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District 9
District 9 (2009)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I was very dissapointed in this film. I had read many reviews before I saw it, and they were so positive, I was so excited. The movie was not revolutionary, it wasn't very well acted, the special effects were not very good, the story was mediocre, and I was bored. The idea could have made an awesome story, the idea of humans keeping aliens locked up in the slums of South Africa, I mean, the script almost writes itself, and too bad it didn't, it might have been better. I did like however, the way the film was shown as if through eye witness reports and news cast, that was interesting. The last scenes in the film were very dissapointing, as the film, like every action/sci-fi film before it, is reduced to a shoot 'em up finale. I don't understand why so many people enjoyed this, I certaintly didn't. Don't waste your time or money on it. 2/4 stars.

The Last Exorcism
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

"The Last Exorcism" is not a bad movie...especially for a horror film (although horror seems like to strong of a word...creepy might be more appropriate). It is probably one of the most unoriginal movies I have ever seen however...with elements borrowing from "The Blair Witch Project," "The Wicker Man," and "The Exorcism of Emily Rose." The film has a few creepy moments, but only one moment that made me actually jump. What saves this film, however, is its acting...which is saying something for a horror film. The ending, as you probably have heard, is extremely dissapointing. It was almost laughable. In fact, the lady next to me actually said, "Are you kidding me?" as the credits began to role.

As they might say on "At the Movies", RENT IT.

2/4 Stars

Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor (2001)
7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

"Pearl Harbor" is one of the most dissapointing films of the last 10 years. They have taken something so harrowing, and turned it into a three-hour cinematic mess. I abosultely hate Michael Bay movies...they are the epicenter of Hollywood crap. Loud, annoying, flashy, and poorly written. The only scenes worth watching in "Pearl Harbor" is the attack itself, and who would have guessed...are supposed to be loud and flashy. The special effects are wonderful, especially the flying sequences, which are the best I have ever seen. This is not enough to save the rest of the film, especially the writing, which is truly awful. On a final note, if you are going to do a film based on history, make it historically accurate! For instance, in the opening sequences where the main characters are training there are mountains shown in the backdrop. This would be fine if there were mountains on Long Island, which I can promise you...there are not. Also, simple things such as spelling take a back burner, even something as important as the name of the base. "Mitchel Field" is not spelled "Mitchell Field". Come on Bay! This movie is a sad excuse for a historical drama. The acting is about as good as the history, with many lines being being read with what can only be described as 'sitcom-like' phrasing. Truly awful. My advice is to watch the 40 or so minute attack scene and skip the rest. With your extra time go stab yourself with a knife, it is less painful then watching this film. You can even cut slowly if you want. 1.5/4 Stars.