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8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Star Trek

Star Trek(2009)

This film is an absolute gem. I had high hopes when I went to go see this at the IMAX on the biggest screen in Europe, so high, in fact, that I'd been looking forward to it non-stop for 3 weeks. However, somehow this film achieved something gargantuan in that it surpassed even my expectations. From the start to the finish of the film, it doesn't seem like a second of the screen time is wasted, and there is not a single dud scene, actually every single scene is brilliantly executed.

I really have to give a lot of credit to the cast, they all played their parts very well and it was just like watching a younger Star Trek cast with the same characteristics as we have come to love. I must defend Chris Pine here as the leading man, for some reason he has received a lot of criticism for his performance as the leading man, but he puts in a performance so akin to that of William Shatner's character that it is uncanny, in a word he executes it 'perfectly'. Also, Zachary Quinto gives a dominating performance, which I'm sure will mark the real start of a successful career.

The directing is very crisp, and J.J.Abrams has done a great job in using modern cinematic techniques and action sequences, yet managing to keep that special Star Trek feeling. The special effects are of the highest possible quality, some of the visuals of space (especially during those final credits) are breathtaking, and they really have to be seen to be believed. The general plot was incredibly solid, introducing a new bad guy (played fantastically by Eric Bana) while paying homage to the Star Trek universe with crazy 'time-travelling' and a detailed back-story.

If I were to fault one aspect of the film, which is not so much a fault even as an observation, I would have liked there to have been a slightly more catchy main soundtrack to the film - something which I hope will be included in the sequel as in general it was sound (forgiving the pun) but slightly generic action movie soundtrack in places. However, in general the sound-effects are immersive to say the least, and perfectly play to our emotions at all the right times in the movie.

If there were anything wrong with this film it is certainly made up for tenfold in the scriptwriting. The writers have really done themselves proud, and the best parts were the inclusions of characters' catchphrases destined to make any self-respecting Star Trek fan almost squeal with excitement the first time you hear them. Finally, even though I said earlier that the soundtrack may have been slightly generic at times, the ending of the film will certainly have made up for that. A nostalgic, yet modernised take on the original Star Trek theme plays as we see, once again but in the new millenium, the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 go into warp speed to the start of some excellent done credits; seriously, the credits are genuinely great to watch.

Overall, this has to be one of my favourite films to date, simply because it has managed to seemingly effortlessly recreate the aura of the original Star Trek, while at the same time managing to be self-supporting and deliberately changing the events of the past we thought we knew. I loved every minute of this film, see it and I'm sure you'll understand why.