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Black Mass
Black Mass (2015)
1 day ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Yes Johnny Depp is impressive, yes it has a good supporting cast, production wise I can't fault it and the score is decent but everything else pretty much falls flat. The script isn't all that interesting, only Bulger is an interesting character, the violence is tame and it rarely engages.

Carol (2015)
2 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

With solid performances, beautiful cinematography, flawless production, a great score/soundtrack this drama about two people and their love may not engage me on a personal level but it for the most part kept me engrossed.

Oblivion (2013)
8 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

No this isn't going to be a sci-fi classic and I can see why others might not enjoy it but did I? Yes I did and more so. This film looks incredible, it really is a visual feast. It also has a fantastic score which compliments not only the visuals but the dramatic moments as well as the action which is also solid. Tom Cruise (along with the rest of a solid cast) does really well and even though he alone doesn't hold the film together thanks to a somewhat lacking script the film would be overall lesser in quality without him. Despite the script lacking I still thoroughly enjoyed the plot and was entertained throughout, not a single moment was I bored. Overall a solid sci-fi film that may be flawed but was a great journey while it lasted.

Minions (2015)
9 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

No this spin off of the Despicable Me series doesn't break any new ground or in all honesty is it going to be one of the great animated films over time but what it did do was make me laugh consistently throughout and since that is clearly the main objective of this film then it more than succeeds. It also looks great, has a solid cast and the soundtrack is stellar.

The Magnificent Seven
22 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

While this Western is by no means my favorite from the genre it is held together by a great cast, solid characters, a well written script and rousing score.