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It's pure, simple, Predator. It has the blood and the savage nature of the first film flowing freely through it. It was fun, fast (opening=awesome), and lethal. It let's it's characters progress all in the same manner, through mystery. They don't know each other and we don't know them. This really contributed to the feel and tone of the film, It lets the audience be the other survivor.

I was definitely on edge most of the film, due to the fact I didn't know any character that well. They could die at any moment and in any way. When someone did live through an ordeal, I found myself caring a little more about them, even though I didn't know much about them in the first place.

Royce is hardly an access character that anyone can identify with, but as the story progresses, he carries his badass torch around (literally and figuratively) and you concede that you like him simply because he is a badass.

Not getting any deeper into a movie about space aliens hunting humans on an alien game preserve planet*- I will say that this movie was tense and entertaining. It was action filled, and satisfying.

It supports the first movie in the way that it stands beside it very well and at the same time stands completely opposite it.

Whereas Arnold has to transform from man to predator to beat the baddie in the first film, Adrian has to transform from predator to man, a much more involving and sacrificial change in my book. This concept is handled very well, and I think gives the movie it's potential staying power. (in addition to the great acting, tension and action)

-*got deeper :(

The Last Airbender

The saving grace of this film would lie solely on it's action, however, despite being visually enjoyable, it joins the rest of the movie in being lifeless and laughable.

The film's script--when teamed with the film's actors, had no problem taking down any shred of hope M. Night had as a good, big name director. He is not purely at fault, but if I were him, I wouldn't have touched this in the first place, so that's what he gets. The pacing of the film is awful, the editing is bad, the camerawork is bad, the directing is bad, the whole film is sub-par even considering my expectations.

This film gets a 1/10 purely based on the fact that the effects were well done and the sets were designed with a great film in mind. They just ended up being designed around a script that should have been shredded and rewritten entirely.

Paranormal Activity

Wow. This movie truly scared the living crap out of me. I have never been terrified to the point in a film where a single moment causes me to bring both feet off of the floor of the theater, grip my armrests firmly, and violently push away from the screen, immediately followed within milliseconds by a reach for the closest person, and in the next second or two a resettling back to my only partially creeped out state. This movie has you laugh and love with its protagonists. Then makes you stay with them through a convincing and terrifying ordeal that will make you have nightmares for days. It's amazing what this film did with around 11-15 thousand dollars. The sheer fact that this film is as effective as it is and done with only that amount(nothing in hollywood) is reason enough to see the film even if you are wary of horror films or even if you end up hating it. You have to appreciate what is accomplished with this movie. Shot in a week, in his own house (I PROMISE you even if I made this, I would move), with an unknown cast, and a brilliant use of the dreaded handheld method, it was a great achievement. Forget The Blair Witch Project, forget Quarantine, forget Cloverfield, this is the way a handheld filmed movie should be, for lack of a better pun, handled. Horror fan or not, this is a bit of pop culture, that upon it's wider release, which is coming soon, you must see, if you don't want people to think you have been living under a rock. My brother has seen it twice, and it has scared him both times, so this film seems to have a bit of staying power as well. OH, and the tagline is true to it's word, do NOT, if you can help it, see this alone. I will leave you with this, and TRY to go to bed, that is...if no one pulls me out of my slumber... ;) If you want to understand that one, SEE IT! DO IT NOW! OR...WHEN YOU CAN!

Jonah Hex
Jonah Hex(2010)

Short, choppy, and disconnected. With action scenes that feel forced and actors that are way below their abilities, Jonah Hex is a hollow 80 minutes that no one seems to be having fun in. Josh Brolin does what he can and plays Hex well. However, the events that culminate in the film's ending just seem to be rushed together parts of the original script, which in this case it seems was greatly misinterpreted by the replacement director for Neveldine/Taylor. Also, Megan Fox is pretty attractive in it.

The Wolfman
The Wolfman(2010)

The Wolfman was at the best visually striking, however due to poor writing by two fairly good writers, David Self(Road to Perdition) and Andrew Kevin Walker(Se7en), it falls flat. This is due in large part to me not caring about anyone in the movie or what happens to them.

Joe Johnston is a notable contributor to my childhood movie experiences, and consequently, is a major part of my current pursuit into the world of filmmaking. He has consistently permeated my childhood with films that I grew up loving such as:

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
The Pagemaster
The Rocketeer
October Sky

He also, before those films, worked on some of my STILL favorite films, Raiders of the Lost Ark and the original Star Wars Trilogy as a Visual Effects/Art Direction guy.

So I like Joe.

BUT... this film wasn't a great step for him. All of his films are larger than life adventure films. This one was better suited for a different helmsman. While it is visually striking, the writing was sub-par, the acting just decent (no excuse, look at the cast!!), and the directing just....well....good.

Where this film falters most is not in its actors or in its directing, but the story.
All the elements are there, but they don't matter, I simply can't feel or love any of the characters. I hated one(you'll see him and understand) but other than that, they were very shallow. I have one element of storytelling I understand to be consistently true with movies that deal with fantastic or supernatural elements, namely sci-fi or fantasy. That is the fact that no matter how rich your world is in these movies that are, for lack of a better word, impossible, you have to have characters that people care about in order for them to accept the world that the character is in. In this instance "impossible" means a world where people turn in to werewolves, fight with lightsabers, or fight a war against ugly things called orcs. I did not love these characters and this is the type of film that, without that element to the story, it serves itself as what it is, a visually exciting, cheap thrill horror film directed by someone better suited to directing a PG-13 action adventure film.

The gore hurt the film. I usually will never say that, but I wanted to see a creeping and hunting Wolfman, I wanted to feel the tension build and anticipate the violence, and then be struck by horrific images of the beast tearing apart someone (even including some of the gore). Resulting in the allusion to the fact that, no matter what, the beast will take over. Instead, I was shown all of the violence. It left nothing to imagine, which in this case, the "what COULD have been" that I would have imagined would have been much scarier.

It has a delightful feel of camp throughout, almost like a dusting, and it is fairly tastefully applied. However, that feeling, along with the brilliant art direction, and the good ol' Universal feeling of a Blockbuster, only serve as a wonderful white icing on top of a secretly burnt cake.

I want to also make a quick comment or two about specific things:

The editing, at least in the beginning, and definitely during the conversations felt choppy and uninspired.

The asylum sequence is the best part of the entire film, and saved me from completely not caring about Lawrence.

I appreciate the fact that Lawrence's non english accent was explained.

Hugo Weaving is in total Agent Smith mode for at least two scenes.

Final word:

I wanted to really, really, like this movie. However, it fell flat on some fronts. It's not terrible by any means, so it deserves a positive review, even though I wanted it to be more than it was.


In what is becoming a trademark, Christopher Nolan throws the audience headfirst into his world. No credits, just Cobb (DiCaprio) washed up on a beach with no explanation.

I won't tell you anymore, it's explained, so, the less you know, the better. This movie is made for a personal interpretation, a personal experience, and the less you know about the world beforehand, the more the story takes you in.

This film is perhaps an entirely unique experience, much like Nolan's other film, "Memento" (which is great) he creates a complex way of manipulating time and place within a film. All the while, however, he maintains his ability to present the structure in a way that is, at the very foundation, understandable to most through pictures and words. Don't get me wrong, you have to listen, learn, and watch, to fully understand what's going on. Every minute of the 2 1/2 hours is there for a good reason, none of it is wasted. The structure of the team, structure of the dreams, even the structure of the movie itself, and how they tie together, is all woven very finely together in a nice warm smooth blanket. It's a big blanket though, and if you don't put some effort into it, it will just cover you up and you'll be in the darkness, lost, in limbo. ;)

This film operates on so many different levels figuratively and literally, that the end of the film is more tense than anything I've seen in a long, long time.
It's hard to describe.

What I can say is, it works emotionally, it works intellectually, it just works. With some great action, great acting, and great directing, this movie is at least on the surface, slick and polished. That hopefully will grab those not interested in having anything planted in their mind. The special effects are also amazing, the dreams in the film are great, and the whole concept of the dreamworld as the characters use it is utilized to the full extent through the effects, which like I said, are great, great, great.

Christopher Nolan is fast becoming one of the "new masters" of cinema, and Inception is just the thing that he needs to bring to the table to show that the game can still be changed and enhanced. This film will most likely win an Oscar for the editing at the very least.

I know this review maybe very vague, but that's how it needs to be. This is a great film, and if you liked the Dark Knight, you'll at least like this a little (most likely alot).

This complex caper is a rarity in film, it succeeds on nearly every level. Aside from the hiccup pushing aside it's supporting casts' characters and their backgrounds, it overcomes any flaws with such flying colors in other departments, you can't start to care. It's smart, it's fun, it's entertainment at it's finest. I'm seeing it more than once.

Definitely go to see it if you like:

The Dark Knight
Casino Royale
The Matrix
Anything with Leonardo DiCaprio in it.
Science Fiction films.

If you're iffy, catch a matinee, but I believe it's at least worth a try.

I apologize in advance for typos I'm very tired.

Despicable Me

Despite my few issues with the structure of the narrative, as well as it sometimes failing to hit the hit the heavy/correct notes concerning emotional structure in the beginning, It was engaging and witty.

Despicable Me strums a few "aww" chords and hits the funny bone enough on beat to make me dance along without a problem. While it lacks the deeper emotional investment that permeates through the veins of Pixar films, ( fanboy alert ;) ) it does have a heart, and manages to blend great animation, action, voice actors, and comedy into a family-friendly caper.

The journey is taken, and in the end, you love Gru,the minions, and the girls. Character is what drives this film, and loving a character, (and seeing them discover love for themselves) is never a bad thing. This film can easily put a smile on the grimmest of faces. Even if only one smile, one time, but I suspect that won't be the case.

The A-Team
The A-Team(2010)

Fun at the movies. Everything you'd want from a crazy summer action film, delivered in an easy to swallow way. The film never takes itself too seriously, and Sharlto Copley is super entertaining. Every character in the film is lovable and wholly loveable. Despite the expected plot revelations, the action scenes were well done, and the feeling of a "plan" in everything was a great aspect to experience. The charm and friendship of the characters helps root the silliest of films onto some emotional level with the audience, and that's what this film gets right. It goes wild from there, and you don't mind the ride at all.

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3(2010)

A perfect movie, it honors tradition without being stale. It's a bit dark and may scare younger kids, however the older kids will love it. It is a wholly entertaining film that caters to kids and adults on a scale that Pixar has become famous for. It brings emotions to the surface and a sense of nostalgia on many levels. Whether you grew up with Toy Story(like me), or you grew up with toys like the ones in the film, it speaks to your inner child.

The bonds of friendship and love, and the concept of loss and heartbreak are presented in a way that is so hard to find in cinema today; that even if Toy Story 3 were a disaster of a film, we couldn't realize it.

Filled with a sense of adventure, as well as the deeper concepts of dealing with change and getting older(among others), this film excels in potentially stirring emotions, good and bad, out of anyone that crosses its path. Most everyone has been a Woody or an Andy in some form or fashion in their life. It's great that there are Filmmakers today who understand that.


While I cannot offer a comment on the authenticity of its conversion from comic to film, I can offer a veteran movie lover's opinion on this film as it stands on its own. It is a fast, fun, (emotional?), unapologetically violent, and hilariously witty film. It is a fantastic representation of the desires that permeate the current American youth.

You feel as if violence, profanity, and angst are all rolled into a oddly shaped spiked and flaming ball, and thrown at your face. The levels of emotional states that you experience with the characters is fantastic, and otherwise unheard of in a film that markets itself as this one has. I knew to expect a BA 12 year old cutting drug dealer's faces off, as well as a bit of decently funny humor thrown in for good measure. I expected to leave the theater fairly satisfied, and maybe with a few good action sequences stored in my brain.

However, I left with all aspects of my moviegoing self feeling thoroughly overjoyed. I got what I expected, and so much more. When I leave the theater with more than I expected, I know something great was just on screen. I got a story, I got likable characters all around, I got baddies that I hated, I got subplots. **Potential spoiler below.

Every aspect of this film was well done, from action to acting, camera to character, this film takes what should be a silly film, mates it with a great film, and pops out a weird violent baby that fails to be either or, but succeeds by standing on it's own. It gives to us something that can be fun, exciting, silly, and smart, all at once.

**I also got the shockingly effective and surprisingly emotional death of one character that is so well done, and socially relevant, I almost looked away from it. However, if you have seen it, you know it is one of the best sequences in the film, and doing so is impossible.

The Ghost Writer

If you are not easily put off by Polanski's past exploits, please consider this film. Now let me expand on that. In fact let's reword it entirely.

Despite what you may feel towards Polanski as an individual, his ability rings true even at this stage of his career. Having seen a few of Polanski's films, including his short student films, I am impressed with this one, and it joins the ranks of his others without hesitation.

There is much praise to bestow upon this movie, but you can already tell I like it alot. Considering that, I will try to explain the parts of the film that didn't work. The directing was nearly flawless, so the only quip I have is with the writing. Robert Harris co-adapted his book "The Ghost" along with Roman Polanski. The quarrel I have is not with the structure, or story, or dialogue, but rather with one small instance in the film.

This is not really a spoiler, however, if you do not want to know a single thing about the movie, read no further my good sir or madam.

There is an instance in the film where The Ghost Writer goes out to explore what REALLY has happened to his predecessor, who washed up on the beach just days earlier. He takes a bike, and it begins to rain. He resorts to shelter under a seaside shack inhabited by an old man. Now, I don't HATE this encounter, because the old man is lovable and makes up for it part of the way.

BUT. It was the only point at which I thought about the fact I was in a movie theater, watching a movie. It took me out of the story, because they simply used the man to explain obvious points of the story, and as a device to deliver way to much information to our hero.

It reminded me of the scene in the first Wayne's World film where they talk to Chris Farley outside the rock show, and comment on how much information he has to the audience.

Aside from this little bump, this film is great. It creates tension in a fantastic number of ways, and delivers with a great ending, putting it near the top of the pile for me for this year so far. I can't say much without ruining the plot, which is fun to find out along the way. Ewan McGregor and his supporting cast hit their marks beautifully. There are a few moments of comedy within the film as well which I believe only helps one to identify with a character that is known only to us as The Ghost.


Law Abiding Citizen

Although peppered with a few very improbable feats by Gerard Butler's character, namely his grand lair, this film did what it needed to do, entertained me, and it will move on into movie oblivion soon enough.

The performances by both leads were far from anything they are truly capable of doing, but they seemed to work with what they had, and what they had wasn't great.

The script felt oddly structured. It simply is a wildly uncommon series of events that are implemented into otherwise inappropriate points in the story. That being the case, it plays around with significant events in an unnatural way, at least story-wise, and for that, it bleeds out an odd feeling throughout the entire film.

The film started off very strong, and throughout the movie, the story managed to maintain a consistent level of excitement for me. It seemed though, that despite the solidity of the level of simple enjoyment and entertainment in this film, that the middle/ending sequences were thrown together haphazardly. They seemed to further expose the obvious protrusion of pivotal or violent events that were misplaced in the second half of the film. These events also occurred in an ever increasingly odd and weakly paced pattern throughout the latter half of the film. This made the story, which was fairly interesting and entertaining, take a backseat to its own structure issues.

The technical aspects of the film were fairly impressive, some of the visual effects used were great, although there were not very many.

What could have been a smart and tense thriller turned out to be a dumbed down, yet entertaining, summer ending action film, with, well...not a lot of action. Yet, I was really entertained by this film, despite some pitfalls.

It also seems like it would serve as some sort of vicarious platform to any person who has lost someone at the hands of another, and give them an intense trip into the land of revenge, and push them out on the other side. I'm not saying people will be touched by this film, but some will enjoy it just for the brand of justice that gets served in the beginning by Butler's character.


Funny, witty, and gory. I liked it alot. It wasn't quite what I expected, BUT it was still original and very well done. The characters were well acted, and the plot was well structured. I don't have very much I dislike about this film, save there is a little less zombie-slaying than I had suspected, definitely a film that is worth the price of the ticket, it never stops being entertaining. Whether it's zombie killin' or the chemistry of the characters, it is constantly good fun.

The Informant!

Simply a witty, funny, tense, and well-paced good movie. Matt Damon, is not Matt Damon. He IS this guy, you forget he's Matt Damon at all. The acting is superb by all of the cast. Although I saw Patton Oswalt, and, well, I knew it was Patton Oswalt, and I like him, he did well, but it was just odd for him to be in a serious role...I digress. This film is sharp, witty, and fun throughout. The whole of the film is set up so well, that the end is satisfying and heartbreaking at the same time, which it is great when a film achieves that. It takes Bonnie and Clyde themes, and hides them, and gives you a less extreme result, and makes the whole latter half of the film a slip and slide of surprises that you can't help but cringe and smile at at the same time. Like I said, Matt Damon was great. The movie, based in the 90's, WAS A 90'S FILM. The cinematography, lighting, sets, and costumes and makeup were so insanely well done and spot on how the 90's looked and felt in cinema, it was insane. The movie could have plodded along for some not interested in the small witty comments coming from inside Matt Damon's head, but if you didn't enjoy it, it's a shame, it really is a great film, even though it can seem slow. I think that despite its lack of action at some points, Matt Damon holds together the fabric of the story so well, and does his part so fantastically, he should be barking up an Oscar nomination tree soon.


Bruce Willis+Movie=Josh likes it. So dissecting this one is hard for me. There are a few really good sequences, but the thing as a whole feels like there should have been more, more depth, more action, more everything. I always felt I was watching a movie, but it wasn't a bad movie. I wasn't really really sucked in by the story, which is something every great film should do, however, this was not a GREAT film. It was good, like I said, at least for me because of Bruce Willis. Despite just that fact, the film was a good thriller and a decent mystery movie as well, I did like the relationship between Tom (Willis) and his wife, I really felt that chemistry worked on screen for some reason. I liked the movie, and seeing ol' Brucie do a little bit of robot punchin' and killin' and runnin' over is good for anyone's day.


Overall an underwhelming film, although there are many impressive visuals within this film, it lacks showing us any true soul of any of the 9. It thrusts us into a world, and the film takes for granted we accept this world for the first half of the film. It also sets us up with a set of characters that it also fails to develop properly. An old man gets carried off? I don't even know him, what's the big deal? 9 barely understanding what things are going on and why these things are going on, is the only element of the story I identified with or cared about. None of these characters, aside from maybe the main character, 9, were anyone I cared about. The plot was poorly structured, and so were the action sequences. No tense moment ever came about for me, and this very short film lost my interest quickly.
Things were left unexplained or explained at the spur of the moment and almost seemed made up as they went along. A fire broke out randomly in the church they stayed in after one sequence, and they can be seen walking away from it while its burning, yet nothing in the previous sequence(that I noticed) would lead to a fire. Maybe I just missed it, I'm not sure. Anyway, despite the lack of character development, sloppy plot, and everything being very awkward in the way of "where did that come from? or that happened really fast, is there no build up?"- Despite all that, the voice acting was good and the visuals were very interesting and creative. I think this will have a hard time finding an audience, as kids will be scared and parents will not like the too simple story, in addition to having no solid character establishment. There are better films, wait for this one, watch it on blu-ray once, and return it to the store. I couldn't bring myself to give it a 40, which it should receive, but the visuals were too good to be THAT mad at it for stripping me of what could have been a great movie.

500 Days of Summer

A very original story, and a good dose of originality is spliced into the filmmaking as well. I was charmed throughout the film, his sister giving him advice, the sequence of expectations/reality are played hand in hand, and reality eventually takes over says everything about the film. Things don't usually turn out how we think they should, and that is one of the key building blocks of the film. The spontaneity of her situation that happens is a bit out of left field, however, I suppose it fits the film. As is Summer's crying at The Graduate, I can speculate as to why, but the reference doesn't fit perfectly in my book. Anyway I have the Flu, so if you read this and it sucks, my bad. In the end it's a good film and and original film and I liked it alot, and I'm a guy.


This whole movie was an attempt to fit as many shock value attributes into a film as possible (eating tarantulas?) Either way, the whole point or partial message of the film was so mixed it made me like and not like it while i was watching it. It tried to show how horrible it would be to be controlled by another human being, but did so through a series of either too fun or too outlandish situations to make you feel any type of sympathetic towards anyone. The best part of the film was Gerard Butler doing what he does best, being an action star. The plot of the movie was at the least fairly solid, however poorly it was carried out. This could have been so much more, which is chiefly why I was disappointed, I didn't expect too much but I did think there was enough room to broaden the depth of the characters, I understand that this is an action movie, however, if you don't care enough about the protagonist, its coolness has no real depth or impact, you can't care that that bullet just missed him. There should have been a bit less stereotypical emphasis on gamers as well, one SUPER *super* fat naked guy using his character as a sex object, and another, a spoiled little brat, yeah I'm a gamer, we aren't all like that. ANYWAY, this proved to be an entertaining movie, even though Crank-style filming didn't suit it. It bounced around a lot, and held on to a loose straight line of story, using some satisfactory action sequences, therefore it was ok in the end. Abet sometimes too gross for me (drink with a centipede in it...ugh...) blood doesn't bother me but bugs, no please.

The Hangover
The Hangover(2009)

There may have been a few wrongs or rights, however, there was no point while watching this film I wasn't laughing out loud or at least snickering, or at the VERY LEAST being entertained. The chemistry is an unexpected blessing and no apologies are given for being crude at any time. The situations are larger than life, and the characters are so loveable, you almost forget they are looking for the other one of their friends, and you just want to watch them get into trouble. The whole movie is satisfying and I would have to watch it again to find something I didn't like or enjoy about it. When there is nothing bad to say about a comedy, it's an achievement, this and I Love You, Man are both so dang charming I won't and can't ever say bad things about them.


Moon thrusts us into a world we immediately trust and question at the same time, we know something must be outside what we can see, but there is no evidence supporting this. This is a film that hangs on Sam Rockwell's performance, and in the end, it sets up an obvious outcome in a way that brings it up without having us dwell on it throughout the film. There is a good potential for a shocker, but the shocker is that it chooses not to be a shocker, which is a letdown... kind of. It leads you fantastically into the world of the character, however it leaves you to accept the world as is, and that proved an issue for me, however minor. The potential for this film is realized in the best way possible and the story climaxes on a both low yet satisfying note. The film is boosted 1,000x by Sam Rockwell playing Sam, and well, Sam. Oh and I love that it chooses to follow a road often less traveled in sci-fi concerning Kevin Spacey's 'Gerty' robot character. Some of the editing completely disconnected me with the film and that is what kept it from being utterly fantastic.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

It was an expected joke of a film and with that in mind it succeeded in having awesome action sequences, however, our BRO Channing Tatum walks around with a constant dumb look on his face and terrible acting shooting out of his ass. This is a waste of a good franchise and at the very least I hope some recasting goes on for the sequel. The visual effects were on par, but with this big of a movie they should have done something right. I tolerated this film until Duke spoke, and then in once sequence drove a motorcycle in the rain on purpose, and then put on shades, in the rain, where there was no sun!! i digress.. This movie was entertaining on the lowest of levels and in no way compares to other films by Stephen Sommers such as the Mummy. It was outlandish as to be expected but no one in the whole film looked like they had a good time doing what they were doing. It failed to suck me in and make me believe in this crazy awesome world, so with all of the factors combined. Rent it.

District 9
District 9(2009)

A near perfect movie for me, science fiction that fully realizes an alternate world and sucks you in is hard to come by. This is one of those films that does. There are great and likeable(and hateable) characters as well as a good bit of action and seamless CGI and special effects. This movie has a drive and a purpose and that is felt in every scene, it uses action and FX to bring out and never dampen the storyline. The second half has been moderately scoffed at by some critics as losing its edge or succumbing to being less intelligent. This is entirely false, while the first part of the film is great, this movie would not have survived the full 2 hours without an action packed last act filled with tension. It invests you in the world and into the plight of its characters, and sets up a story. Once that is said and done it takes you on a full walkthrough of what weapons outside our own can do. This deserves all of the credit its getting and should be seen asap. It is a fantastic original story that keeps you sucked in until it ends and has you begging for more.

Inglourious Basterds

This movie is fully what I expected from Tarintino and it lives up to every expectation I had going into the theater. I saw it twice and upon the second viewing i liked it even more than before. The tension created through dialogue is phenomenal and the action scenes, when they happen are thrust upon you like a bullet to the testicles.(go see it.) ;) Either way this movie succeeds on many levels and trusts the audience to follow along at a good pace. It is rather long for some I assume, I personally didn't want to leave this world, however when I did I was satisfied and fully entertained. This movie did have a few minor quirks, the deceitful action packed advertising will fool some into thinking this is an action film, and I loved Brad Pitt, and saw to little of him and his NAAZI killin'. I loved the main character and her story, it was very well done, but I could have spared a few more minutes to see a couple of full on Nazi firefights, even if that would have been untarintino to do.

The Final Destination

As far from the originality of the first film as it can get in terms of being not just a horror film but a good film. However, if anyone really expects a great film going in to this lord help them. It is perfectly suitable for typical pop cinema and should do well with most audiences. However creative some of the deaths and sequences are, which is the real meaning to these movies at this point, we all know death wins, the acting, and the lack of any scariness and almost comedy through the entire film brings everything down. While a decent experience, it was not worth the money, and there are plenty of other movies that surpass this one immensely. The 3D also is near useless except for a few tricks. I am in no way a fan of all the 3D films coming out save a few tolerable animated films. This was a fun, yet brainless movie, it was what I expected, but i have better ways to spend my time and better films to watch for my 12 bucks.

The Hurt Locker

A well paced and tense action war drama. This movie has all the great elements of both a unique and traditional film. It gives a unique situation, grounds it in real life, and gives us characters that develop with each situation, and we learn about them as they learn in each situation, about each other. This blending of tense situations and character development filling the same space is fantastic. It keeps the characters and the movie on the same pace, which is generally a tense one. The entire movie is like a conversation inside a stalled 18 wheeler filled with gasoline, barreling towards a ravine. It is tension that is like C4 wired up by its great characters and acting, and every once and a while, for lack of a better word, they allow it to explode, leaving them all changed, and the stakes raised even higher. Technically, this is a wonderful film and I hope someone that is in some way involved with this (surprisingly) touching story of a mad man of war gets at least an Oscar nod.