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Real Steel

Real Steel(2011)

Down on his luck robot boxer, Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman), has his life turned around by an unwanted son and his childhood sweetheart (Evangeline Lilly) who refuses to give up on him. He and his son learn the true meaning of family and robot boxing-- Yay!!!!

This movie is riddled with mistakes and campiness. Many subplots get severed in all the chaotic blockbuster-ness and it comes out a bit sloppy. Clichéd in practically every sense of the word, this will be nothing you have not seen a dozen times before. The first ten minutes in, you know how the rest will play out.

The characters are quite thin, the special effects are average, and the same script has been written a thousand times over. The direction and cinematography were, on the other hand, rather a delight. Definitely high-quality direction for such a negligible picture.

There are two major things which I found that this movie has going for it: the management of a futuristic time frame and the entertainment value. Wow, does this movie grip you. Taking into account all of its flaws, there is no way you can call it boring. It's exciting and fun and generally a good time to watch. And additionally, a huge pat on the back for the way the writers handled the futuristic qualities of the film-- very understated, very smart. It would have been such a simple mistake to make, but it was tended to with such subtlety and intelligence. Nothing is over-the-top.

If you like an easy action flick, this one is sure to entertain.