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Cashback (2007)
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Cashback is a great little movie. The hero is able to freeze time, it's a self-defense mechanism to overcome the boredom of his job at the supermarket. I liked the characters, they are just normal people but well played. The hero (sorry forgot his name) learns to let go after a difficult break-up, and to see the bright side of things. Cashback is not a masterpiece, but it's enjoyable, and a good way to spend one hour and a half.

Enchanted (2007)
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I really liked it. An animated Disney Princess is expelled from her fairytale world and falls in reality. The story draws elements mainly from Snow White, but also from other Disney classics. Granted, the plot is very predictable. But Enchanted is not about the plot, it's about the mood, it sets a very joyful mood, with great songs that stay in your head. I liked how the movie makes fun of the disney cliches. Disney princesses always have animal sidekicks, but in New York City the friends of Princess Giselle are pigeons and rats! The scene where the Princess cleans up the flat makes the whole movie worth watching.
Enchanted really sums up what Disney is all about to me: bringing a little bit of old fashioned fantasy into our real world.

Pocahontas (1995)
8 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I've read many disappointed reviews of this movie, and I almost didn't bother to watch it. Well I now feel the need to write my own, positive review, so that people don't miss this great movie based on grumpy critics!
I think it's a classic Disney movie : you have an impossible love story, you have great songs by Alan Menken, little funny animals, the heroin is a helpless romantic dreamer who is more at ease with her animal friends than with fellow humans. Pocahontas has lost her mother. There's a wicked villain who thinks only of his own fame and is ready to murder for gold. Okay I think all the items of the classic Disney formula are checked. So you know what it is, you've seen it already many times, you know if you like it or not. BUT "Pocahontas" has a few ingredients of its own : first, the american native setting gives it a particular flavour. The scenery is beautifully drawn, the characters are themselves beautiful (Pocahontas is HOT). Pocahontas could be watched without sound, I just love the artwork. But the sound is also great, the soundtrack is worthy to be heard without image! It's a great light& sound spectacle.
Many critics say the film is too "politically correct". Well, in these times of hatred, war in the Middle East and so, I think we need more movies like Pocahontas that show us that a different ending is possible. Pocahontas says bloodsheds can be avoided, if you just sit back for a minute and try to consider your enemy not as a "savage" but as a fellow human.