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6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Three Idiots

Three Idiots(2009)

Here's the scoop: Two friends journey to reunite with their inspiring engineering school companion.

It's difficult to contain this film's synopsis to just a few words. It is a story that reaches in many different directions and captures a large spectrum of emotion. It is comedy, drama, musical, and love story.

The Bollywood industry is not something I'm particularly familiar with, but if I had to describe it in one word: energized. The players of the three titular "idiots" are adept, enthusiastic, and tireless. The direction and editing were handled with exceptional thought and were therefore triumphant in carrying out an organized set of flashbacks free of dull moments.

It's a tough balancing act when you combine the three comical leads and colorful cinematography with the harsh topics of suicide and the pressure of education in India. The combined product is both sobering and uplifting-a careful mixture. What you get in conclusion is a rare harmony between the whimsical and the realistic.

Three Idiots is not without flaw, but its vitality shines through. I would give it a 90% if not for it's relentless attempt to brighten the viewer's outlook on life. Few films truly succeed in that feat.

95% - Do yourself a favor.