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The Last Stand
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Definitely get your monies worth with this one. The movie was short of two hours, but the action was evenly paced throughout. Some have described it as an 80s throw back, but I believe it stands on its own. Not a complicated plot, but a story that consists of comedy, action, and drama. The Last Stand was not overly corny and each character contributed to the continuation of the story. Arnold Schwarzenegger does a good job depicting a tired police officer, that back in the hay day, kicked ass and took names.

The Expendables 2
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A time warp back to the mid to late eighties and early nineties action movies. This is a guys movie, the one where you bring your best friend and you reminisce about every movie these actors were in back in the day. The movie itself has a continual flow of action, great gun battles, knife fights, and hand to hand combat. The movie does not try to be anything its not. EXP 2 even makes off hand jokes and comments that make light of some of the previous films these actors were in. EXP 2 is full of action movie cliche's. And for the audience that is looking for drama or romance, If the movie is 99.9% action, you get .1% drama & romance. Not gonna win an Oscar, but great throwback action movie for these times. There are not many action oriented actors that resemble the action heroes of the 80s and 90s left, so you better catch em while you can.

Last Action Hero
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

It seems as time goes by, this movie has gotten better than how it was initially perceived. I remember seeing it in the Theater. I was everything I thought it would be. Action, corny jokes, and an unbelievable story to tie it all together. There are certain movies that you go to with certain expectations. I never expected this to be a serious picture that would contend with the artistic expectations of the Oscar committee. The movie poster said it all, Action flick with a cop and a kid side kick. The movie is a play on the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the characters he has played in movies prior to this one. The movie shifts from the over the top unrealistic movie perception of how the real world is; to being thrown in to the real world with movie like expectations. They are two different worlds. Overall its a fun movie that does not take itself too seriously.

Batman (1989)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The best Batman Movie, prior to the Nolan series. The dark tone set by Director Tim Burton brought out the essence of who Batman is. Even though many scoffed at the idea that Michale Keaton was to play Batman, I think he was definitely the right choice for the part. He played the part of the dark and mysterious persona of Bruce Wayne and the Cynical and closed ego of Batman to a (T). Keaton is in a stratosphere above Val Kilmer and George Clooney in the realm of Batman. Action and suspense is dispersed evenly throughout the movie and there are even slight comedic parts. Jack Nicholson as the joker, is epic. Most would disagree with me, But Where as Ledger's joker was a complete sociopath and psycho, Nicholson brought in the more comedic and laughing Joker, who is the sociopath and psycho with a more comic tone. This type of Joker character fits well in the Tim Burton's Batman and easily can be up
there with the Dark Knight Joker of Nolan.