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The Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods is one of the best horror movies I've ever seen. Joss Whedon's writing hits home with genuine laughs, scares, and all out beautiful mayhem. The twist ending has been so incredibly played out it's so refreshing to so the genre pursued so well. Don't ruin the ending for anyone who hasn't seen it because this is everything you go to the movies for!

Puppet Master

80s camp horror at it's finest. The totall concept of this movie is so un-holy ridiculous that there was always the notion that 1% of the viewers would love it and everyone else would hate it. Well the things I loved about this movie, was the ridiculous nature of the plot, the huge merchandizing opportunities, and (spoiler alert) the in-explicable end sequence where the puppets tortured and killed that guy in the elevator. Aside from that, the movie was very very bad, the acting the costumes the music, nothing really made much sense, but that didn't stop me from buying this movie and the next 5 sequels from walmart for $10. Expect more Puppet Master reviews, I hear they only get weirder from here.


This movie surprised me thouroghly due to the horrendous reviews that it got. The source material is weak, the dialouge is hackneyed, and the fact that this is another faceless remake of an 80's movie is also cause for concern. That all being said, Russell Brand showed exactly how far his witty Brittish charm would take him. Brand gave an endearing performance and seeemed to really have fun with this character. Aside from that.... Helen Mirran must have been hurting for money cause this movie is far beneth her incredible talents.

Back to the Future Part II

Despite missing the overall charm and originality of the first film, Part II had some very enjoyable molments. This film was funny and entertaining with some underlying moral dilemas which kept it fresh, however the over-commercialization and the outlandish view of the future slightly detracts from this film's credibility. Deals with much darker and more serious themes than the first film but it all came together in the same fashion. The whole having a preview for part III at the end was extremely cheesy though.

Sorority Row
Sorority Row(2009)

Another cookie cutter bore-fest for tweens to waste their parents money on. It took me about halfway through the movie before I realized that this movie was a remake and not a parody. Flat humor coulpled with tedious suspense and a flagrentely unrealistic depiction of greek life make this movie almost unwatchable. Rumor Willis is a great example of unnecessarily pushing star blood lines as her part was tremendously over-acted and shallow. Also what the hell did they do to poor Carrie Fisher.... Put a metal bikini on her and chain her to a giant space slug because this is just embarassing.

Back to the Future

Typical premise but a fresh and outright hysterical approach to it. This movie contains a mixture of neon colors, uplifting keyboard music, and overacting that were really the spirit of the 80s. This movie has risen from a potential cult sci-fi flick to an iconic staple of American cinema. Who could forget the first time they saw Marty McFly jammin Johhny B. Good at his parent's school dance? It's impossible to look at a Dolorian the same ever again. Every person should see this movie at least one time before they die.

Cedar Rapids
Cedar Rapids(2011)

This movie had charm and personality. Unique story line with great casting, appropriate production values, and dark enough to feel real. Great performances from Ed Helms and John C. Reilly helped push the story along at times when it got a little slow, but the salvation of this independant film came in the mannor of surprises. In any given scene, something always unexpected seemed to happen and the value of this film was accented by this. I very much enjoyed Cedar Rapids.

Horrible Bosses

Surprisingly good summer comedy with some breakthrough performances. The premise is completely predictable but there were some fresh twists to keep everyone entertained. Great comedic performances by Jaime Fox, Charlie Day, and Colin Farrell. Ridiculous scenarios and very sharp dialouge puts this at my favorite comedy of the year. Absolutely worth seeing.

Hall Pass
Hall Pass(2011)

Another heartless mish-mash of dick and fart jokes to be cranked out by the Farrellys. Not since There's Something About Mary have the Farrelly brothers made a film that would qualify as good or classic in any way. The dialouge in Hall Pass was stale and seemed almost forced by actors who on other occasions seem to have fluid comedic timing. The entire premise of this movie is completely ridiculous and immature to begin with but the plot was completely forulaic and without any kind of unpredictability. The Farrellys only seem to suceed when there is an overly simple premise and they have outragiously talented actors to ad-lib our favorite iconic comedy lines. There cannot be more Farrelly movies until good actors start doing comedy again.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules

I felt that this sequel completely missed the charm and dopey humor of the first movie. The sequences in this movie were very poorly drawn out and the events seemed very awkward and strange. On top of that they must've lost all of there funding for a soundtrack because the music in this movie was very disappointing as the first movie made some bold and appropriate soundtrack choices. I didn't like this movie at all, the surprise acceptability of the first one definately doesn't translate to the sequel.


Probably one of the best horror movies I have seen in the last couple of years. Creepy, dark, ominous and exciting, this movie has everything you would expect in the horror department. There were a few times that the images and jumpy nature of this one had me uneasy and somewhat frightened. So if quick glimpse of human sadism is what you are after, this movie is at least worth the rental fee.

Natural Born Killers

This is really one of those love it or hate it type of films, and for me, I loved it! The outragious dialouge and visuals lead to a very powerful satire on society and violence. Woody Harrelson, Tommly Lee Jones, and Robert Downey Jr. were all very appropriate for their roles and the rest of the cast worked extremely well. One of my favorite movies from my college days.

The Midnight Meat Train

This movie surprised me on so many levels. It was gritty, gory, suspenseful, and very well written. One has no bearing on the overall outcome of the story until the end and when the true plot reveals itself, it's so unbelievably ridiculous that you almost have to rewind and watch it again. Credit should be given to this movie for not blindly following the genre archiatypes and making something truly original.

Bad Teacher
Bad Teacher(2011)

I think that it is very easy to overlook the nature of a movie like this. Bad Teacher doesn't try to be anything but as ridiculous as possible on every level. The acting was comical in spite of the predictable dialouge. There was a very fine line between the likeable and unlikeable characters that developed throughout the progression of the story. But this one has enough one liners and drug humor to keep most entertained. So decent if you don't overthink it.


An interesting premise and good acting from Neeson and Justin Long, but this movie really only suceeds at completely frustrating the audience. The scenes are drawn out in eerily creepy fashion but than are inevitably anti-climatic. So long do you wait for something, anything, to happen that by the time the film wraps up, there are no surprises left. So interesting but could have been better.

Teen Wolf
Teen Wolf(1985)

It's good to know that wolves are natural basketball players, that Minesota franchise may have taken that to seriously. So the 80's were a fun time when an upbeat musical score, some ridiculous sunglasses, and some hottie with a perm were all you needed for a summer movie. All of this Teen Wolf acomplishes very well, also that iconic scene where he opens the door to reveal his father as a wolf as well was really the summation of what I got from the film. So if you're in an 80's kinda mood, take a break from Wang Chunging and pop Teen Wolf into your VCR...

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump(1994)

One of my favorite movies of all time, I understand the argument of over-sentimentality, but this movie truly rises above that to be completely genuine. Human emotion is portrayed with sincerity and vigor which makes this a watchable movie again and again. Also this film offers vast social commentary with a look back at the forming of modern day life through the civil rights movement and vietnam war. Truly a wonderful film that deserves all the praise in the world.

The Hole
The Hole(2001)

This movie has some intense moments and some good acting in desperate situations but the plot was fairly obscure and became very predictable about half-way through the film. Thora Birch's portrayal of a crazy killer type really didn't fit the bill and I found myself scratching my head more than once during this movie. All in all worth the $9 a month Netflix subscription, but I won't be giving this one any more attention.


I have never seen The Last Airbender so I can say completely seriously that this movie ties The Happening for the worst M Night Shaymalan movie ever, possibly the worst movie period. This movie is pretentious, un-realistic, boring, and so full of half-wit cliches that being stuck in an elevator would honestly be more entertaining. Shaymalan is a joke, these movies don't even have camp value. Do not give M Night Shaymalan any more of your money please!

X-Men: First Class

An action packed summer movie that gives enough credit to the source material to keep fans pleased as well as viewers new to the series. The acting was a little campy with some reletively loaded dialouge but the action and the true nature of the characters was portrayed nicely. Kevin Bacon also gave an excellent performance as the villian in this one.

I Love You Phillip Morris

Probably the best performance of Jim Carrey's career, I know that's not saying much but it's unique to watch him flail about when there are serious issues being dealt with at the same time. Almost overshined by this was Ewan Mcgregor's performance which was also incredibly strong. This movie was funny, emotional, and very well written. The only thing it seemed to lack was a sense of timeline, the events seemed to run together and it was almost difficult to be impacted by the events in the film. Very well done romantic comedy.


This documentary really hit home for me due to the filming in Colorado my home state. This movie depicts the uncertainty of life and home as well as strongly representing the lies and dishonesty that is presented on behalf of the government. No one can look at tap water that lights on fire and think that there isn't anything wrong. This movie exposed big gas companies for what they are and made them accountable.

Waste Land
Waste Land(2010)

This portrayal of poverty in South America was truly gritty and inspirational. Vik Muniz is an outragiously talented artist and brings hope to a part of the world without it. The money and dignity that was given to the people in this movie is the greatest gift they will ever know, and seeing how much it meant to them was very touching.

Let the Right One In

Never before has a film acomplished the true loneliness of eternal life like this film has. The feelings that are brought up when experiencing a character like Eli are vast and humbling. She is vicious and cold blooded but also very fragile, one cannot help but feeling true empathy for her. Plus Oskar is a perfect opposite the "pure of heart" protagonist who conveys complete innoscence throughout. A true gem of the vampire genre.

Dark City
Dark City(1998)

As far as sci-fi archeatypes go, Dark City is unique and very intriguing. The visuals in this movie are not to be missed. Ardeco sets mixed with grandiose scales of buildings and architexture create a sense of intriquite hopelessness. Not to mention the dark, gloomy cinematograpy that truly carries the direction of the film. That being said, the writing could have been much better. Characters and sub-plots are added very frequently and more than a few times the viewer has to stop and catch their bearings on the story. Wildly elaborate but truly remarkable, a must see for any sci-fi fan!

The Silence of the Lambs

Maybe one of the best acted movies of all time. Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins were given oscars for their incredible lead roles, but I also thought Ted Levine was excellent in this movie as well. Not to mention the writing, the way Dr. Lector was presented as this completely brilliant man who was so dangerous due to his intellegence, not to mention being a murderer and a canibal. Really set the standard for what a crime movie should be, or a movie in general.

The Sixth Sense

It's hard to believe that the mind that created this brilliant script, and casted it so perfectely, is responsible for the Happening. This movie is immensely erie and frightning but it's really more than that. The writing was so strong that you can feel real emotions for the characters. Osmond depicts fear, and dispair, and innocence with very genuine emotions, and Bruce Willis gives the performance of his career by shedding his type-cast of the action star. In many ways this film really moved me, but it was inevitably a doomed formula.

The Green Hornet

This movie falls almost completely flat when it comes to humor, character development, and anti-thesis. The characters are wildly predictable and Christof Waltz was so unbelievably missused in his villian role. The talent is there but there's almost nothing driving the script. All of that said, it has action , neat gadgets, and a gratuatous ammount of martial arts, which is what a popcorn audience looks for in these kind of movies. Also an interesting cameo from James Franco made me smile, so this one has that going for it.

Life as We Know It

Very formulaic and bland. Almost everything in this movie is completely predictable, the jokes, the sad moments, even the dialouge is thouroghly interchangable with other movies of the genre. Katherine Heigal plays a neurotic control freak who flails her hands around a lot (a very different role for her) in which she delivers the nuances of a poorly written script at break neck speed. One smile came when the fat lady told her she had shit on her face.

The Lost Boys

Another wonderful memory from my childhood. This movie cannot be taken seriously by today's standards of horror, but there is vast enjoyment in watching the Coreys rattle off catch-phrases. Not to mention Keifer Sutherland rockin the blond mullett and still maintaining his badass status. This movie is great nostalgia and a reminder to how actually ridiculous the 80s really were.

The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!

There's really only so much of this even a true fan of animation and smut can put up with. Drawn Together has made it a point to be as offensive and disgusting at every possible juncture but after 3 seasons, no one cares anymore. Sure there are funny moments but they cannot overcome the movies persistant need to push the line. Also taking a shot at South Park was pretty uncalled for as it was shows like that who are responsible for shows like this even having a chance to be seen. So essentially this movie should not have been made and was almost discrediting for what the show was, mindless... 3 seasons and a movie of mindless humor is unecessary but unfortunately that's the way many animated shows are going now-adays.

Back to School

A classic 80's movie full or schtick and one liners. Rodney Dangerfield is surprisingly funny with his mumbly banter and bug eyed facial expressions. Also a strong performance by a young Robert Downey Jr. and cameo by 80's pop sensation Oingo Boingo.... This movie has it all!!!! Not the best movie from the 80's but it's worth your time.

How to Train Your Dragon

This movie was spectacularly animated and had some very touching moments, but there was something missing. In the race for animation superiority, I've always felt that Dreamworks was a pretty far second behind Pixar. This movie was cute and entertaining, but it lacked the mass appeal to adult audiences that Toy Story 3 had. Standing alone, this film is wonderful but unfortunately Pixar has set the standard for computer animation and all animated films will need to compete with that.

Rabbit Hole
Rabbit Hole(2010)

Gut wrenching and very emotional, this movie delves into grief further than most people are comfortable with. Viewing the different angles of how people try to move forward with their life after facing death is an interesting and bold plot for a movie, but it just lacks mass appeal. The guise of going for raw emotion leaves audiences saying, "well it was a good movie, but I wouldn't want to see it again" unless the film has personal insight into a person's experience, and than one time is almost to much.


This movie has almost no redeeming qualities. Aside from Faison and Zayas, everyone in this movie has almost no experience in front of a camera.... and even their performances were terrible. The dialouge is flat, uninteresting, and for the most part completely ridiculous. This is a terrible movie, the only reason it's not a 0 is the special effects which at times were pretty cool.

The King's Speech

Wonderfully acted, written, and the cinematography was very artful and appropriate. Colin Firth gives an oscar worthy performance with strong performances from Geofery Rush and Helen Bohnam Carter. A very powerful and touching film about the troubles of being in a powerful family with the problems of everyday men. The bond of friendship through adversity and great odds is very touching. Very very good film.

Jackass 3
Jackass 3(2010)

Well as Johnny Knoxville put it "that symbolizes all that Jackass is, pissin in the wind." truer words have never been spoken. There is no limit to the means these men will take to debase themselves for the enjoyment of others. There were times in this movie where I was laughing uncontrollably, and times when I literally almost vomited, but could you expect any more or less of this franchise. This movie was a great installment in the series and I encourage any Jackass fan to check it out.

The Cable Guy

One of the best dark comedies ever produced, almost by accident. This movie didn't recieve critical acclaim, have a wide release, but has become popular due to a strong cult following. Written by Jud Apatow and directed by Ben Stiller, this movie is blisteringly funny in sever places. Jim Carrey holds nothing back with his portrayal of one of his most outragious roles. The characters were identifiable and likeable for the most part, I wish they would have done more with Jack Black but I guess a movie can't have everything. One of my favorite comedies!

Ghost World
Ghost World(2001)

An in depth look at teenage angst with strong performances by the majority of the cast. Very dry but witty humor makes this movie very enjoyable and gives the screenplay a great deal of staying power. The only negative comment I have for this film would be directed at the ending. The story does a great deal of character development but just trails off at the end leaving the audience to make any assumption they wish, and this may have been the intention of the film-maker but I was not pleased with it. But the movie leading up to the ending was great!

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

This movie really portrays the matter of childhood innoscence very well through some of the charactors, but the writhing anti-hero charactor doesn't really work in a children's movie. At several points the main charactor goes extremely far to make himself unlikeable. I haven't read the books so I don't know if the movie is true to the source material, but there were some very enjoyable molments in this one. Some genuinely wholesome motifs were present and conveyed frequently.


This movie suceeds in every aspect of what it was trying to acomplish. Over the top violence and gore, cheesy catch-phrases, scantely clad gals, and over the top racial stereotypes. I absolutely loved this movie because it doesn't take itself seriously. This movie is a follow up to the Grindhouse movies so it will be shot in the same fasion. If you like Robert Rodriguez than you will love this movie!

The Kids Are All Right

This movie contained some very intense emotional moments which definately helps the film along. Great performances by Annette Benning and Mark Ruffalo and a solid showing by the rest of the cast. That being said, I was slightly dissapointed in this movie. It was good yes, but there was almost no insight into the heavy social issue present. There was no exploration of the difficulties or pressures of being a same sex couple raising a family. The movie was portrayed as a normal family doing normal things, which was probably the goal of the director, but why would that entertain people? It's like watching your own life, but that's my oppinion. Overall good writing and good acting though!

Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch(2011)

This is by far the most dissapointing movie I have ever seen. I've been watching promos and previews for this thing since freakin August and finally the day came to go see it, and it was so bad I almost walked out of the theater. There is no real plot, the actors are all terrible, and more than once I was forced to mutter the phrase "what?!" not like an Inception "this is an in depth movie" what but a "what the hell does this have to do with the story" what. Many people are saying that the action is the only saving grace for this movie but I completely disagree. The action was completely campy and overblown, and the girls looked completely out of place in every scene. If a role requires an actor to be fighting in almost every scene, maybe you should have your actors do some combat training, it was just awkward and sad.... So 10% for the soundtrack which was pretty ok, and 10% for the clockwork Nazi zombies, also kinda cool, but the rest of this movie is a 0 in my book. Colossal dissapointment!

127 Hours
127 Hours(2010)

Probably one of the grittiest and gut-wrenching movies ever made. Watching James Franco saw through the sinue and muscule tissue in his arm is enough to make even the most hardened of movie goer cringe. But that aside this was a brilliant, emotional, and inspirational story. James Franco gives an oscar worthy performance and the cinematography, script, and music were almost perfect. One of the best of 2010!

Old School
Old School(2003)

Looking back on this movie after years of not seeing it, it still brings back some laughs. Seeing the progression of some now very famous comedic actors was refreshing as was the performances by Vaughn, Ferrall, and Piven. The script was pretty cheesy and the cinematography was slightly awkward in some places but the centralized message of the film was still there. This movie is pure fun but is completely devoid of any substance or human emotion.

Dumb and Dumber

This is a hard movie to review because it suceeds admirably at what it is attempting, a comedy so vigorusly stupid that you accumulate involunatary laughter and the audience feels ashamed for laughing at it. Jim Carey gives and excellent performance as a character who is very subtle about his own moronic tendencies, and the rest of the cast follows. This character driven story preceeds other funny movies of the kind like Stepbrothers and Zach Gilifinakis' character in the Hangover. It must be difficult to play a character who is completely devoid of reality but projects confidence at every turn. Pretty heavy on the bodily function humor in some parts though, could do without that.

Hard Candy
Hard Candy(2006)

There were several aspects of this movie that I did not like. For one this movie promotes the inevitable misconception that two wrongs make a right, stories of redemption are always good but this one is like some blind flailing revenge plot. The screenplay was so ill-conceived that Ellen Page's lines fall completely flat, so flat that one begins to feel sympathy for the pedophile victem. The idea is original and good but it faulters in almost every way when it came to followthrough.

Buffalo '66
Buffalo '66(1998)

This movie was very strange and ominous, but worked very well. Vicent Gallo gives an excellent performance in his directoral debut portraying Billy Brown a true tortured soul. Billy is wildly narcisisstic and has an extremely short temper but is at his core a genuine person who does good at every opportunity. This film has an excellent screen play and really makes you like the characters, as unlikable as they may be.


So it's fair to compare this movie to Shaun of the Dead given the cast but it's not very likely that the iron will strike that hot twice. Shaun is nearly unmatched when it comes to Brittish comedy. Paul however was a very enjoyable movie, at least for me. I liked Paul because it made itself completely clear what it was trying to acheive, this is a movie for nerds... Which is great! Paul could've easiely sold out, gone PG-13 and gave the movie more mass appeal, but it didn't, it kept the original jokes and delivered a solid comedy.

Leprechaun 2
Leprechaun 2(1994)

In the spirit of St. Patrick's day, I watch a Leprechaun movie every year. This one was way off target. Every movie in this series is campy and completely ridiculous but this installment delivered bad actors taking their roles entirely to seriously. Plus this movie is without the gut-wrenching violence that people see these movies for... may be the worst in the series... guess we'll see next year!

Mars Attacks!

Over the top imagery and hilarious character animations make this a classic parody. A very good cast and efficient art direction coupled with vast ammounts of physical comedy makes this movie extremely watchable. The alien dialouge alone is worth a few smiles but the social commentary and re-evaluation of government policy really provide some laughs. The silliness of this movie is overshadowed by its' omage to simpler and more paranoid times.

Due Date
Due Date(2010)

So this movie borrows its' basic setup from some other movies which makes the plot seem slightly played out. It does not have the heartfelt nature of Plane, Trains, and Automobiles, it also does not have overwhelming comedic pull of the Hangover, but this movie is not without its' charm. Robert Downey Jr. does a great job at making his character intensely unlikable and Gilafinakis does what he does best in playing the fish extremely out of water. The jokes all land and the scenes are very visually stimulating, isn't that what everyone looks for in a comedy?

Ghostbusters (1984 Original)

One of my favorite movies of all time! Cutting edge special effects for the time, and it's wildly hilarious. Literally everything that Bill Murray said in this movie made me laugh. The destroyer comes in the form of a 60 foot marshmallow man, the look on Mr. Stay Puft's face as he destroys Manhattan is enough for even the most cynical movie snob to smile and keep smiling for the next 25 years. The Ghostbusters was such a long shot when they made it so it would have had to be perfect for any kind of staying power, well mission acomplished.


James Cameron hits another home run in the Sci-Fi department with this action packed, emotionally charged, gut wrenching sequel. Perfect casting, brilliant cinematography, and an in depth screen-play leave any action fan breathless. Giving Ripley the role of the protective matron was one of the best additions to an action movie ever made. In true Cameron style, it leaves you hungry and almost begging for more.

The Terminator

One of my favorite Sci-Fi tales with some top notch acting, action sequences, and intuitive cinematograpy. What I love about James Cameron is that he can make a movie exciting and extremely visually stimulating without dulling the storyline into a "popcorn movie" malayse. You still get the explosions and the memorable catch-phrases but at the end of the movie, you care about the charactors, that's how sequel revenue is created, not by add campaigns alone, but actual substance and story-telling.

The Joneses
The Joneses(2010)

As far as indie films go, this one is pretty tolerable, but it could have been so much more. Very interesting premise and the actors did a good job with the screen play they were given, but the scenes seems completely pre-determined and Duchovney and Moore have absolutely no chemistry. This was probably what the director was going for given that they're a marketing family, but it does nothing for the tale of redemption and romance. Would have worked great as a commercial.

Paranormal Activity 2

Lacks any originality, uses the same tired gags as the first movie and in my opinion were not well executed. The scenes were very long and drawn out, to the point that when something actually did happen, all one thinks is "that was it...?" Several moments left me sighing and dissapointed but there is some general creepiness to it. The basement scene is pretty claustrophobic, so worth renting I suppose but definately not that scary.


Probably the goriest and most horrific imagery I have ever been privey to. This movie was wild, ridiculous, innappropriate, jarring, and completely brilliant! The dialogue was campy and completely dry but the visuals completely make up for it. What I love especially about these kinds of movies is the logic of the characters, well better bring him back to life, there couldn't be any negative consequences. Awesome, plus it's an homage to the pioneer of modern horror and sci-fi, HP Lovecraft.

The Men Who Stare at Goats

SO i thought I would go off pace and give a non-tomato meters agreeing score. This movie was very funny and heart-felt. The jokes were definately not for everyone but this movie depicts the power of dillusion very well. Great performances by Clooney and Bridges with a bit of social commentary makes a great movie. I enjoyed the Men Who Stare At Goats because it acheives what it set out to acheive.

Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work

The price of celebrity is often very high in regaurds to personal life. Joan Rivers has an incredibly sad story but she very bravely continues to put herself out there and entertain. This look at her life gives new perspective to the entertainment industry and the true nature of people. I couldn't believe how degraded she felt by the comedy central roast, I have always hated those things.... take a sucessful actor or comedian and have them be ridiculed by WILDLY unsucessful ones, disgraceful.

The Cove
The Cove(2009)

A true in depth look at the whaling industry in Japan. Cultural differences and monitary value drive the torture and mistreatment of these majestic animals. Incredably one sided but there really is not justification to the act of distributing contaminated and mislabeled meat. The actions of the fishermen in this movie are very clear indicators that they know what they are doing is wrong but continue to do it anyways for profit. A very powerful documentary, especially for an animal lover.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Well it's about as entertaining as watching someone else play a video game. Video game remakes are very troubled territory in the sense that storyline and environment do not translate onto the screen very well, and of course Disney believes that a story isn't necessary as long as you throw enough money at it. That all being said there were some good fight scenes and action, but the acting was bad and the writing was horribly akward. Probably the worst performance of Ben Kingsly's career, Jake Gylennhal.......


Mildly entertaining introspective look into cultural and societal norms. This movie is centralized around the idea that economic brackets can be determined by sub-cultural norms such as names and demographics. I have not read this book but I found the movie to be an interesting take on the situation. There are not many original ideas in this movie but some good observational solutions.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

So, probably the best movie in the series thus far but once again it's completely tackey and ridiculous. The entry of several new characters that take up about 20 minutes of screen time is bewildering and the killing scenes left a great deal to be desired.... so vampires have lightbulbs for heads? So pretty much as good as the source material.... when is Blade gonna show up and end this?

It's Kind of a Funny Story

It is kind of a funny story. There are a few laughs, from sources we all have come to accept. There are a few heart-felt moments as well to make this a good movie. With that said, it feels like there should have been more to this movie, there was a lot left unsaid and it would've been more enjoyable to pursue those aspects of the storyline.

3000 Miles to Graceland

This movie is definately on my "guilty pleasure" list for a few reasons. The idea of robbing a casino during an elvis convention dressed as a bunch of elvis's is very original. The action sequences are very enjoyable and I very much enjoyed the beginning and the end of this movie. That being said it felt like the writers came up with a good idea and filled in the rest as they went along. Plot-holes and obnoxious child acting almost consume the spirit of this heist story, but overall a decent watch.

Friday the 13th Part 2

With a higher budget and a tangible killer, this one serves to be slightly more entertaining than the original but is hardly it's superior. The portrayal of a psychopath with a burlap sack over his head is erie and unconventional but goofy all the same. The beginning of a terrible trend - the unnecessary sequel...

Friday the 13th

It's hard to review something that came out 30 years ago. The real power behind this film is from how revolutionary it was in 1980. By today's standards, this movie is predictable, drawn out, poorly acted, and utterly ridiculous... but isn't that what we all love about this genre? This movie will never match up with John Carpenter's Halloween but it's an iconic movie staple.

The Runaways
The Runaways(2010)

The source material is rather lacking in this one but the actors do their best with the less than relevant events of this movie and a questionable screenplay. This movie gave almost no backstory behind any of the characters and about 70% of it is just chicks doing drugs and making out, which isn't always a terrible thing... But this probably was the role that Kristin Stewart was born to play.

The Other Guys

The Other Guys really delivered situational humor and a great deal of visual stimulous. That being said there were a great deal of discrepencies with the writing in relation to the characters, but it makes up for it with some genuinely funny moments. So essentially when the gags hit they are intensely funny but they fall short often. The high score is relevant to how low the bar is set with today's summer comedies.

Valentine's Day

The cast is completely diluted with big stars playing bit parts along side t.v. personalities and solid B-listers, and that is just one of the problems here. Lazy writing, shallow story lines, and a completely predictable plot have true movie goers sighing painfully. Solid effort performances by some cast members are completely overshadowed by terrible performances elsewere. This goes to prove that Brittish formulaic movies do not translate well for American audiences.

Groundhog Day

Harold Ramis delivers subtle comedy once again in this early 90s classic. Bill Murrey delivers a genius comedic performance once again with his stylized facial expressions and tone fluxuation. This movie keeps you smiling even after seeing it hundreds of times.

Léon: The Professional

This movie was very enjoyable. Great action sequences and a hint of raw human emotion. Jean Reno may be typecasted frequently but it seems like this movie was almost written just for him. Portman, now a seasoned professional, gives a surprisingly strong performance despite her age. All that considered, Gary Oldman really stole the show, his characters decent into madness and violence was truly shocking and provocative. A true movie-going experience.


A timeless standard of paranoia and the macabre. This movie uses imagery and camera angles to create a world where fear is real. The spitefull erieness of the characters draws the viewer farther into the story and than delivers chills once the sceme unravels. Great movie of the horror genre.

Despicable Me

This movie has a very keen knack for finding the cute in the scene. This movie is great for children and is enjoyable for parents as well. Stellar visuals and good voice acting makes this one an acceptable sacrifice for the little ones.

The Dark Knight

The perfect mixture of action and drama to keep all audiences entertained. With a career performance by Heath Ledger and mind blowing special effects and sound, this is my favorite Batman movie and comes close to my favorite superhero movie of all time.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Considering the source material, there wasn't much hope for this one from the get go... Poorly acted, cliche, and overly predictable, New Moon is a stretch for anyone who hasn't put team Edward/Jacob on a resume. Also put a dam shirt on people, like this series could be any more gratuitous.

Happy Gilmore

One of my favorite movies growning up, this movie is the only acceptable thing Dennis Dugan has ever contributed to the world. Adam Sandler delivers on his zaney antics that made him a success. Not trying to be cerebral or deep or emotional in any way, this seems like the last movie Sandler had fun making. After this all of his performances seem labored and in-sincere, but I will laugh at Bob Barker beating someone up any day.

True Grit
True Grit(2010)

Another piece of classic cinema from the Coen Brothers. I have never been a fan of western setting movies but this one was fantastic. Once again the acting and dialouge are fantastic with Jeff Bridges giving a spot on performance. Josh Brolin (who's actually in the movie for about 10 minutes) really makes the most out of his limited scenes. Plus the movie is very well paced and has enough going on to keep you constantly entertained, which is a rarity among movies today.

The Big Lebowski

This dark comedy is one of my all time favorite movies. Stellar performances by John Goodman, Jeff Bridges, and Phillip Seymore Hoffman. The dialouge is classic, the story is hilarious and one finds themself falling in love with how awful the characters are. Plus spanish hotel California while a pedophile named Jesus bowl's a strike in a purple jumpsuit... deliciously obsurd!!

Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian

This movie was innovative and delivered on the graphic and production quality front, and there were a few smiles. Aside from those vague plesentries, I am confident that there are going to be very few adults who will actually enjoy this movie. Jokes are very hackneyed and over the top silly. Also Azaria and the lisp thing he has going in this movie is pretty unpleasent. So a good movie for the kids but don't expect the entertainment value and emotion seen in other kids movies of this era.

There Will Be Blood

This movie had an excellent premise and a brilliant performance by Daniel Day Lewis, however the editing and direction of this movie was extrememely detremental. Wide angle shots that follow the scene to completion, as well as scenes ending awkwardly leading into another aspect of the story completely left me thinking to myself "soooo that was it?" Great work on behalf of the actors but I think this movie is pretty over-rated.

Exit Through The Gift Shop

This documentary about street art is raw and unapologetic. The source material is completely outrageous and getting an inside look at a contemporary movement was genuinely inspiring. The only criticism I have of this film is the grainy and sometimes unorganized nature of the segments, but this is also a tribute to the creater of the film as well. Definately a must see for any fan of art or artistic nature.

Clash of the Titans

This remake of an obvious sci-fi camp picture really promised a lot more than it delivered. There was no character development, things just kinda started happening and the film forgot to go back and explain them. Aside from being hackneyed and reletively confusing the movie had some good graphics and action sequences. So good movie to kill some boredom but not the film that should have been.


So this movie is Open Water on snow with wolves instead of sharks. Gritty and suspenseful but totally outlandish. The character reactions are sometimes genuine but there's way to many plot holes in this one to post a solid recommendation. Netflix this in you're spare time if you are genuinely interested in the subject matter.

Eight Legged Freaks

This is maybe the first movie that was intentionally trying to be bad. Filtering pure camp value with some far between witty zings, this film is fun if you don't take it seriously. It's hard to hate giant spiders doing what giant spiders do.

Inglourious Basterds

I could watch this movie 1000 times and still enjoy it. Christoph Waltz gives a true oscar winning performance by brilliently acting in 3 languages. Plus the grim background of the holocaust processed through the satirical mind of Tarantino becomes a pleasent surprise for movie goers. Of course the film is not historically accurate but it was never meant to show on the discovery or history channel. It's fun, so much fun it's completely brillient. Also who can feel bad watching a movie with Hitler being shot repeatedly in the face with a machine gun....

Going the Distance

In the genre of romantic comedies, this one is refreshingly not terrible. The story line is vastly predictable and the dialouge is lacking in many areas. However the characters are likeable and well protrayed and there were some pretty suprising performances in this one. So, enjoyable, but not the best movie I've ever seen.

The Social Network

Eisenberg gives a spot on performance in this re-examination of how facebook came to be. The cinematography and directing were excellent and the movie proved very entertaining. I would highly recomend this movie to anyone who has ever used facebook... so everyone.

City Island
City Island(2010)

In the way of an inde comedy City Island was refreshing. Not completely drowning in it's own pretention and delivering a watchable product. Andy Garcia gives a good performance and this movie is so strange it may have been disgusting if it weren't so funny.


A hard movie to watch especially if you have friends/family in the service. An extremely brave yet raw piece of film that follows maybe the hardest working men in the U.S. Army. Their emotions and fears are all real and it's almost breathtaking.

Death at a Funeral

This movie was much better than I thought it would be... But I did go in expecting it to be a Perry-esque stinker. There were some endearing moments and Chris Rock delivered some pretty funny lines, so I was pleasantly surprised, however this was still a terrible movie. Very cliche and I could have gone a little longer without having to experience the Tracy Morgan shit-hand scene.

Winter's Bone

This movie is definately NOT for everyone. It's slow and the production value is very limited, that being said... This movie creates a true picture of bleakness and despair. The characters are all perfectly portrayed and there is a constant feeling of tension and anticipation. Also the scenery is so spot on that if you don't live in a rural area it's almost uncomfortable to watch.


I'm really starting to enjoy watching John C. Ryley. You can through him in any kind of role and he seems to shine. Jonah Hill did a good job as well even as an excruciatingly unlikable character. Aside from that this movie goes in a strange direction that doesn't seem to well thought out, especially towards the end. This is definatey netflix worthy but not a great movie.

The Losers
The Losers(2010)

You can't hate the Losers for abandoning it's comic roots to pursue a story line that's more appealing to generic audiences, but in my oppinion the story was extremely slow and oddly segmented, none of the actors really did anything for the script, and who decided that Zoe Saldana was the new hollywood babe... she's like a low 7 at best... this movie just doesn't work on to many levels.

Jonah Hex
Jonah Hex(2010)

I know I'm gonna catch some looks for this but I didn't think this movie was as terrible as everyone thought. Yes it was completely segmented and didn't have a very good plot but it's just like the comic book, plus it's Josh Brolin doing what he does best... mumbling and shooting people. Worth seeing if you are a fan of graphic novels such as myself.


Okay so this movie is terribly written and has several plot holes... but if you loved the original Predator movie as much as I did, than this movie is a fun reminder of better times. This film has good graphics and excellent visuals and piggy-backs onto all of the things that made Predator wonderful. Worth seeing.. definately!


This is officially my guity pleasure movie or 2010. Not only is it a completely original concept but the acting is suprisingly good. This movie is completely ridiculous and far fetched but I found myself thouroughly enjoying it.

Easy A
Easy A(2010)

I'm putting Easy A along with Mean Girls and Clueless as one of the best chick flicks of all time. All the guys out there know how painful it is to be dragged to some retarded movie about shoes and guys with six packs, so we can appriciate when a film targeted at female audiences is actually watchable. This movie was genuinely funny despite some questionable casting.

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

This movie was very dark and ominous and genuinely frightening at times. Portman gives a solid performance as a girl both vulnerable and intraverted. All of the characters were believable and this one will really make your skin crawl...

Little Fockers

The critics set the bar pretty low on this one, but to the Focker's defense... This movie was only pretty bad. The scenes were tired and predictable and none of the characters are likeable but it's not a far cry from the other movies in this series.

Dinner for Schmucks

There were some very funny parts in this movie, but the overall concept was a little too ridiculous for people to relate to. This movie is dissapointing considering the casting of Steve Carrel, Paul Rudd, and Zach Gilifinakis who are otherwise very funny. This movie was rentable at best.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Do not let the overly simplified teen previews for this movie that air on MTV fool you, this movie is awesome. Mixture of a live action Manga book crossed with several video game references plus some good indie music, equates to an extremely original fun movie. It's funny, heartfelt, and outragiously fun to watch!!


Cerebral, Emotional, and completely inovative. This movie was excellently written, produced and casted. The plot was completely original and wowed audiences completely. This is without a doubt the best movie of 2010!!!

Paranormal Activity

Legitimately scary and disturbing. Even after having to wade through a sea of giggaly teenagers to get tickets on opening weekend, I still got chills watching that demon torture these seemingly normal people.


From the opening sequence of Whom the Bell Tolls with slo-mo zombie attacks to the very end, this movie rules!!! Visually stimulating coupled with very genuine character development fit perfectely with some great gags. Lots of action and laughs make this one of my favorite movies of 09.

Disney's A Christmas Carol

Although this is yet another remake in a long long stream, I enjoyed this film. Almost word for word translation of the book with brilliantly executed special effects in 3D, This one is more fun than it seems.

Drag Me to Hell

This movie was discusting, outlandish, and completely ridiculous... and I loved it. Bruce you've done it again sir!


The preprieters of Dark Castle provide excitement but maintain their riduculous nature once again in this B+ horror flick. Put simply it's really fun to watch but it won't win any oscars.


I'm putting it on record now, Beyonce is a terrible actress. This movie was bland, boring, and very poorly written. Also Beyonce's portrayal somehow made an awful character worse. That and I don't think I've heard a worse delivered line than "She touched... Mah chiiiild." Acting school sweetheart. Please don't shoot me Jay-Z

District 9
District 9(2009)

Without a doubt the best Sci-Fi movie of 2009, raw human emotion coupled with realistic and inovative effects make this a wonderful movie going experience.


Action packed and suprisingly well written. One of the best action movies to come out in at least the last 9 months. Absolutely worth seeing.

Slumdog Millionaire

This movie depicts a very inspired story and some very genuine acting which deserves praise. That being said it was a little pretentious, they really went for the overcoming adversity aspect and never looked back. Also the super in depth look into Indian culture is initially intriuging but inevitably confusing for American audiences.

He's Just Not That Into You

I gotta stop letting my wife pick the movies... this movie sucks, straight up sucks. It's nothing but cheesy played out stereotypes and utterly devoid dialouge. The whole premise of this movie is chicks being desperate and then comforting each other. Does anyone really like this crap?

Land of the Lost

Enjoyable for fans of the show as well as eager movie goers. I thought Land of the Lost was extremely funny and entertaining in true Will Ferrell style.

The Hangover
The Hangover(2009)

Genuinely funny as well as entertaining, You'll have to see this one multiple times just to get a full appriciation for it. Probably the funniest part of the movie is in the ending credits though.


the first time i saw this movie i was blown away at all the action and totally sick dudetastic moments which gives the film great watchability. But when it comes down to it, the plot is reletively stupid and the acting isn't great either. But definately a guilty pleasure....

American History X

this movie is utterly brillient. Norton produces an oscar winning performance while tackling the social inadequacies of racism and gang violence. The lessons in this film however can be applied to everyday life. The portrail of neo-nazi culture in the same form as other street gangs is a wonderfully refreshing take on film making.


adventureland produces solid laughs and has tender hints of romance... that being said the main characters were very bland and its not really situational humor. This movie seems just a little to realistic to be a comedy, but good date movie.

Step Brothers

Ever since Micheal Mcdonald depicted character Stuart on Fox's Mad Tv, Americans began their love affair with watching grown men act like children.... but add the pure comic genious of Ferrell and Reily and its a recipe for a wonderful comedy. The situational and physical humor in this film are genuinly hilarious. One would have to almost drown in their own pretentiousness to overanalyze the laughs in Step Brothers.

Pineapple Express

never has a movie truly expressed what it is to be a total pothead... until now!! Pineapple Express elicits genuine laughs at the stony antics of Franco and Rogan... in other words this movie is great, its the bee's knees... its like ba bum ba bum ba da dum (snapping fingers)

Mamma Mia!
Mamma Mia!(2008)

very enjoyable if your under 13 or over 67, but way to much camp for the regular adult audience, also.... ABBA? let it go people

Speed Racer
Speed Racer(2008)

Take a Japanese children's show and try to make it into a movie for adults, while visually inventive, Hulkesque scrolling commentary confuse and bewilder conventional audiences. Plus bad acting and bad writing will always produce a bad movie...

The Happening

HAPPNIN!!! spoiler alert!!! the plants are killing people, thats right plants... sound stupid, oh it is. Theres not a bunch funky enough to save Marky Mark from this crappola. What a twist!


You don't have to be gay to recognize a man brave enough to die for his beliefs. Harvey Milk falls into the catagorie of Lennon, King, Kennedy, and Ghandi being men who believed the world could be a better place so much they died to prove it. Coupled with a love story more genuine than most straight ones Milk is an epic of one man against all of conservative society.

Marley & Me
Marley & Me(2008)

A chronicle of a family based around the life cycle of golden lab Marley, a mischivous puppy turned beloved family pet. This movie has spurts of erratic dialouge but truly captures the emotions behind pet ownership. Guys don't take your girlfriends to this one because if you've ever owned a dog, this movie will make you cry....


Boring, irrelevant, and completely uninspired. Atonement attempts to bypass common sense and goes straigt for raw human emotion... only one problem, it's cheap, corny, and completely loaded dialouge and plot holes make this film a solid swing and a big miss.

Sex and the City

One of the worst movies I've ever seen. Sex and the City promotes blind materialism and gives the young girls of this country a blueprint on how to be a manipulative money grubbing prostitute. And if sarah jessica parker's face wasn't gross enough one of the girls poops her pants... thanks hbo but no thanks

I Love You, Man

Paul Rudd stays on track and delights once again with this laugh riot. A story about being hopelessly awkward and male comrodary elicits real laughs and is a truly enjoyable movie going experience.


Moore's creation and Synder's vision help re create the greatest comic book story ever told. The message soars above anything ever stated in the genre before and expresses emotions that dismantle the learning curve of the American public. If you didn't like this movie but down the Sparknotes and read an effing book because beauty in it's purest form are right between the curtains on this one.