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The Happening
The Happening (2008)
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

You must rent this movie! It someday will be known as one of the worst movies ever, and take on cult status for it's idiocy.

Admittedly a bit of a sucker for the M. Night movies, I actually looked forward to this despite the poor reviews. I waited for the twists, and hidden ideas, but they never came. Instead, what somebody thought was happening half an hour into the movie in fact turns out to be true. Somebody is getting lazy out there.

It took me almost 2 and 1/2 hours to watch because I kept rewinding in laughter at Mark Wahlberg's "acting" through a horrible, horrible script. It was like watching Mark Wahlberg doing a parody of Andy Samberg doing a parody of Mark Wahlberg.

Case in point. Over an hour into the movie, a psychotic(for no apparent reason) woman who has let our hero and his cardboard co-stars into her rural home screams "You're going to murder me!" while standing in the hallway in her nightgown.

Wahlberg replies, "No, we're not."

No, we're not?

He said it the same way someone would reply accused by an usher of sneaking peanuts into a ballgame.

Following this, the woman walks away, end of scene.


More gems...

"We just need to stay ahead of the wind."

"No maam, you see, I'm a teacher."(I'm a teacher, and this teacher would explain what's wrong with a number of our schools.)

"Oh, no" (After a group of people begin shooting themselves)

"Thank you" (By Zooey Daschaniel after her husband makes up a long story with furrowed brow about buying cough syrup just because the pharmacist was cute, after he admits he made it up)

"That's not a good idea?"

Bad, bad acting all around. In most of the scenes, the secondary actors simply walk to one part of the frame, and wait for Wahlberg to come over. For instance, four people are standing across the field from a house (clearly in view). They wait for Wahlbeg to yell out. "Come on, there's a house!" Then they go to the house.

One of the "leads" comes out fairly well in the movie. John Leguizamo, who is just as terrible as the rest, but is lucky enough to be infected by the toxin and dies about halfway through.

All in all, an utterly incredible movie. Even the extras occasionally shoot glances at the stars as if to say "What the F...?"