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Twilight (2008)
9 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I am shocked that there are not more bad reviews of Twilight out there on the internet. I am a huge fan of all four Twilight saga books - I've read each of them twice and will probably read them again at some point. This movie did not do the books justice in the least. The most that they did was follow the plot line pretty closely to the first book and use a few of the lines from the book. Otherwise this movie was awful. The acting was terrible, the script was horrible, the score was bad and overall I was extremelly disappointed. Now I didn't have high expectations going in b/c very rarely is a movie as good as a book, but this movie was just plan awful. It was choppy, there was so flow of scenes. It was almost as if they tried to incorporate too much of the book into two hours so they really couldn't develop anything. Twilight is a modern day love story and you really didn't get that vibe from the movie at all. There really was no character development of Bella and Edward at all. When you read the book you can feel the love and passion between them; the magnetic pull that brings them together even though it is so wrong. You just didn't even get an ounce of that from the movie. Mike is much more gaga over Bella in the book, it was almost as if he didn't even care about Bella in the movie. Even the "sensual" scene was terrible. There was no lead in. It was like hi I'm in your bedroom and then two seconds later I want to make out with you! No development what-so-ever. Although Kristin ideally fits the physical description of Bella, I really think that is where it ends. She did no justice for Bella's character. So, maybe because I'm not a 14 year old in love with Rob Pattinson (I think Kellan Lutz is much hotter), I just didn't see anything good about this movie. I hope the director and screen writer read the "disappointed reviews" as much as the kudos reviews and make some vast improvements before they start filming "New Moon". Want to get into the Twlight craze then just read the books and skip the movie.