know you're guaranteed a visual that will keep you coming back for more.

I said no way I'll see this movie, it's the same concept over and over again with the same "family" that somehow softens the blow that these are criminals. I counted 17 times they used that. Maybe there will be 17 of these instant replays of the same script.

Dom Toretto played by the mono - syllabic Vin Diesel does turn a twist to the "Live fast, die young, and have a good-looking corpse." a quote James Dean used from time to time, before the careful what you wish for took place in 1955. Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and Deckard Shaw (Jason Stratham) show their action chops and athletic skills that makes the other members of the family comic relief bearable. "You earned my Respect" will not be equated with some of the bad action sequences, (spoiler alert) Hobbs deflecting a high powered torpedo while someone held the wheel while being chased by a nuclear submarine. Ok now that's a stretch, no matter how much you believe they can do.

I get it have some fun with it. Cipher has that Black Widow charm throughout the movie, Charlize Theron was equal parts bad, cunning and visually captured the scenes she was in. Helen Mirren showed her flexibility to take on roles to have a measure of success as Deckard's mom and is a treat whenever she is on camera.

I guess Mr. Nobody, played by Kurt Russell, brought this viewer some memorable moments. It's good to see these actors have some fun and leave a few good scenes to show how much can be done with the same concept. Wait for the "Know your audience" remark. Very funny.

The visuals and the opening scenes in Cuba were outstanding, it draws you in like Cipher does into a web of mystery and just plain fun to watch. The cars, people and sites are beautiful and I promise l won't see the next one like this one. Action packed and gave a good booster Car Nitrous Injection System to this humble viewer's heart. This is what the doctor ordered enjoy.

I Love You, Man
54 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Disjointed story interferes with some funny moments in a story about relationships in California. Sensitive man of the 90's get some guts and stop trying to be like one of the gals.

Real estate agent Peter Klaven is every womens dream spending the majority of his life trying to please people at the cost of his own identity. This chronic people pleaser is so perfect he makes people turn away and take advantage of his good nature.

I thought this would be another air head comedy like Tropic Thunder. Instead it has a redeeming character. This is a quirky LA smog filled mess of a movie that manages to turn into an awakening of a soul and spirit by way of Sydney Fife.

Peter realizes in his attempt to be Mr. Perfect he has left out the entire male population including family, friends and co-workers. Kind of like the guy other guys love to hate.

The attempts at male friendships are awkward and very LA like, with the boring man relationship jokes. The coming of age through Sydney helps Peter realize he is missing out on the reason to live life. Finding out who he is and marrying Zoey his fiancee for the right reasons instead of full filling a role she has required of him..

The girlfriends are stereotypical bonding groups, who complement in one breathe and stab each other in the back in the next form a core support group grasping for guys (again) like Peter. Zoey's appearance was cute but distracting at times.

The movie has several hilarious scenes that made the matinee well worth the trip but in the end left me hoping for so much more.

Keep in mind it's fun and should be enjoyed, even though its very uncomfortable and at times seemed forced. Hope you like it better than I did. Sorry I didn't like this man.

Murder On The Orient Express
58 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Kenneth Branagh is a one man band, as director, producer, lead actor in the latest adaptation to the Agatha Christie novel, "Murder on the Orient Express".

Hercule Poirot complexity of details is matched by the outstanding visuals and detailed wardrobe by the 13 persons trapped in the ultimate game of Clue. The train from Istanbul to Europe spares no absence of luxury and attention to detail. Mr. Branagh has the unenviable task of nailing a Belgium accent and fluently painting a masterpiece of intrigue and suspense.

The all star cast can only be a shadow to the world's greatest detective. I found it like the straight man who feeds lines to the comic to amuse the audience. Judi Dench, Willem Dafoe, Josh Gad and Penelope Cruz were terrific in their roles in the mystery. They over shadowed for me the hard to listen to Ratchett played by Johnny Depp.

I wouldn't add this as a must see but watch it with eyes wide open and double that with your ears to pay attention to the details.

I think this is a shoe in for major awards in costume design, editing and cinematography. In a movie era of special effects driven series like Star Wars, DC and Marvel comic book movies, It is good to see some great acting taking place.

So put your cell phone down, pay attention to the end of the movie which was one of the best summaries by Hercule. This link to a past era when movies took our minds and eyes to adventure and characters not created by a computer generated image.

Go see this, but pay attention to the facts not the human facade. This is where you find the best clues.

Blade Runner 2049
3 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Blade Runner 2049 captures the imagination of the original and moves at light speed to connect to the future. This film is in one word, a masterpiece in filmmaking, sound, and a visual of a future where destructive images cloud the reality of hope.

Rarely can a movie, that originally starred someone of the massive screen presence of Harrison Ford, been able to launch us to this "Brave New World". The haunting images of the ultimate price of destroying the earth and it's beauty to a somber, dark, lifeless cloud of despair. The robotics were not just the replicants, they were in those that survived, lost hope, sadness of a spirit that have lost its way.

It was an easy fit for me since I was blown away by the first movie in 1982 and it's image of a future of advertising, robotics, flying vehicles and computer animation far ahead of its time. They pushed the envelope and brought us into the world of blade runners in pursuit of replicants and the programs who set their objectives and kept you on the edge of your seat. Rick Deckard can only be played by an angry Harrison Ford 30 years later who has that old guy hard guy toughness. We all knew someone like this when we were growing up. Ryan Gosling, in a surprise for me, nails it with his emotionless Agent K who has uncovered secrets that could change the very existence of earth. They work well together. It is difficult to top the Ridley Scott original, this movie built on that foundation and Dennis Villeneuve took it to the next level of the apocalyptic vision of destruction.

Falling like snowflakes the toxic dust makes shadows of the surrounding daylight. The ash so densely fills the air snowplows keep the ravages of the horror in 2049 Los Angeles.

Food needs to be processed in lab like conditions for any chance at survival. The sadness the director captures is well seen in the eyes of Lt. Joshi, played by Robin Wright. She is key in this movie as she transforms from an uncaring, play by the rules Lt. to doing what is right to change the direction of the planet.

Imagine, like the one and only John Lennon, came to mind the next day after absorbing the opus I just witnessed. This movie is not for the short attention span crowd, you need to pay attention to the nuances and characters. I'd recommend watching the 1st film to give some backstory to what happened between the blade runners and replicants. Not mandatory just a fun watch. It takes us out of our comfort zone to that world of unbounded imagination. There is light at the end of the tunnel I hope you can see it in this movie. Enjoy! Well done.

All Saints
All Saints (2017)
4 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

ALL SAINTS plants the seeds of an inspiration true story of pastor Michael Spurlock played by John Corbett. It worked with many non actors and just enough faith to make into more than a Hallmark special, which John is well known for. Also, he nailed the part as the fiance in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

We see the inner workings of the Episcopalian hierarchy, forced into the reality of closing the church in Smyrna, Tennessee. They send their somewhat rebellious new minister to basically quell the backlash from the few remaining parishioners to close and demolish the church for a big box store.

He meets up with Forrester, played brilliantly by Barry Corbin, as the cantankerous elderly gent we all seem to know. Forrester is devout but takes the Minister to task and mentors him old school. Frankly he stole the show for me. Sometimes conflict in many forms helps us get to the right answer and is inspirational and subtle in the destination.

The foundation of the story is how a group of refugees from Karen come to the pastor for help and shelter from their war torn country. These are not, "im here give me everything", people who are not willing to work and use the foundation of faith to help one another.

The premise of saving the church, with limited resources, is overwhelming but is inspired by the possibility of building a farm to supplement the people who desperately need to eat, and have a place to live.

Adversity coupled with faith and strong character makes this a must see movie for all no matter who you are. Thank you for a terrific movie.