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Theodore Rex
Theodore Rex (1995)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I gave it 5% because I think a 6 year old kid might like it. This is really really bad. What can you say about a Dinosaur Character (Theodore Rex, aka T-Rex) from a failed 1990's TV series and Whoopi, as buddy cops. Whoopi's acting is robotic (not intentionally) and she is squeezed into a skin tight uniform that is just scary. They are buddy cops and T-rex is a mess-up. Whoopi is the serious "cop" and she delivers lines to T-Rex like "Get your tail down her". He really has a tail! There is really nothing to recommend it. It is right up there with any of the worst moves of all time. The only thing that saves it, I seriously think a 6 yr old would like it, but this 1996 movie. Since than we have had great kids movies with fantastic animation. This looks very dated and sad. Of course this was made by adults for adults. Now that is funny. The acting, writing, directing, production is all bad bad bad. The T-Rex character is cute for about 2 minutes, just like it was on the 1991 TV show "Dinosaur" (how creative). How the TV show lasted more than one session I can't image. Any way I don't do drugs or drink, but I think you'd have to be really high to even sit more than 5 min to watch this movie.

Support Your Local Sheriff!
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

James Gardner is one of the all time great male cool actors. This movie has a great supporting cast. If you like the Rockford files (TV) and the 1994 Maverick remake (Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, James Garner) you will like this. Great supporting cast, Joan Hackett, Walter Brennan, Jack Elam (you will recognize, great supporting actors) and Harry Morgan to name a few. This was followed by a sequel of sorts to Support Your Local Gun fighter two years later, also good. If you are a fan of Western Comedy you should see.

Support Your Local Gunfighter
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

James Gardner is one of the all time great male cool actors. This movie has a great supporting cast. If you like the Rockford files (TV) and the 1994 Maverick Remake (Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, James Garner). Great supporting cast, Suzanne Pleshette, Jack Elam (you will recognize, great supporting actors) and Harry Morgan to name a few. This is a sequel of sorts to Support Your Local Sheriff, also good. If you are a fan of Western Comedy you should see.

Religulous (2008)
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[font=arial][size=-1]I like Bill Maher's political and even religious satire, even if I don't agree, but this is more of the same, mocking but with out humor. It's not funny, truthful or informative.

It is like a long version of the tonight shows "Jay Walking" segment, asking people questions that that they don't know to make them look foolish. Of course they edit out the well explained answers.

First Bill's big point is HE DOES NOT KNOW (if there is a God).

He claims to be agnostic. OK can appreciate that. However he takes on an anti-theist attack roll.

He has said atheist are worse than fundamental religious people on TV talk shows. Atheist hate that quote since they feel THEY KNOW.

I think Bill Maher is lying or a hypocrite because he acts more like a strong atheist, which is totally illogical. How can you be sure there is no God? You can't. EVEN spiritual people understand that their faith in God is just that, by faith alone. The evidence we have is in our hearts and minds, metaphysical and transcends mans understanding. Unless you have that connection you don't get it.

Bill trots a guy out at one point whose name I forgot, wrote a book about the brain and religion. It has been widely criticized in science, but on the other hand many do believe man was wired or given "faith" as a mental ability humans have developed or been given.

No one knows for sure. However Judea_Christaians have the Bible, History, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, anthropology and every major university in the world has a theology seminary. Through prayer and worship we are moved to work on a metaphysical plane or transcendent.

Of course there is no scientific proof, it is by faith alone. Atheism is by FAITH since no one knows and can prove there is no God. Of course the atheist go into there rap about proving the spaghetti monster. That is irrelevant, lack of proof is not proof and God and Christianity is much much more substantial than some mythology.

Most of the movie attacks Christians of course. The first half is all Christianity than it goes back to it over and over in the second act. WHY?

CONSIDER THIS....Christianity is attacked the most because its the worst? The Biggest? The easiest to attack with out being murdered? NO I say Bill and the DEVIL KNOWS WHO GOD IS. The devil attacks Jesus Christ. Why bother with Islam.

ARE YOU worried about Christianity more than ISLAM?

Do people like Bill give Islam a pass because they are afraid of being killed. Read the Quran, google this:

Prophet of doom net

Back to the movie.

It gets to the Jews, Mormons and even Islam. However it handles Muslims with kid gloves of course.

The main thrust of the movie is taking Biblical parables and stories out of context and mocking it. That is 70% of it. I suggest any one who has never studied the Bible not take lessons from Bill Maher.

Also Bill Maher who claims to be agnostic goes for the old atheist propaganda that America was based on atheism or by atheist. MOST of the founding fathers where theist (episcopalians, baptist, Lutheran, Presbyterians). The noted deist Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson and Ben Franklin where not hostel to God or Jesus just the PEOPLE running the Church. The Church of England was corrupted by man.

The most successful and productive nation in history is USA. It was founded by puritans and Christian values. Even the deist founding fathers like Ben Franklin said,

"As to Jesus of Nazareth, my Opinion of whom you particularly desire, I think the System of Morals and his Religion, as he left them to us, the best the world ever saw or is likely to see"

Jesus morals, laws and wisdom are the finest man has seen. In my opinion and most historians even secular ones the POSITIVE affect of Jesus is not in question.

On Andrew Jackson's death bed surrounded by friends, family.....

"Oh, do not cry. Be good children, and we shall all meet in Heaven... I want to meet you all, white and black, in Heaven"

Of course Thomas Jefferson thought enough of the Bibles Law, Morals and wisdom to distill it down to his own abridged version of the Bible.

There is a lot more to Christianity and spirituality than mocking the Bible which most atheist/agnostics don't read or try to understand to context. It is fair to say some Christians don't understand the Bible. Of course this is some of the folks that Bill Maher got on screen, not theologians with PhD's in theology. WHY NOT? BECAUSE IT WOULD NOT BE FUNNY.

Bill Maher your movie is boring and a cheap shot. I'll watch you on TV but what are you going to talk about with out Bush? Bash Christians more. I know you don't have the balls to criticize muslims you chicken.


In one part Bill Maher asks about the "trinity", The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is kind of hard to understand, how can God be one God and have three forms. Well the answer was it's like water, ice, liquid and vapor. This is a good analogy. Later Bill Maher says later in a van driving, that was a good answer but bull. Bill is NOT open minded.

The water, ice & vapor analogy is not totally accurate either because God can and does exist in all three states at the same time while still being ONE. How do you explain God who is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent? It is three in one, not three separate entities. This is something Bill Maher mocks in his stand up act. IF YOU want the answer take a Bible basics course, google the below web site and search "trinity", What is true religion?

got questions org

Which religion is right? Well you have to search and study. I think Jesus Christ is the true God and 2.5 billions agree. Jews although do not call Jesus Lord and Saviour they will in the future call Jesus Messiah. The Bible is clear the Jews, Israelites are chosen by God to fill certain rolls and will in the end days come to call Jesus Lord according to the Bible. Israel is part of Gods plan by the way. Any one who tries to destroy Gods plan, Israel, will be cursed. As far as Mormons, Scientology, Islam, Buddhist....they are false religions in my opinion. Do some Christian Churches (roman catholic) get it wrong some times? Yes but if you know the Bible and stay close to the word you will know the truth and see the weeds in the garden of any Christian Church and still find salvation through Jesus Christ.[/size][/font]

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

[font=Arial]What do Darwinist have to hide? Apparently a lot. Clearly the people like Richard Dawkins and other atheist are using science to attack religion and God. This movie addresses some interesting areas. I have advanced degrees in Science and always troubled with the way Darwinism/Evolution is taught as irrefutable, sans all the unknowns, contradictions, debates and dubious assumptions.

Clearly science is on the defensive against intelligent design (ID). Atheist are on the attack against religion and God as usual. Science and atheism have started to go hand and hand. The movie addresses this. It is worth a watch.

The movie ties Hitler and Nazi's to Atheism and Darwinism. I think that is a stretch BUT does make some good points. It is a fact that Nazi's where driven by some ideas of helping evolution along (by eugenics, killing weak people and breeding the "das master race"). Of course killing Jews was a cleansing of mankind for purity.

I don't think atheism and Darwinism can explain all of the Nazi movement, that was driven by hate. Of course science does not have morals, laws and wisdom, just facts. If we went on science logic we could go down the eugenics road. Remember the movie Logan's Run "solent green".

Many atheist will try and say Hitler was really a Christian or Catholic. That is a total lie of course. Hitler did use some religious icons and language but it's clear what is motive was evil. Any one who knows who the "great deceiver" is knows that evil uses the appearance of religion to gain trust for evil. Hitler never pointed to Jesus or Christianity. His book Mein Kampf even states Jesus is NOT God because he was a Jew, nuff said.

However it does point out that science does not have morals and natural selection and man centered thinking can lead down a path where things like eugenics and forced sterilization and genocide might seem like a good idea. This is the most controversial part but most of the movie is solid.

Of course topics of God involves the metaphysical and transcendent. Science does not allow for that. However both Science and Christianity make claims of the origin of life and the universe. One has no clue and the other has to be taken on faith.

I love science TOO much to let people use it for their atheist agenda or even Christians using it. Science is just that science. It is not a religion and it does not conflict with God. God is fine with science. The Bible is not a science book and scientist don't have all or even the basic answers, like where the universe really came from and why. Where did live begain and why?

It is clear that the science community has put up the walls and does not want any criticism of their work. Every thing they find is forced into the theory. If the word evolution is added it is not question by lay people. Any one who criticizes evolution theory is met with accusation of being a creationist.

Why is science so militant? It is grant money, tenure (job security) and fear that people will question the whole thing, thus losing its status quo standing.

OF COURSE AS THE MOVIE POINTS OUT, People are God-phobic. Anything that implies God or some higher intelligent power or designer must be avoided at all cost. That is where the main conflict is.

EVOLUTION is forced to make claims of "MICRO EVOLUTION". Basically apologetics for lack of proof, showing only small changes WITH IN a specie, which can happen, but extrapolation to the MACRO evolution, from space dust, out of the primordial ooze, "IT" crawled out, became all life, plant, bug, animal, sea life, bird and MAN, IS A HARD SELL. Everything came from nothing, out of no where, by accident for no reason?

What about ID or intelligent design? If you can assume ALL LIFE* happened by random chance out of nothing for no reason by unguided processes, THAN you can of course make a hypothesis that something intelligent guided it.

My problem with high school or even university level science regarding evolution is they have tunnel vision. Take high school. Kids can not read, write, do mathematics or know history well. However they are taught evolution is a irrefutable fact and they put artist renderings of "ape-man" on the overhead and say EVOLUTION!
That is all they do is spread propaganda not science. One thing for sure DO NOT MENTION 'ID' OR GET FIRED.

Evolution is such a mishmash of conflicting assumptions and areas of study. Where on area fails they jump off that and jump to something else. Most of it is a puzzle with missing pieces and pieces from different puzzles that don't match. It is a long way from being proven. The biggest HOLE? Where and how did life start? No one knows and science knows it, so they ignore it. This is the foundation of the THEORY?

New super collider (atomic particle accelerator/smasher) is looking for GOD PARTICAL. Why?

Renowned scientist, physicist like Stephen Hawking consider God in the universe. All the founding fathers of modern science, Newton, Kepler, felt the universe was intelligible to man because it was made intelligently, not random chance. Why?

Many project science as infallible, perfect and having ALL THE ANSWERS, a substitute for God. Science is GREAT, but God is greater.

When the most renowned physicist doing the most cutting edge theoretical work, wax poetic about God, they my not be talking Jesus but trying to explain the astronomically unlikely statistical chance that things happened, as predicted by random chance. There does seem to be intelligence in the world and universe.

People strong in their faith (atheist or Christian) don't need science to justify it.

ATHEIST HAVE CONTRIBUTED NOTHING. In fact atheist would have nothing to say if it was not to attack religion and God. So atheism is turning into the religion of ANTI-Christ.

The Bible is Gods word and stands on its own. There is no conflict, none in my humble opinion.

God is reason and logic, since he gave us everything and created us in his image. Prove me wrong. It has not happened no matter how bad Evolution theory proponents and atheist want it to be true. Science can not prove or disprove God. God is on another level. Even as science progresses old theories of universe are starting to crumble which actually makes the BIG BANG and EVOLUTION obsolete!

In 100 years or 1000 years the debate will still go on. People who have spirituality know there is another plane of existence, metaphysical transcendent level to our reality on earth. Trying to explain that to some one with a cold dark heart is like trying to teach my dog just can't happen.

I guess when our body dies from this earth we will all find out if our soul lives on.

[font=Arial]PS most of the criticism is from people who never saw the movie, which is in the top 5 selling documentaries.[/font]