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7 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Captain America

Captain America(1990)

From the greatest anti-communist comic book hero of all time, Captain America was made to a film in this forgettable 1992 straight to video release. Still can?t believe this was made in the 90?s. Think of the worst superhero movie ever made (probably DareDevil). It is far way worse than that.

Captain America seems like it was doomed to fail long before the opening credits ran. The feature was plagued with Legal Red Tape when 21st Century films went under shortly after this film was in the can. It was shelved for 2 years before finally being released to video.
The acting was terrible, had no story, the special effects were god awful, it looked like it was filmed from a VHS camcorder, and just wow. I expected better from Ronny Cox (Robocop, Total Recall), Ronny obviously had car repayments due when he signed on the dotted line for this little piece of cinema slop. Nothing like some cheap hack slash of a film hoping to make a couple of bucks when you're in receivership I guess.
It's obvious that the people who helped make this have no feel for the characters or the comics. The story is full of holes, lacks logic (why did the Red Skull cut off his own hand to escape Cap instead of plunging the knife into Cap's chest? And why was there no blood gushing from the Skull's wrist?) Overall it was another attempt to take a character with a long history in the comics and put the filmmakers' own spin on it to poor effect. Captain America is a great character, and I'd love to see him done right (hopefully in the 2011 version).
You can Consider yourself duly warned so rent/buy (if someone hasn't stolen it for use in satanic ritual as this is pretty much all its good for) and watch at your own risk. Only seasoned die-hard Captain America fans will truly appreciate it, if only for the occasional moment when he is doing superhero like stuff. The rest of the time they too will be reaching for the straight razor to put an end to the madness.