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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Transformers: ROTF is, no doubt, reliant on its special effects, pulse pounding action sequences and, Megan Fox...
but... it pulls it off in good form. Fans of the first movie should still enjoy it, but depending on what particular parts of the first movie they enjoyed most. For example, Sam's geekishness has almost completely been replaced with a more matured and cautious teen, who has finally come to terms with the fact that he is caught up in a war that is ten times bigger than what the U.S military can handle. However, we do still find some level of childish sarcasm from him, when he attempts to bargain with a recently revived Megatron, whom has him pinned down with several scary looking blades inches away from his throat. Some will find this relation to the first movie refreshing, others will see it as downright stupid.
Another thing which viewers may find stupid is the introduction of hillbillie autobots (or as i like to call them - hillbots - for short). These bafoons even look like your average hillbillie, with eyes that seem to be looking in different directions at once, and front teeth that sitck out further than Bugs Bunny's. What they do have going for them is brotherly squabbling which many in the cinema audience found hillarious, and I have to admit, so did I, but it does not excuse the simple question of, if those from cybertron are such an advanced race, why in Gods name would they want to create such monstrosities?
No I'll get on with the positives of the movie. MEGAN FOX. This girl is the films saving grace. Looking more beautiful than ever, she brings what no other actress could to this movie. Without her, i must say my rating would not be anywhere near as high.
The action sequences are as ever, amazingly powerful and energetic, but a times the camera seems to wander, or move about too much, leaving you with either half and explosion in view, or disorientated from thinking WTF just happened. This could have been the intention of Michael Bay, or a mere accident, I dont know.
Finally, the Transformers themselves. Apart from the Ridiculous autobots mentioned earlier, most of the others are there, along with som new ones. Unfortunatley, it seems the designers of the robots have made too many, and end up spending so much time on the new guys, theres no time to catch up with our old favourites, not including Optimus of course, he's about the only notable autobot, whereas Meagtron and Starscream are the only notable deceptacons, except from 1 more, which i wont mention due to the fact it will probably spoil the plot for those who have not seen it.

Overall, TF2 lacks the good camerawork and direction that the last film provided, but makes up for it with a hell of a lot more explosions, emotional endurance, and a constant feel of genuine threat to the characters. Oh, and those who say this film is too long are talking shit, all the time is needed and used to its fullest extent.