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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Adventures of Ford Fairlane

The Adventures of Ford Fairlane(1990)

Andrew Dice Clay basically plays himself in this comedy, a perfect representation of the glory days of MTV and the sunset strip in 1990. I was a fan of MTV and the haircut bands of that era, so Ford Fairlane is a guilty pleasure, to be sure. Its cheesy and offensive yet hilarious also. Check out "Aint Got You" by Ford (Clay); it is an awesome contrast between what used to be rock and roll and what is passing for it both in 1990 and now.

I love the all-star cast: Robert Englund, Priscilla Presley, Wayne Newton, Ed O'Neil, Gilbert Gottfried, and Lauren Holly. Holly excels in a small role as the vulnerable secretary with the knock-out figure. The Dice-man is exactly what you'd expect, for better or worse, and Maddie Corman is delightful as Zuzu, an MTV dance party-type. Has there ever been a greater groupie name than "Zuzu Petals?"

The plot is disposable; who cares about the mysterious CDs? Accept The Adventures of Ford Fairlane for what it is, and just laugh along. As Dice would exclaim, "Unfu*#ingbelieveable!"