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The Cove
The Cove (2009)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The Cove is a world-class documentary that is worthy of its Oscar and any praise that it receives. Taking a look at the slaughter of dolphins in a small town in Japan, this documentary is informative, suspenseful and thought-provoking.

Directed by Louie Psihoyos and having an a large of array of specialists, this film doesn't bore you like a number of documentary's I've seen but engages the viewer while educating. It doesn't simply point the finger, it tells you why their pointing, who their pointing it at and what their going to do about it. Taking an undeniably one-sided view, it relentlessly pounds into the cause into the viewer and really hits him. Even if the films point-of-view rarely deters from the activist, Western side it is an emotional view to look from and one which personally filled me with a mixture of emotions.

I particularly liked (if liked is this right word) the last 15 minutes. This is by far some of the most brutal and harrowing footage I have ever witnessed and found that it dug deep. My girlfriend was unable to contain her emotions and cried which only made the finale of this film that much harder to bare. While I don't think this film is for the close-minded, I believe everyone should see this film regardless of your view point on animal welfare. Personally, I stand as close to the activists and people who do this with great passion as I can without becoming actively involved. And this film is really making me consider going back to being a vegetarian.

Besides looking at the cruelty that takes place in Taijin, Japan it also looks how it effects Japan as a whole and the Western world, touching slightly on the global impact which not only dolphin slaughter will cause but whales and other sea-life also. I thought this film was profoundly touching and emotionally driven by a group of individuals who really care for dolphins particularly Ric O'Barry who during the 1960s used to capture dolphins and train them and who has been trying to make amends since.

A passionate film and worthy of all the praise it gets. Well done.

Sideways (2004)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I was expecting high things from this movie due to its high Rotten Tomatoes rating and the other praise that it has been given from plenty of users and critics alike. I set off into this film with maybe possibly my standards set too high which could of been the problem with why I didn't enjoy this movie as much as I wanted too.

Sideways is a film about 2 friends, Miles and Jack. Who decide to go on a week long trip testing wine and relaxing before Jack's wedding the following weekend. On the trip, Jack decides that he wants to just have fun and sleep with women but Miles, who has some emotional issues tries to deal with the week and essentially his life, not planning out how he wanted too.

Firstly, this is meant as a comedy film and it does deliver some laughs. Jack is a humorous character and frankly was the only reason I could stomach it until the end of the 2 hour long film. I would class this film as a mature comedy and maybe that's why I really didn't get it. It was trying to be intellectual but not succeeding in it and had an air of pretentiousness to it which actually become quite annoying.

To quote one of the critics here on Rotten Tomatoes; "A knowingly-clever and downright-insulting movie that does little more than talk down to its audience." I can't help but agree with this statement and felt that instead of focusing on the character relations as much as I would of liked too, it went on and on about wine and wine tasting to the point where I felt like I could almost be watching a documentary on the subject.

The film did gain some merit towards the end, as we finally see Miles grow a back-bone and stop with his pretentious spiel and Jack finally getting his upcommance. I thought the ending was quite heart-warming and charming which is why I have chosen to give this 50% instead of anything lower. The performances weren't bad also, both Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church as Miles and Jack, respectively put in solid performances but are let down by the boringly slow pacing of the film and the content of the screenplay.

The film is also full of some great character development which does become enjoyable towards the finale but unfortunately this can't detract from the sluggish and annoying first half which really brought the experience to an almost stand-still. The best part of the film was without a doubt the scenary with some beautiful scenes shot, one which particularly stands out for me was the scene with Jack, Miles, Maya and Stephanie having a picnic. The soundtrack was also boring dull and just as annoying as the pseudo-intellectual script.

Overall, a fairly disappointing experience and one film I know I won't be visiting again anytime soon. As I said in my opening paragraph, maybe I had my expectations set too high or maybe, this was just a bad film. Still, its better than a a lot of the tripe which has came out in last decade so I'll give it some credit for that.

I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK (Saibogujiman kwenchana)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Park Chan-Wook's I'm A Cyborg is a Korean rom-com that defies all genre boundaries and does it while being charming, heartfelt and completely bizarre.

Set primarily in a mental institution, the film follows the antics of the main protagonist, Young-goon. A young girl who after her grandmother was taken away for believing she was a mouse believes that she is a cyborg and must recharge her batteries and kill all the white 'uns (the white coated doctors) to avenge her grandmother. While she is at the institution she meets a number of different characters, one in particular shines through, Il-soon. A man who believes he was eventually turn into a dot.

Park Chan-wook has created a brilliant cinematic experience that while doesn't fit into the categories of his usual films. Dark, violent and somewhat mysterious. This film is a bright, vibrant and quirky change of pace and one which I for one, welcome. It not only shows that Park-Chan-Wook is one of the greatest directors of the 21st Century but also a diverse one. His script which he has created is special for its lack of normality which adds brilliantly to the surrealist feel that is through-out the film. Plenty of colour is put onto the screen which compliments the great performances, stylistic directing and comedic elements to the film.

The film feels fresh and the comedy is silly but mature. From the get go, you kind of wonder where the film will take you but soon settles down from its fast paced introduction into a charming, bright and hilarious feature. Park Chan-wook also adds his signature violence to some scenes which doesn't degrade the film like it would do in someone who is less capable.

Im Su-jeong plays Young-goon brilliantly and while I will be honest, I haven't seen any of these actors in any other film. I am really impressed with her performance as the cyborg-wannabe young girl. A Korean entertainment figure, Rain, plays Il-Soon and this is a guy who I definitely haven't heard of but still puts in a fairly mesmerising and likeable performance.

I really have to admire Park Chan-Wook's skill and is definitely, after this and his previous films I have seen one of my favourite directors. This film never gets boring and my girlfriend has announced it as one of her favourite films ever and I am tempted to agree with her. This film propels Chan-wook into a completely new ball park and shows that revenge films aren't all he can do. This is his hidden gem within his dark cinematic catalogue. Check it out, especially on blu-ray if you can. This films colour palette is something else.

Billy Elliot
Billy Elliot (2000)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Billy Elliot is possibly one of the most popular British films of the 21st century so far and its understandable. Stephen Daldry has hit all the right points when creating a well crafted drama, adding ounces of comedy with a heart-warming, emotional coming-of-age story set on an industrial and bleak backdrop.

Billy Elliot is a young boy living in Durham (where I live coincidently) whose father and brother are both on a mining strike and struggling to cope. Billy Elliot played by a young Jaime Bell attends his boxing classes weekly but when he decides to join the ballet class, he sets off a whirl wind which is not only inspiring but also funny.

I doubt many people haven't heard of this film, especially in Britain and I can see why. It is a very entertaining film and one which doesn't really do anything wrong. The premise is fairly simply and the coming-of-age story has been done enough times that the structure isn't anything original but Daldry's use of adult themes through-out the film bring it from being just a children's film into a market where adults can relate and enjoy. Its use of profanity is done by the dozen and really adds to the authenticity of Northern England (I must admit, I swear my head off even if I do sound quite polite in my reviews!!).

The film does have some subtle undertones which are important for children and adult alike however. It teaches children to be who they are and to accept other people for who they are. This is an important point which is only becoming more prominent as the years go on with people, not just children, becoming more disrespectful. It also teaches adults that they should make sure their children are happy and accept them for who they are and not try and pigeon hole them into an idea or path that they don't enjoy. I really respect both Daldry and Lee Hill for touching on this.

All of the performances are rich with emotion, particularly Julie Walters who is a brilliant actress and portrays Billy's ballet teacher with the roughness of any Northern woman and the kindness we all know they show deep down. Jaime Bell is great as Billy also and really does shine through-out. This was the perfect film for him to debut and one which I am worried he probably won't ever be able to top. Gary Lewis also hits it home with a powerful performance as Billys dad and through-out the whole film, would be the least likely you'd expect any emotion from but I know the films finale made my girlfriend cry!

Overall, I think this is a great film! A good coming-of-age story and one which all children should see. Despite the language, I see no reason why any parent shouldn't have this in the children's movie collection or for that matter, in their own. Worthwhile film! See it.