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Diego's Review of Bolt

3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


"Barking at the Moon" became my comfort song for a while. The idea of being lost far away from home has always stricken me with either fear or sorrow, and those lyrics: "that home belongs to you" was the first thing in years that gave me clarity to that feeling. It was the sincere longing for a familiar place, on the backdrop of enjoying the exploration of a boundless world.

Briefly, 'Bolt' is a gimmicky, cartoonish, cross-country adventure; the technical aspects are fair and the animal characters are designed to be nothing but cute. Whether you enjoy the trip or not, you'll have characters to relate to. Mittens doesn't enjoy being stuck with the other two, while Rhino is overly-enthusiastic and hyperactive, and Bolt is only sure of where to go half the time.

I loved this movie because I saw it for more than what it was, for what it is though, it's still worth that love. My affections can be understood in the context of taking care of a pet: we talk to our pets even though we know they can't exactly comprehend what we say. We ask them questions even though we know they can't reply. In our silent conversations, we develop a personal bond that will seem typical, but between caretaker and pet, that bond is precious. 'Bolt' has a meaning that will certainly be stereotypical to many, no denial on that, but I give it credit that it never stopped believing in what it was saying.

'Bolt' focuses on being honest to its emotions. It's openly silly, cute, fun-loving and undemandingly linear - and it won my heart for that, just catering to my acceptance of the fact that animals can be sympathetic, feeling beings. It's far from being a grandmaster work of film, but I love it for all the good memories and feelings attached to watching it.