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Zombieland (2009)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

ZombieLand is one of the best zombie movies to come out in a longtime. Its hilarious from front to back. This movie was made for Woody Harrelson. I love the whole rule system that was made for this movie example Rule 1 Cardio. The movie also contained some really good gore effects that really helped the movie out.

The movie starts with the song "For Whom The Bell Tolls" By Metallica playing in the background as the human race is being eaten alive. I loved this scene, Heavy Metal is my favorite genre of music so I am always happy to hear Heavy Metal Music in a movie.

The movie is entertaining from front of back. I really loved the Bill Murray scene in this movie. the ending is also great when Woody Harrelson fights the zombies in the amusement park. This movie is a must see for fans of zombie movies. Its Great.

H2: Halloween II
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Rob Zombies Halloween 2 is just a messy film. The movie did not flow very well at all. Michael was not the evil silent killer he use to be Now he is a giant that is not scary just another gory serial killer. I have been a fan of some of zombies movies in the past but know I doubt I will see many of his movies anymore. I lost what desire was left to watch zombies movies. H2 ranks as one of the worst horror movies of the year. I really hope zombie turns it around I have been a fan of his music for a good amount of time, I hope he has his music to fall back on if his movie career follows this downward spiral.

I did not like the whole White Horse Concept in the movie either. Michael should have stayed the silent killer with no reason behind the killing. There should not be some strange forces beyond the grave driving him to hunt his sister down. There should be no reason behind Michael Just Michael. I feel H2 Supremely hurt the Halloween franchise. I do not think this is the end of Halloween but this will be the Last Halloween movie for a long time unless zombie decides to make a Halloween 3.

DMTH still remains the best horror movie of 2009. I do not think any horror movie will topple it this year.

Stardust (2007)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

stardust is a great film that can be enjoyed from start to finish.Stardust has some great character development which makes you just fall in love with the films characters. Stardust has a great cast that includes Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, a narration by Ian McKellen, Charlie Cox, and Claire Danes.

Stardust has just this amazing feel that keeps you entertained wanting to know whats going to happen next. I really think that Charlie Cox and Michelle Pfeiffer really steal the show in this movie. Charlie Cox plays Tristan the films protagonist and Michelle Pfeiffer plays the films antagonist Lamia a powerful witch.

At first i avoided this one because of its weak movie trailer but I eventually came around to watching it and I'm glad I did. It truly is a credit to its genre. I think that it even holds up to such films as Lord of the rings the fellowship of the ring. I truly liked this film a whole lot and I will be buying this one soon.