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Conan the Barbarian
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

"I live, I love, I slay...I am content!" That was probably the most memorable line that I could remember after watching it in theatre. While Jason Momoa's Conan totally reminded me of my favourite childhood cartoon hero Heman, especially when he did the sword gesture in the air. His character was totally brought down by a badly written script and predictable plot that we had seen from many other revenge films.

The story was quite simple, Conan's father Corin (Ron Perlman) was killed by Khalar Zym (Stephen Lang), an evil warlord who was on a quest to collect pieces of a powerful mask that would bring back his wife from the dead. After destroying Conan's village Cimmeria, it took nearly 20 years for Khalar to find the pure blood girl who would awake the mask's power, while Conan (Jason Momoa) was all grown up and ready to take actions on revenging his father's death. On his way to find Khalar, Conan encountered and saved the pure blood girl named Tamara (Rachel Nichols), who was chased by Khalar's warriors. Afterwards, the two fell in love and worked together on destroying Khalar's plan of becoming a god.

Despite its imperfection on its scripts, I did find myself loving the amazing CG special effect environment and landscapes that were shown in the movie. This fictional new world was actually more attractive to me than the main character Conan itself. Also, all the fight scenes were well done from director Marcus Nispel, who was known for creating bloody violent scenes with his directorial style.

In my opinion, this is an average revenge film with loads of extreme actions. Before I walk into the theatre, I know exactly what I am expecting and the film does deliver. Hence, I am going to give it a passable rating, although it is a shame to see the movie fails at weekend's box office. It looks like there won't be a second sequel towards the series, even though Jason Momoa have already submitted a script to the studio.

30 Minutes or Less
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Believe it or not, from what I have heard this is actually derived from on a true event that happened in Australia, where a pizza guy was forced to rob a bank because his neck was tied to a bomb. Now in here, the studio turned this into a comedy featuring Jesse Eisenberg and Aziz Ansari, who tried to rob a local bank in order to set off the bomb.

The story started off with a pizza boy named Nick (Jesse Eisenberg), who always had to deliver the pizza within 30 minutes or less, otherwise the pizza would be free. One day, he had a delivery to a dumpster place, where two guys worn monkey masks kidnapped him and tied him up with a bomb on his chest. In order for him to be free, Nick had to rob $100,000 from a bank within 10 hours, or he would be blown up by a simple phone call. As a result, Nick had no choice but to seek help from his best friend Chet (Aziz Ansari). After given thoughts into the situation, the two decided to rob a local bank and planned to get away using a car that they stole from a friend's dad.

I would say the chemistry between the two main characters was strong, and so were the other supporting characters. Michael Pena as the assassin was a very memorable character, and I just loved the way how he talked with that strange tone of his. In addition, I was not surprised to see Danny McBride to be in the movie, because he was pretty much in every comedy nowadays. The scripts were funny occasionally, but indeed unevenly written throughout the whole film. Hence, I would give this a low 60% passable rating. I did enjoy a couple scenes and laughed my head off, but I couldn't highly recommend this to everybody out there unless you're a big comedy fan.

Overall, the movie is not asking the audiences to take it seriously, so when you are watching just try to relax and enjoy the silliness from all the characters. If you are expecting this to be an extreme heist film with a perfect master mind behind everything, this would not be the right movie for you.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Finally, the apes have come back to take over the planet! That's right folks, the apes are back in business after 10 long years. I can still remember the last Planet of Apes movie back in 2001, where all the apes are played by actors wearing make ups. Now when you are looking at this, it is more realistic and believable in terms of physical and motional appearances. Thanks to a wonderful performance by Andy Serkis and the motion capture technique used by the Avatar team, the visual effects are astonishing and breathe taking during the battle scenes on the bridge.

The story begins with a scientist named Will Rodman (James Franco), who had worked in a drug company for over 6 years on repairing brain cells by testing apes with their new drugs. They were successful on their drugs, but due to an unexpected incident, the project was being shut down. However, after extinguishing all the experimental apes, there was one baby ape left by a mother ape who was killed by accident. Therefore, Will decided to take the baby ape home and raise him like his own kid. As 8 years had passed, this young ape named Caesar (Andy Serkis) had grown up and was sent to the apes center after assaulting the neighbours. From there, Caesar had learned the cruel realty about his kind that were being mistreated by humans, and decided to gather all the apes together to stand up and rise against the humans.

Not only the movie has great special effects, it also has a strong emotional appeal. It really made me wonder, why we as human beings are so special to be given such intelligences beyond other species, and why are we using such privileges to mistreat or abuse other animals? While it is fun to watch all the actions from the apes, but can't we really not see deep inside such chaos are caused by us at the first place?

In conclusion, it is a must see summer movie of the year! By far, this summer has been incredible with many better-than-expected movies being released. Man, Hollywood sure knows how to make people spending money on their products.

Cowboys & Aliens
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Cowboys and Aliens is not a bad movie, but it is certainly not a great film. While it is flawed in many ways, it is still entertaining to watch. Within the trailer, it is funny how they put up it is from the director of Iron Man and not Iron Man 2, since it is all directed by Jon Favreau.

The story begins with a cowboy named Jake Lonergan (Daniel Craig), who woke up and forgot his name. Also what had happened to him, other than the discovery of a huge piece of metal attached to his left wrist. As he walked into town, a lot of people were after him for things he didn't remember. As he got arrested and taken in, the whole town was being attacked by strange flying objects in the air, and some people had been taken by those machines. As a result, the cowboys decided to form a group led by Woodrow Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford) and Jake Lonergan to haunt down the aliens and rescue their families.

Now, it would sound really good on paper when you combine the two elements of great western and aliens together, but when being executed by director Jon Favreau, he never really took the time and asked himself the question why this would happen, why this was the way how things should be. The way I see it, I never really understand why the aliens need to haunt down that many humans and expose themselves at the first place. Based on how the story is told, I know they are here to harvest the gold for resources and want to study humans, but why on earth do they need to capture that many people for? If I were the aliens, I would do my secret operations quietly without being noticed from the habitants. Unless you are here to destroy the planet, why else would you need that many humans to study for?

Having expressed my doubts, I did however like the design of those aliens and how they built up the scary attentions. Especially during the first time when you actually saw them inside the dark room, but afterwards you just got used to it and felt nothing special about it.

Overall, I would say I liked the movie, but it's quite predictable and hard to believe near the end. I mean come on, how could a bunch of cowboys and indians take down groups of aliens, who just happen to have way more advanced weapons and stronger physical strength? I doubt it even in modern world, we would still probably get owned by their superior laser guns.

Captain America: The First Avenger
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Based on Marvel's superhero comic book, Captain America is one of the most fascinating characters filled with rich historical backgrounds. Not only the main character Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is a major hit, Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) is also the next best thing in the whole movie. If they ever gonna make a sequel, which I am sure they will. I would really love to see the story still being settled back in World War II with the presence of Peggy.

The story begins with a kid from Brooklyn named Steve Rogers, who was so eager to join the army to fight for his country. However, due to his weak physical capabilities, he had been rejected over five different cities. One day, during the Stork Exhibition Show, he received an offer from Dr. Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci) to join the army by signing on a special project called Super Soldiers. Not surprisingly, Steve Rogers was chosen due to his compassion of value for power. At the end, the experiment was successful, and he did indeed become a super soldier later known as Captain America. Afterwards, it was just an endless series of him and his soldiers fighting against the Nazi Organization called Hydra, led by the Red Skull (Hugo Weaving).

It is always interesting to see a good solid super hero origin story, and this movie did deliver what are expected from the fans. Despite all that, I still feel that the story is being rushed through, and not enough personality details are being developed from the main character Steve Rogers. Now, I understand Marvel wants to push hard on the next year's The Avengers, but having done enough such marketing on every superhero movies by far is already quite clear for delivering the message to the fans!