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Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Ben Stein is brilliant in this quirky documentary that travels through the back alleys of big science. His docile approach to the interviews brings out the radical and nonsensical philosophy of evolution science proponents. Given enough rope by Ben in interviews, these evolutionist manage to 'hang themselves' in short order.

Although a little over the top at times, he shows the cozy relationship that atheist and kooks have with the philosophy of evolution. The whole point of this movie is to show the ultimate philosophical destination of these Darwinian proselytes.

The real priesthood of evolution reside in the halls of academia. But alas, there is no utopian world to be found there. Their zero tolerance for dissenters is chilling.

All in all this movie is quite revealing of a world you will never see in the mainstream media.