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Sensational actors, but this film is for viewers who know the NYC theatre scene. It made me think of A Star Is Born with James Mason.


One of the best horror revenge flicks ever made! Revenge of snuff films!


Really good horror film for horror lovers. Looks like Geri Ryan.


I still see him as that farmers insurance guy, all in all a great film, of very talented actors!


Great movie! Need to see it again for all the detail within it.

The Taking Of Deborah Logan

Fantastic movie! Highly recommend it! Horror film lovers, will love this one! Bryan Singer is the bomb!

The Machine
The Machine(2014)

Overrated nonsense.

The Damned
The Damned(2014)

Awful, awful, awful...how can they be so curious? What absolute ridiculousness, how embarrassing, for such talent to go to waste.

Stonehearst Asylum

Fantastic movie! No question about it. Great performances by the entire cast. A must to watch for all lovers of lunacy.

The Babadook
The Babadook(2014)

Highly overrated. Just cause it is an Aussie film, does not make it a superior horror film. The boy, Noah Wiseman, is a fantastic actor. I didn't scream once.

Under the Skin

The book was far superior. Much more detail of her character. Scotland is beautiful.

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

Fantastic remake! Andy Serkis is fantastic! Especially Karin Konoval as Maurice.

Still Alice
Still Alice(2015)

Alzheimer awareness, think of Robin Williams. Need to learn more about this.

Happy Birthday to Me

A great thriller, and great with slash and gore!

2001 Maniacs
2001 Maniacs(2005)

Absolutely great and gory!

The Imposter
The Imposter(2012)

Fantastic, true story! To think that people fell for him, is incredible!


Wow...amazing little film. Very creative, and interesting. The trolls remind me of golems, but my bf mentioned the myth that trolls live under bridges, and lo and behold they do! I could see a theatrical spoof made out of this film. Very enjoyable.

13 Eerie
13 Eerie(2013)

Well done, except for the green boots that the heroine wears.

Light Sleeper

What a great film! Had no idea! I was still in NYC, when the garbage strike was happening. The acting was superb, DaFoe fantastic and strangely enough so was Delaney.

Absolutely great dialogue.

I remember well, those days...having a limo pick me up from work. Those were the days.


Slow. Bloody. Gore. No big whoop.


Well done! Jodie Foster is a truly different character! All acting was excellent! Especially Diego Luna!

You're Next
You're Next(2013)

Best horror/slasher film of 2013!

The Last Days On Mars

Well done! Fast and furious! Works for me!

We Are What We Are

Slow. Good film. Worth a watch.


Incredible movie. One of the best of 2013. Loopholes abound, but that doesn't matter..the message is clear: how far would you go to find your missing child? Oscars go to Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Melissa Leo

Behind the Candelabra

This was a fantastic movie!!! Everything about it was PERFECT! A true reflection of closeted Hollywood back in the day!!!

The Conjuring

Excellent and scary film! Love Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson, hard to believe this really happened, but lots of scary moments. The Exorcist, lives again!

The Purge
The Purge(2013)

I thought this movie was terrific! Kept me interested! Any horror buff, will love this film!!! I give it a 90% rating.

The Woman
The Woman(2011)

For all horror buffs...this is another great film by Lucky Mckee!!! "May" was cult material...all the way! And so is this one! Everything he creates, is genius!

The Apparition

Silicon Valley: for a bunch of IT guys..they sure as hell didn't know what they were doing with "the other side"!


Halfway through...fascinating, a little bit of "The Shining" in there...then downhill the film goes. Too bad, could have been a great horror film.


One of the best horror/suspense films of the year! Truly superb acting. Vincent does it again....way over the top. Truly a great actor! Jennifer Lynch, you have outdid yourself!


Finally a political horror film! Well done! Corporate greed shown in full regalia!


Gosh..he is annoying...the father. A freaking drunk and pill popper gone whacko, after his wife dies. The music is great though.


Glad to see that Mark Hamill is still working in show biz. Other than that...don't bother watching.

Red Lights
Red Lights(2012)

I enjoyed this film. Well done. Acting was great. Worth seeing.

Sleep Tight
Sleep Tight(2012)

And don't let the bed bugs bite. A little dash of "Rosemary's Baby" perhaps? Excellent film. Psycho torture of the first kind.

The Collapsed

The meter won't let me give it a 5% rating. Don't waste your time and money. Low budget...one of the worst made. Yeah.....you have the virus, you kill everyone...what is knew with that premise?


Ridley Scott does it again!! Noticed that part of the space ship looked familiar to the ones used in the Alien trilogy.Absolutely fantastic in 3D.A must to see! Very entertaining....knowing that this is just the first of many to come.

Mother's Day
Mother's Day(2012)

Blood and gore. Truly a great horror film. DeMorney acts the part..momma....just would have liked to seen a bit of an older actor....or older looking actor. Well done.

Livide (Livid)

Incredible and turned my stomach. Almost as good as "Pan's Labyrinth"...have to see "Inside".

Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows(2012)

How to ruin an incredibly good soap opera..in 10 easy lessons....the final lesson..is leave well enough alone. Ugh.See the original series with Joan Bennett and Jonathan Frid http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_Shadows


Absolutely stupid...except for the laughs heard in the audience..you get to see Rhianna's acting ability...not...she is so skinny in this...that she is kind of invisible. Bam, ram...thank you mam....how could Liam Neeson agree to star in this piece of crap? Must be big bucks....that must be the only reason..utter crap.

The Cabin in the Woods

Ingenious...captivating. Only for the horror buffs out there.

The Hunger Games

Loved it...so Occupy Wall Street....very much the reality of today in the USA. Just the ending...a bit corny.


Very entertaining. No mega special effects. A simple film, that kept me from the start....entertained and I was fantastically taken out of my daily boredom. Truly! What a find of a film!


Stupidity from the beginning. Not worth watching.

We Need to Talk About Kevin

Absolutely fascinating film. To think that their are sociopath children in this world....is quite something to think about. Now I want to read the book. Well done, great acting by all the actors. Heartbreaking...especially for the mother, who has to endure the tortures of a mother of a murderer. Swinton excels in this performance. Leaves a lot to think about.

The Darkest Hour

The Darkest Hour, was getting through the first hour. Yuck.

The Thing
The Thing(2011)

How many remakes, does this make? Special effects, were pretty good. Dialog...none.

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

Awful. Very disappointed. Del Torro, I expected better from. He is a great horror writer and director. This was trash. The little girl, who played Sally, is a very good actress, she reminded of the little girl in "Poltergeist".

Opening scene, maid in the 19th century with collagen lips...omg.

The Entitled
The Entitled(2011)

Well done. Clever. Well written script.

Fright Night
Fright Night(2011)

Script very good. Colin Farrell exceptional. I don't recall the original. I will have to see it again. Appropriate setting: Sin City. Love the use of Realty signs as means to protection..kind of funny metaphor, for the horrible housing market of today. Toni Collette, made me recall her part in the "Sixth Sense". I still prefer her in "Muriel's Wedding"...chubby and oh so cute. She is now "too American" prefer the New Zealand woman,any day.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

A few loopholes, but other than that "Caesar is home"...to be continued. Loved it. Power to the apes, zoos for humans.

Cowboys & Aliens

Slow in the beginning...but all in all...I loved it! An epic! I wish Sojourney Weaver was in the cast....then it would have been perfect! Fantastic aliens....really thought it was one of the most entertaining films, that I have seen in a long time.


Outstanding! A visual masterpiece! If you like landscapes..this is a film for you! As usual, Brody acts, at his finest!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2

Fantastic! Very entertaining, even for me...an elder of humankind. I think Harry should meet Forrest Gump and they should walk together. Tell me, how does Harry never break his glasses? My only question.

Horrible Bosses

And so it goes...another summer film. Of 3 white guys. All employed and hating their bosses. Wish I had this problem...I mean, having a job. Background music great. Nice to think of vendetta ways to get back at a boss, but most of us in America are unemployed. Read this and weep for us Americans, who have been pushed to the curb.

Bad Teacher
Bad Teacher(2011)

Another summer film. How in the world does Cameron Diaz, become a teacher w/o teaching credentials? Only in Hollywood. There are some good one liners. And the car wash scene..to die for. What bothers me about all these summer films, is that everyone has a job. Tell me, in real life..where are these jobs? Not in America!

Get Low
Get Low(2010)

As always...Duvall is great. Just didn't get this film. Too slow for me.

Mr. Popper's Penguins

Absolutely awful. Shows what is available in the film making world today. Don't waste your money. Unless..you are rich or are Donald Trump. Tasteless, for the rest of us, who are not part of the 2% elite.


Absolutely a must for everyone to see. Horrific, to think that this happens all the time, without anyone knowing who a person really is.

Valhalla Rising

My kind of film. No major special effects needed. Guts, gore and truth. Very little of anything "extra". No bells and whistles. I found myself enjoying the landscape, terrain, movement of these people. No TV, no entertainment, nothing, but simplicity. My kind of movie, especially in these days of "over the top" ADD movies.

Super 8
Super 8(2011)

All loopholes aside..this was a real, enjoyable movie.
Bonding...a great moral to the story too.
We need films like this, every few years or so, to remind us that we "are human".

The Hangover Part II

I didn't see the first. I laughed my ass off! Of course, it was totally ridiculous..but I want to go to Bangkok..now for sure!!!
Hysterical! Want a good laugh...if you are raunchy..you will crack up from this one.
Don't forget the photos at the end..oops spoiler alert...not!!!!

The Clinic
The Clinic(2010)

Hard to watch, even for me, I am a horror buff. Terrifying. Realistic. Really could happen. For women, who have had children...this would be a hard film to watch.

Los ojos de Julia (Julia's Eyes)

Guillermo Del Toro does it again. One of my darkest fears....losing my sight. Just some loopholes at the end...or I would've given it 100.
Worth seeing.


Scared the hell out of me. A real nail biter. From start to finish. Total horror. Anyone who is a horror buff...will love this film.
A bit of "Silence of the Lambs", "Grudge", "Nightmare on Elm St."
Look out nightmares...here they come! Straight at 'ya!

Scream 4
Scream 4(2011)

Great, great, great. Worth a watch. Love the sound effects. Who done it. Wow. You never will suspect, who the murderer is..good luck with that.

The Roommate
The Roommate(2011)

One of the worst films ever made. FYI: Please take your meds. Also, homophobic.


Moves, moves, moves. Cooper and DeNiro superb.
Just one scene, I could've done without. Guess which one?

The Adjustment Bureau

I liked the last quarter of the film. In these times that we live in..."a leap of faith" is a nice sentiment.
The first 3/4s was slow, boring and somewhat religious.
Sure made me miss my hometomn: NYC.

Red Riding Hood

I liked it. I was entertained. The elephant contraption was the only down side to this movie.

Gary Oldman well portrayed Dr. Solomon....the wolf hunter aka Salem witch hunters, etc.

Loved seeing Julie Christie again! She was memorable in this.

Loved the scenery, red robe, the whole mood was beguiling.

Now we need to see a movie made out of "London Bridge is Falling down, My Fair Lady"...my favorite nursery rhyme.


Very well done. I liked it. Never knew what to expect. Love Frank Langella.


Some good laughs and surprises.


What memories!!! Being a native NYC girl. Mike Myers looked just like Steve Rubell. What a find! On late night TV. Google said that the Roundabout theatre is where "54" was. Those were the days, my friend..we thought they would never end...endless free sex, drugs, dancing naked on top of the bars..endless partying.
Mark Ruffalo had a bit role. He wasn't "handsome" enough to be given permission by Rubell to "enter" the club.

The Company Men

Should have been titled: "The Chopping Block".
Some was unrealistic. Showing hope, when there no jobs in this country. Expected a more powerful story, given the severe recession we are living in.

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

Absolute Masterpiece! Perfection! Natalie Portman absolutely magnificent! Best horror film to date!!!

Paranormal Activity 2

Absolutely awful. What a waste of film use.

The Tourist
The Tourist(2010)

Slow. God damn awful. Nice scenery. If you are going to Venice, Italy. But, the ending is somewhat surprising. Beautiful people film. It makes one sick. So pretentious.

Rabbit Hole
Rabbit Hole(2010)

Well done. I would've liked to have seen the play. But not in NYC. Hard to watch. If you have lost a loved one. But, the script was excellent. So many of the lines, are what I say to myself everyday, to get through the loss of my child. I would love to see more movies made from plays that have original scripts. I think this took place in Westchester County, NY. Where I lived for 13 years. Bronxville perhaps?


I liked it. I was scared. Slow, but I was still scared. I think Shymalan has a phobia about elevators. Good one. Well done.

The Disappearance of Alice Creed

Real surprising twister of events. 3 actors...great acting and kept my interest to the very end. Kept guessing the ending..but never guessed right.

Winter's Bone

What a surprise!!! Completely unexpected!!! Almost a documentary..so realistic about life in Missouri. Well done. Very moving and realistic. A number one in film making. Should get an Oscar. Wow...completely in awe.


Lousy script (what script?)..but stick with it. The special effects are something else. Especially Day Three. Worth the watch..but not the ticket price. Try to see it for free. If you love sci-fi and horror..this is quite a mix.

The Island
The Island(2005)

Another sci-fi well done film. Very interesting premise. I just didn't like all the running and car crashes..that got boring. A bit like "Lost" the tv series. Clones are people too.


I liked it. Bits of many movies in it. 1984, Fahrenheit 451, Matrix, various sci-fi movies....and bits of reality: Hitler, Scientology, Government. Well done.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Slow..but worth watching. Excellent acting on both their parts. Interesting concept..of reverse aging. Never judge the icing on a cake....that is for sure.

The Men Who Stare at Goats

I thought it was great. A real ole hippy film. It shows the military for what it really is.....a tragic joke on humanity. At first I thought it was a satire on L. Ron Hubbard the founder of Scientology..then I realized it just was the search we all have..what is the meaning of our existence...truth be told there isn't any.
Loved it...reminded me of "The Ruling Class" in a way...cause of the ridiculousness of societal roles, etc.

The Ruling Class

One of the best political satires ever made!!!!

The Square
The Square(2010)

I don't know why it got such a high rating. Tedious, slow and boring. Also, I believe it was made a few years back...not a new film.

Andre the Butcher

Well Andre is played by Ron Jeremy, the porn star. He doesn't speak one word..just kills everyone who has been naughty instead of nice. Kind of a mix of soft porn with grade B horror. I got some good laughs out of it..if you can stand sitting through the awful script and acting. The credits are the best..shows them filming this absurd piece of schlock.

6 Souls
6 Souls(2013)

Gimme a G, Gimme a O, Gimme a D..what's that spell....I don't know....you don't? Then you are dead. What a piece of crap.

Open House
Open House(2010)

Awful script, just plain awful..could've been good, should've been good....but no good.


So-so. Adrian Brody is such a skinny ____. There will be a sequel to this one. They walk on and on and on and on...good god.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Ugh...only for teenagers and younger. Terrible script, slow, mush and stupid.

The Ghost Writer

Well, it was quite slow for a while there. It did have you guessing who was good and who was bad. You really couldn't figure it out. Very good last third of the film. Love Kim Cantrall's british accent.

Dorothy Mills (Dorothy)

Like the Exorcist..but Dorothy Mills has many personalities of the dead. Takes place on an isolated island in Ireland...where there are secrets aplenty. Well done! Acting is great!

Alice in Wonderland

A bit slow in the beginning. But I will take this film over "Avatar" any day. Alice in Wonderland..the first feminist..yay!

The Bridge
The Bridge(2006)

Very interesting film. The subject of jumpers as opposed to people taking their lives in private. A bit slow with the interviews. There is another one being shot, as I type this: The Skyway Down..about the Skyway bridge in St. Pete, Florida and the suicides/jumps from there. Being made by the guy who films the series: "Cops".

William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe

Well..I guess I have a bias. Bill represented me at various actions. Well done and provocative documentary. This will be shown on TV June 22, PVO at 10pm.


It is worth just seeing the special effects scenes..they are great. Other than that..nothing to it.


The first part of the film was really good. Then downhill after that. A dash of "Avatar", a dash of "Freaks", a dash of "Eraserhead", a dash of "Legion", a dash of "Alien" and for sound a dash of "Gremlins"..give me a break. I do love the chicken legs taken straight from "Freaks". Tell me...what is with the tails...can't the spike just grow out of the tongue? Many loopholes. For two geniuses...their IQs were in question, when you saw the metamorphis occur again and again. Brody shame on you for taking on such a piece of crap. But we all have to pay our bills.


I don't know how to rate this movie. It was unbelievable!!!! It was totally scary and mysterious at the same time. After seeing this...you won't want to go under the knife EVER AGAIN!!! My son was in a coma. What was he thinking? What did he experience in his "other" reality? What about Terry Shiavo? I would like to hear from others about what they felt when watching this movie.

Heavenly Creatures

Based on a true story. I think this was one of Kate Winslet's first roles. The puppet scenes (dream scenes) are daunting. Great, great piece of film.

A Scanner Darkly

Another acid-trippy film. Love the rotoscope technique used for filming this. Fantastic Downey and Reeves.

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints

Being a New Yorker..this is one of the best biographical stories about Queens in the 80s...I have ever seen. Great, great, great!

Hard Candy
Hard Candy(2006)

Fantastic! Has you on the edge of your seat! Worth watching!


Fantastic!!!! Video camera a bit dizzying, but all-in-all a great horror film!


Overrated. Quite a few holes in the film. Slow-mo. Mom is hot. Listen...I heard on the TV, a series on the Chiller channel called: Creature Visions...a quote by Brian Dennehey's character: "I tripped over a piece of crap, the size of a Honda." I thought that was pretty funny.

Blood: The Last Vampire

This is better than a lot of vampire films that I have seen. Leave it to Asian cinema to leave the Ninja action to the vamps. Nice to see a strong woman vamp and her human friend. I really enjoyed the action, bloodshed, etc. No mushy, gushy, romance (thank goodness)...just survival of the fittest.

I'm Not Scared (Io non ho paura)

Well...I heard through the horror grapevine..that this film was rated one of the best ever made. NOT. Highly overrated. Not a horror film at all. And barely a thriller. Kidnapping is not horror unless you really get into the blood and gore. This one does not. I truly believe, that Americans just get oogle-eyed over foreign films...just because they are in another language. If this film was made in the USA...bada bing. Forgetaboutit.

Across the Universe

My generation and filmed in my neighborhood the West Village of Manhattan. How could I not love this film. I wish I could click my heels and go back to those days of activism and human contact and the bread and puppet theater. Myself and many others that are portrayed in this movie are in history books. Now..I live in a dead, digital world...where the only communication is online.

The Machinist

Did he win an Oscar for this performance? If not..he should've. What a well made film. Acting superb! Highly recommend it. Twitchily good.

American Psycho

Wow...I saw this again recently and still is scary as all hell. Christian Bale is one of my favorite actors. Love the scenes set in the 80s. Huge cellphones. A must to see..if you haven't!

The Final
The Final(2010)

Really terrific! Revenge of the nerds!!! Major!
Well done. A terrifying look at revenge..but understandable.


Cillian Murphy..what a talented actor! Has Norman Bates down to a "T". I liked this movie. Just not sure about the ending.

Leaves of Grass

Edward Norton's performance as the twins was excellent. Great editing of the twins. Interesting story. A little too slow for my taste. But another winning performance for Ed Norton.

How to Train Your Dragon

I just couldn't get into it. Really for kids. The beginning goes on and on. Boring. I don't think animation is my thing, except for "Joe's Apartment" with the cockroaches...and of course: "Finding Nemo". For me...action has to start right from the beginning in animated movies.

The Attic
The Attic(2007)

Not bad if there is nothing else to watch. The spirit is a doppelganger. I guess like a poltergeist, who doesn't want anyone in the house. Elizabeth Ross is a good actor. She was in "Mad Men".


Really good horror! From Ireland.


Not bad.Unexpected psycho story. Worth checking out if there isn't anything else to watch.

The Hurt Locker

Well done. I felt the life and death situation as I watched every moment of the movie. Who do you trust? Who do you not trust? To me it made it clear..that we were there to dismantle all the kinds of bombs that are being used against us. That doesn't sound like a war to me. More like, a lot of work being done to stop these bombs. It sends a message loud and clear, that we are not wanted there. So why are we there? Can the rich and powerful of this country, ever tell us the truth? Hard decision about the Oscars. I think at this point: The Hurt Locker is the best that I have seen.

The Crazies
The Crazies(2010)

One of the best! Well-done. Smooth. Great script.

Inglourious Basterds

Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Loved Brad Pitt! Wonderful color! Gave you the feel for the time period, for which this horror happened. Entertaining at the same time. My only quandry...why Mike Meyers in this serious role? It seemed a little off to me. A real Brit actor would've been better. Yessiree...scalp those monsters! Great script. Tarantino a genius of film.


I loved it. A little slow..but all-in-all...a good story. Patrick reminds me of a jr. John Ritter...identical! I thought it showed "Hollywood" for what it really is.


Unbelievable! It was on the TV! I loved it! Really, really, spooky. Have patience..and you will see why this was so well done! He is a master! Stuart Gordon! Hold onto your eyeballs (hehheh)!


Showdown at OK Corral between good and evil. Awful. How could Dennis Quaid accept a part in this horrible film? Money must've been good.


I can't believe that this will be the showstopper for the Oscars. Geessh. Child's play. Visually stunning. Of course...James Cameron takes all the creatures from the ocean and makes them into little "fairies" of some sort and the finger coral...really Jim, I am a diver also..most divers who see this movie, will go "ho-hum"...just like the "Titanic"..best part was the opening scene for a scuba diver.

Dead Snow (Død snø)

Better than "Zombieland" by far! Wow!!! Great zombie movie!

One-Eyed Monster

Wow....what a surprise! A porno horror film crosses over! I loved it. It should become a cult film. I can't even give away the story. It would spoil the experience of watching this hysterical movie. Does anyone know about this gem? This is true cult to the max.


Not worth the price of the movie ticket. Enough already. Vice-versa with humans. Same old shit....different day.

Up in the Air

This is a horror film for the unemployed. I would have rather seen a documentary about the hatchet man going around the USA firing people. That would be more true to life. I don't know why everyone is so crazy about Clooney? He is a skinny and weak looking man in this film. Not sexy at all. And that thing..Stephanie..now she is the exact image of a hatchetwoman. I liked the feminist switcharoo of Alex being the top dog for a change. All in all not worth the time and trouble to see or make. Shame on you Reitman for exploiting a horrible situation in the US. 15.2 million people are unemployed. Better to see: Capitalism: A Love Story instead of this la-de-da film from Hollywood.

Paranormal Activity

Highly overrated. I could have made the film myself. Just the ending and the exorcist taped scene are good. Not enough terror to keep any horror buff from falling asleep.


Typical b-movie horror. Marked being a young girl who is to be given over to the devil. Small town guy trys to find out what is with the mystery of a Dr. Frederickson. Pretty typical, except for the killing scenes.

Mum & Dad
Mum & Dad(2008)

I loved it! Slasher, sado-masochistic to its core! Good ole Mum and Dad. The Christmas holiday party, the best scene...in horror I have seen lately! Wow..that one scene. Is something to show forever and ever, especially during the holidays.

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

Kind of slow moving..but stick with it....there are quite a few surprises. Fast paced towards third half...psycho film! Great!

Across The Hall

Fantastic! Love these horror hotel sites (like Midnight Meat Train). Very well done. Great story. Highly recommend. Brittany's last movie? Great acting on her end. Suspenseful and well worth watching. Love the hotel greeter, whatever he is.

Donkey Punch
Donkey Punch(2008)

I thought it was really well done. Never knew what donkey punch meant. Now I sure as hell do! Scary and realistic.

The Thing
The Thing(1982)

After all these years. The film still stands up in the true horror sense. The special effects are great. So is the acting and of course the directing. Bravo...everytime I see it...still get scared out of my pants.

Knife Edge
Knife Edge(2010)

Lack luster thriller. Emma sees things that happened in the past and is tops in the stockmarket for seeing what will make the most money. Another "who dun it" murder mystery. So-so.


It happened to be on the tube the other day. Well...this is the second time I have seen this film. Still scares the bejesus out of me. Very, very well done. I would like to see the way the creatures were made. Why is Wes Craven's name on this?

The Jacket
The Jacket(2005)

I came across "The Jacket" on a tv channel. Wow....was I pleasantly surprised! Acting was superb! Brody, as usual, doing a great job. Yes...it does remind me of "Jacob's Ladder". I thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially the scene, where he brings a letter to a woman, who doesn't know him. Truly wonderful story. Was this one of the first films acted in by Daniel Craig?

After Dark Horrorfest: Dread

Pretty frightening film. The ending is disappointing. Interesting plot.

The Killing Room

Highly suspenseful. Very frightening. All psychological. Based on experiments in the 70s done on humans. Acting terrific. Scared the hell out of me.

Tell-Tale (Tell Tale)

Fantastic movie! Very unexpected. Wonderful photography of the town that it is filmed in. Ridley Scott produced this film..and you can see his trademark works in this film. One of the best thrillers for this year 2009!

Stephen King's 'Thinner'

I loved it! Reminds me of "Twilight Zone" episodes. "Drag Me to Hell" is a spin off of this film. See this film!

My Little Eye

Terrific...just remember as a friend of mine was telling me through email: "There is no free lunch." Just one very big loophole..which I will not mention..if you haven't seen this movie yet.

The Midnight Meat Train

I loved it! A masterpiece of horror! Always the question of why all the subway riders get murdered? This is in your head the entire time you are watching the film. Fantastic to see how a photographer devolves into pursuing gore in photos to save his dying career as a independent freelance photojournalist. Brooke Shields is the owner of a art gallery. She's good and evil, baby. Shock art sells..nothing else. Ain't it the truth.

Resident Evil: Extinction

I love Alice...but oh my god...what a boring film. I will take Mad Max over this one...anyday.


Same ole horror format...dead coming back for revenge. Poor Tom Sizemore he sure gets shitty parts.


One of the best horror films I have ever seen! There is one loophole for me... the doll in the box. Great performances! A must to see!

Clive Barker's The Plague

Absolutely awful. Makes no sense. Rating: 10%

Wide Awake
Wide Awake(2007)

No reviews on "Wideawake"? What a surprise! Very good horror film..along the lines of "The Ring". This South Korea film is not to be missed. About a nine-year old boy who goes through "Anesthesia Awareness" meaning that the anesthesia did not take total effect..and he knew and felt exactly what was happening to him on the operating table. In the ICU..no one believes his story, that he was aware of everything, including the pain, that happened to him on the operating table..which changes this "cute" little boy..into a vengeful killer. Anyone who likes horror or suspense, should see this film. Subtitles in English.
:fresh: Ellen Turner