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Battle: Los Angeles
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

When Skyline screened into theaters, we were given a trailer for one of the years most anticipated films, Battle: Los Angeles. Well, it was released this week, and all I can say is I can't wait for Super 8! Because I am literally losing hope in Alien invasion movies! Battle: Los Angeles is the perfect example of an action movie gone wrong, in story, action, and all sense of thought.

Plot- Aliens invade the planet Earth so they can harvest our water(because there is apparently no water on their planet????!) and Los Angeles is the planets last stand. That's it, that's the complicated plot people were hoping for in Battle Los Angeles. I'm actually certain that "Transformers Revenge of the Fallen" has a more structured plot than this does.

What I liked- I admit, some of the action was cool, and some of it was thrilling enough to keep my attention, but there isn't much of it, and that's what I wanted out of this movie. There is a scene where the soldiers are dissecting an alien to learn their weaknesses, very cool scene, and probably the best out of the entire movie.

What I disliked- Oh, were do I begin?! To sum it up in the other paragraphs, so I can make it a much more mature rant, there is way too much going on! And I cannot keep up! It's like Call of Duty on steroids'!

Script- This film was written by Christopher Bertolini, and this film has no originality. Bertolini tries to intertwine different events all into one story, it's like sub-plot mania! One of the stories in this film is that Los Angeles is the last stand for earth, the other is that the soldiers are trying to evacuate Santa Monica so that they can nuke it, the other is the soldiers fighting swarms of aliens so that the area surrounding them is ok, the other is that they are trying to get an annoying Mexican family out of the line of fire, and the final plot is that the soldiers are trying to destroy this command ship(which looks like the ship from District 9) that controls flying drones so that the army has at least a chance to stop the aliens. There, is that enough for you? So basically it's Black Hawk Down & Saving Private Ryan meets Skyline, Transformers, Starship Troopers, and Independence Day.

Cinematography- Seriously?! Has no one in Hollywood heard of a fucking Tripod?! Literally every scene, every shot, in this movie has no still camera movements! Its all way to shaky! Please, fire Lukas Ettlin and hire someone better to shoot this movie! The only redeemable quality the cinematography has is that it has some really great lighting in it.

Music- Brian Tyler might be the best thing about this film. He is a pretty good composer, for what the movie offers the viewer, he pretty much is the only one who is doing his job right.

Performances- Shit. There is no emotion in this film, and rarely do I see emotion coming out of Aaron Eckhart's face. In the beginning there was some emotion, but we lose all the personality from every character in less than 10 minutes, and this is a 2 hour long movie. Everyone is very forgettable, excluding Jim Parrack who actually stars in True Blood, so it's actually quite shocking that everyone gives a very one dimensional performance....especially you Michael Pena, the hells wrong with you! Although everyone does some good as an action performer, I can give them that, especially Eckhart, who is a very underrated action star, c'mon! Give Two Face a chance!

Direction- Now this is where the fun begins! Jonathan Liebesman, who directed those shitty movies Darkness Falls, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning, and he does a very piss poor job at directing. I don't understand why he wanted to give it a documentary style feel to the movie, I don't know why he made everyone into one dimensional morons, and I don't know why the alien ships look like pizzas! All I know is that if this is his dream for Battle: L.A., then I don't know what's going to happen to Hollywood, all I know is that shit better change.

Visuals- The visuals is the reason everyone wanted to see this movie, the visuals control the action, and it can't even do that correctly! I mean it! Than again, the films visual effects were created by Hydrualx, which was founded by, that's right! You guessed it! The Straus Brothers! Who made the supposedly awful Skyline! My only thank you note to the visuals is that it was not in 3D! As Charlie Sheen would say "WINNING".

Overall, Battle: L.A., really noisy, way too shaky camera, and lacks all thought, perfect for C.O.D. fans! I give it 1.5/5 Stars.

Question of the Week, It's going to be my last question of the week while I am on vacation for the next 3 weeks, so I would like it if you guys/gals would debate.

The Question is this- Since Japan is going through some major issues, should all the worlds governments come and help Japan, not only to set an example for the new generation of politicians, but to prove to the world that we actually care about a country that is in need, even if they have had some problems in the past?

2001: A Space Odyssey
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I've decided to rewrite this review on the grounds that i saw it again and I'm still amazed

So this is without a doubt the greatest Film I have ever seen but as well as the greatest Sci-Fi film, the greatest story of all time, the greatest Epic of all time, and has the greatest visual effects of all time. Its just a remarkable film that cannot be missed out.

So the beginning of the Film we have the first part of the movie known as "The Dawn of Man" which is the story of a bunch of Apes trying to survive the dangerous outside world of the Planet Earth. So one night a giant mysterious Black Rectangle appears out of nowhere and the Apes are acting strange. After that one of the Apes finds a bone yard and sees a Bone that it can use as a tool or a weapon. The Ape turns into a carnivore after using the Bone to kill a random animal, soon after more apes start using Bones as weapons. They use there weapons to attack and kill the head-leader of another group of Apes that haven't evolved to the point where they could use weapons. In the Future people are advanced enough that they mastered Space travel. We meet with a new Character Dr.Heywood Floyd, he had been summoned to the moon which has been having some sort of problem. Dr.Floyd meets with his friend Dr.Dimitri Moisevitch who asks him if he knows what TMA-1 means, he denies it but goes into a meeting describing what could possibly be happening in the moon. While traveling to the moon they stumble to the sight of where the strange source is coming from. The strange source is the Black Rectangle from the beginning of the film, while attempting to take a picture with it, a strange noise occurs which doesn't allow anyone to take a picture of it. After the failure on the Moon a new mission has begun, The Jupiter Project, we are introduced to three new characters, David Bowman, Frank Poole, and HAL 9000. So during the Odyssey to Jupiter, David and Frank notice that there is something wrong with HAL. After something went wrong with one of the ships equipment, David and Frank attempt to secretly turn off HAL.
After the INTERMISSION, David and Frank are told by HAL to go out of the ship because something was going wrong, Frank is being suffocated because HAL stopped his oxygen flow. David is forced to go and save Frank. While in his attempt he fails and Frank dies of lack of oxygen. While David is out in open space, HAL is busy killing every member aboard the ship. Once David tries to go back inside the ship HAL says my favorite quote to David "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that". David is forced to go in the ship manually without a helmet, succeeding, he goes the mainframe of the ship and stops HAL manually. David manages to reach it to Jupiter and sees that the disturbance there was The Black Rectangle David manages to travel through time in the stargate, David stops traveling through space & time and ends up in a white room with Frank who is in there, both in there elderly ages, David moves toward Franks and ends up in a bed with the Black Rectangle on the end of the bed, David turns into a baby and is floating outside of the Earth floating not quite sure what to do next.

What I love about this movie is its complicated story, I loved the fact that its smarter than most moviegoers, and that you have to delve deeper into the story. But it was written by Sir Arthur C. Clarke, what do you expect? although in the book there are various differences, but still both are really great films and books

The Black Rectangle, when you see the movie you have many assumptions of what it is, for instance I originally thought it was a symbol of evolution or change, but when you think about it ,it can be a doorway into the future. Or a symbol that we need to evolve ourselves into the future. In short, you cant really describe the Monolith clearly, but we always have our assumption, and that's all that we need

This is directed by Stanley Kubrick who directed The Shinning and Dr.Strangelove and like those two classics 2001 is the film that made Kubrick a huge name in film. He directed this film amazingly, this film garnered my title as best direction in filmmaking history

The visual effects are beautiful in this film and you cannot deny that, this is when Visual effects were in the era of Ed Wood so it is groundbreaking. As I said, this has the greatest Visual Effects I have seen in filmmaking history, not even Avatar or Jurassic Park can top this films Visual Effects.

The Music is Gorgeous, never have i hear music so soothing before in my life.

the first time you view this movie it must be in a theater because your watching an epic in the scope that it should be, a theater you should watch it in is my all time favorite theater The Cinerama Dome which is located on sunset blvd which is where i saw it for my first time and i was blown away, a feeling I didn't experience when i watched Avatar.

Overall this is a Masterpiece on its own without it being my favorite Film ever. But i still love this film and its impressive knowing that CGI today cant top this movie

I give it 5/5 stars- A Masterpiece

Shutter Island
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Shutter Island is one of the most intellegent Scorsese movies of all time, it will have you on the edge of your seat

Shutter Island starts of with Edward Daniels(Leonardo Dicaprio) on the toilet throwing up because of sea sickness,once he and his partner(Mark Ruffalo) get on the island, you just have a creepy feeling about the place.we meet up with Ben Kingsley who is a brilliant(if not mad)doctor. The sets are beautiful and just creepy,It sets the mood to the movie.We are told that a missing woman has escaped from the prison and everyone is just paranoid.after that a series of weather events take place and after that im not telling anything anymore, for it will spoil the movie.

Martin Scorsese didnt make a horror movie, he made a Mystery thriller, he uses silence and music to alter the tension in this movie, rather than having screaming and gore, we get a story that messes with our mind

I found shutter Island abit better than The Departed because im more into Mystery Thrillers than Cop Dramas, but this film is a combination between Mystery and Cop Dramas,so the drama not only is interesting,but your literally saying to yourself "WHAT THATS CRAZY!"

of course you are going to use your brain alot for this movie,for its not only smarter than most early year movies,its alomst as complicated as 2001:A Space Odyssey. But its worth it

Martin Scorsese's Best movie since Goodfella's

I rate it 5/5 stars