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Starter for 10

I can't lie...I was expecting a mediocre romantic comedy, something that we've come to see too much of. But "Starter For 10" is a good and delightful film and it's carried by the charismatic performances of its two leads. James McAvoy and Rebecca Hall are great to watch as they bring raw emotion and such presence to their roles that the audience will be able to feel what their characters go through and truly relate to them.

In the film, Brian Jackson (played by James McAvoy) begins his journey into university life and everything that comes with it. He's essentially beginning his life away from home, one where he has to find things out for himself and learn how to pick himself up after he falls. It's not your typical coming of age story though as McAvoy and Hall bring the story and their characters to life...they make it real and worthwhile. McAvoy and Hall have great chemistry and it's a joy to watch them together.

While the movie does have several cliches and a typical happy ending, the film is able to become something worthwhile when it delves deeper inside the mind of its main character and allows the audience to feel every step and experience in his journey.

The film was an enjoyable experience and while most romantic comedies are quite shallow in its depiction of its characters and their experiences, "Starter For 10" brings something unique and memorable to the table. The film is a good watch and it will lift your spirits when you see real people in real situations facing real obstacles and moving forward.

Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy(2010)

Tron Legacy is visually stunning, but other than the visual effects...there isn't much else worth seeing. While Jeff Bridges does give a good effort to add more substance to the film, his performance, while powerful, is not enough to make up for the film's weaknesses. Not enough time is dedicated to developing the plot of the movie and adding a rich dialogue between the characters.

Tron Legacy could have been so much better, but instead it remains a mediocre film which will be known solely for its visual experience and the nice sounds that accompany it. The screen is filled with sights that are dazzling with spectacular 3D that matches James Cameron's Avatar. The director creates a world that is never boring, but there also isn't anything substantial enough to find meaning in. The electronic score by Daft Punk is perfectly used to help create a pulsating, powerful feel to the vast grid world. Every battle is also thunderous and full of intensity. While many people will be satisfied solely with the visual experience that Tron Legacy provides and all its high-octane action sequences, the film no doubt lacks meaningful dialogue that should have revealed more about the main characters by delving deeper inside their minds and feelings. When audiences get a deeper understanding of the main characters and their innermost feelings and motives, a film is that much better as the plot and story revolve around the main characters. Thus the film should have created a better picture of the characters (and their feelings, fears, experiences, motives, etc.) rather than focusing primarily on delivering a better picture of the landscapes around them.

Tron Legacy captivates viewers during its "light-show", but when the lights go off, there is not much left to resonate with viewers.

The Social Network

The film engages you intellectually and emotionally as it brings a realistic adaptation of Mark Zuckerberg and how Facebook came to be. Jesse Eisenberg does a fine job playing Zuckerberg as he is able to capture his calm, collected and often cold persona. Andrew Garfield also delivers a performance worth noting. Garfield plays Eduardo Saverin, the co-founder of Facebook and Mark's best friend in college. David Fincher can add another accomplishment to his resume as he creates a film that is poignant and reflective of the times we live in. It's ironic that a self-centered and relatively isolated person was the one responsible for connecting hundreds of millions of people around the world. In the film, Zuckerberg commits himself to the cause of Facebook and he makes the decision that everything else is second. His best friend, Saverin, experiences this firsthand as he is "betrayed" by Mark in an attempt to eradicate Saverin's ownership in the company. Mark Zuckerberg accomplishes everything he had hoped for, but he loses the only friend he could share it with. Their friendship ends, but Facebook is created. The Social Network will grab your attention and will never let it go.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

A refreshing romantic comedy that manages to blend fun action-packed sequences with lots of laughs and charm. Michael Cera plays Scott Pilgrim, an unlikely hero who has to overcome many obstacles and ex's in order to be with Ramona (played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead). Cera and Winstead have good on-screen chemistry and together they are great to watch. It's interesting to note that Winstead's character (Ramona) reminded me of Kate Winslet's character in Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind as they both have the same cool, unique style, wacky personality and wild nature. Not to mention they both change the colour of their hair every week and are both scared of things not working out. Ramona is just a girl looking for her own peace of mind and a new life, and Pilgrim is just a guy looking to be there for her when she finds it. The characters of Pilgrim and Ramona are supposed to be unique, charming and real, and Cera and Winstead deliver. The film doesn't just bring a comic book to life, it makes the characters fly off the screen and knock you off your seat. A fun and delightful ride by any means.

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3(2010)

A light-hearted and fun adventure that will capture the imagination of young and old alike. The friendship shared between all the characters are as strong as any bond can be, and the emotions and feelings it invoke are a testament to the power of the film. While Toy Story 3 is the best animated film of the year, it should not just be regarded as a good animated film. Toy Story 3 should be regarded as one of the great movies made this year.


Sean Penn brings Harvey Milk to life and delivers one of his best performances to date in this Gus Van Sant film. At the start of the film we see a 40 year old Milk express disappointment in himself because of the fact he was 40 years old and had not done a thing he was proud of. The next 2 hours in the film and the next 8 years of Milk's life shows us what he did and who he was. The film will make you angry, upset and frustrated. But it will also inspire you, make you laugh and give you hope. Harvey Milk said it best when he said, "Without hope, not only gays, but those who are blacks, the Asians, the disabled, the seniors, the us's: without hope the us's give up. I know that you can't live on hope alone, but without it, life is not worth living. And you, and you, and you, and you have got to give them hope."