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The Movie's Review of Deadfall

5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Austrian director Ruzowitzky received much acclaim for his 2007 WWII drama "The Counterfeiters". Presumably this is how he came to assemble such a stellar cast here as I can't imagine the script winning any fans. Bana and Wilde are two siblings on the run follwing a heist in snowy Michigan. There's an incestuous relationship hinted at between the two but it's clumsily handled, as is every element of this mess.
Ruzowitzky seems to be aiming for the sort of crime ensemble the Coen Brothers have regularly explored. The snowy locale and Mara's irritating accent seem to serve no purpose but to remind us of the vastly over-rated "Fargo".
The film could be subtitled "Daddy Issues: The Movie" as every character seems to have an estranged relationship with their father. The real issues that need dealing with are those of the script however.